This Saturday was a Fun Day, Sports Day! As a pre-schooler, my boy was so excited and was looking forward to it for last so many days. For kids, school events are very very important and special. Boy was all ready and kept on reminding us to reach the stadium on time on the sports day.


The moment I woke him up, he jumped out of the bed and zoom…reached school in a jiffy! All the kids from his and other classes went to the venue in a BIG RED bus as he described later.

We followed the school bus and reached the stadium. I must say the arrangements done by my kid’s pre-school were impeccable – food, drinks and other goodies were promptly handed over to parents. Teachers ensured that kids were fed and kept hydrated throughout the Sports Day.

Mass Dance and the event began promptly. It was a nice trick to warmup the kids and dance lover parents like me started grooving too the tunes of crazy frog song.

Now time for the actual games! Kids from boy’s pre-school and other branches in the North were taking part in different games. Oh! I didn’t know that. I thought there would be simple running or obstacles etc for all. But what the pre-school planned was definitely so much more fun.


Obstacles, Sack Race, Pick, Run, Keep and Repeat and some other games were organized. K1 Children from different classes and branches formed the teams and competed against each other – Friendly of course! But the expressions, movements of all the kids were nothing less than actual sportspeople. They were playing to win. So heartwarming to see these little sportspeople.

Boy was a part of Sack Race team. Very fun! Frankly speaking, it wasn’t that easy. Had I participated, would have surely fallen flat.


Teachers Race

Walk the talk or should I say run the race?! Enthusiastic teachers competed and had their own very fun race. Skipping, Crossing obstacles…Big round of applause to all these committed teachers.


Parent-Child Friendly Run

Lots of parents had gathered to cheer for their little ones. Pre-school had thoughtfully organized this bonding fun race that parents and kids can complete together. So father piggy-backed the kid and run towards the mother standing on the other side. Then both of them carry the kid in fireman pose and run back to the starting point.


This was such a delight to watch and participate.

Prize Distribution Time! Yay!

Now time to get the sweet fruits of hardwork and sweat. Winners of individual games were announced and my boy n his team received first prize in Sack Race game. Whoa! First win, first medal. Proud moment for parents.

What I loved was the fact that all the participating kids got medals even if they won or lost. After all, participation must be rewarded too. It’s a stepping stone to success after all.

Sports Day taught many things to my little boy:

  • Boy got the first taste of competition.
  • He focused, he balanced and at the same time maintained speed and he completed the Sack Race
  • He learnt the importance of working in a team.
  • Boy enjoyed the spirit of games and being a part of them.
  • Boy won the medal and realized that only hard work pays! If you have to get something, you have to earn it.

Do you have fond memories of your kids’ special days like Sports Day / Concert day and so on? Do share with us.

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