Sports Day 2017 and First Medal

This Saturday was a Fun Day, Sports Day! As a pre-schooler, my boy was so excited and was looking forward to it for last so many days. For kids, school events are very very important and special. Boy was all ready and kept on reminding us to reach the stadium on time on the sports day.


The moment I woke him up, he jumped out of the bed and zoom…reached school in a jiffy! All the kids from his and other classes went to the venue in a BIG RED bus as he described later.

We followed the school bus and reached the stadium. I must say the arrangements done by my kid’s pre-school were impeccable – food, drinks and other goodies were promptly handed over to parents. Teachers ensured that kids were fed and kept hydrated throughout the Sports Day.

Mass Dance and the event began promptly. It was a nice trick to warmup the kids and dance lover parents like me started grooving too the tunes of crazy frog song.

Now time for the actual games! Kids from boy’s pre-school and other branches in the North were taking part in different games. Oh! I didn’t know that. I thought there would be simple running or obstacles etc for all. But what the pre-school planned was definitely so much more fun.


Obstacles, Sack Race, Pick, Run, Keep and Repeat and some other games were organized. K1 Children from different classes and branches formed the teams and competed against each other – Friendly of course! But the expressions, movements of all the kids were nothing less than actual sportspeople. They were playing to win. So heartwarming to see these little sportspeople.

Boy was a part of Sack Race team. Very fun! Frankly speaking, it wasn’t that easy. Had I participated, would have surely fallen flat.



Teachers Race

Walk the talk or should I say run the race?! Enthusiastic teachers competed and had their own very fun race. Skipping, Crossing obstacles…Big round of applause to all these committed teachers.


Parent-Child Friendly Run

Lots of parents had gathered to cheer for their little ones. Pre-school had thoughtfully organized this bonding fun race that parents and kids can complete together. So father piggy-backed the kid and run towards the mother standing on the other side. Then both of them carry the kid in fireman pose and run back to the starting point.


This was such a delight to watch and participate.

Prize Distribution Time! Yay!

Now time to get the sweet fruits of hardwork and sweat. Winners of individual games were announced and my boy n his team received first prize in Sack Race game. Whoa! First win, first medal. Proud moment for parents.

What I loved was the fact that all the participating kids got medals even if they won or lost. After all, participation must be rewarded too. It’s a stepping stone to success after all.

Sports Day taught many things to my little boy:

  • Boy got the first taste of competition.
  • He focused, he balanced and at the same time maintained speed and he completed the Sack Race
  • He learnt the importance of working in a team.
  • Boy enjoyed the spirit of games and being a part of them.
  • Boy won the medal and realized that only hard work pays! If you have to get something, you have to earn it.


Do you have fond memories of your kids’ special days like Sports Day / Concert day and so on? Do share with us.

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51 comments on “Sports Day 2017 and First Medal”


    Thank you for this blog and wanted to add that i was the organiser in charge of this event in 2017 togerher with my colleague Sariza.

    Having found this image during a Google search for yet this time assisting in another sports day event this year for our NW5 district for the K1 children, I was overwhelmed and came to your blog to read.

    Will like to thank you for the nice words and am of course pleased that you havd found this event fruitful n engaging.

    Once again thank you very much
    Ms Nicki
    Centre Leader for
    NW5 CBCC337

  2. Nati Reply

    What a fantastic first sport experience! He looks so happy and proud, these kind of competitions are great for introducing kids to real sport competition!

  3. Mercy Reply

    congratulations to you boy, he looks so much into the event, the sack thing seems so much fun i would try it lol

  4. Karla Reply

    Oh wow, this sounds like such a great day. This would be so fun for the kids.

  5. Ithfifi Williams / IthinityBeauty Reply

    Well done to him for getting a medal, you must have been a super proud mummy. I agree, I think this is a lot of childrens first meeting with this level of competition. I never enjoyed sports day myself, it always included standing around a field for hours and normally I was cold!

  6. Alison Rost Reply

    I love events like this with the kids! I think it’s great that the parents get to spend time with them and have so much fun as well. Looks like you guys had a wonderful day!

  7. ninjavaservices Reply

    Aah, he looks so proud of himself! My kids love sports day at school, but sounds as though yours was much more of an event than ours! What great memories to make!

  8. kumamonjeng Reply

    What a fun day for the pre-school kids! Bravo for your boy to finish the race and hoping endlessly towards the finishing line. Glad there is a medal for your boy, a great memory of his hard work and never give up spirit.

  9. Pippa Reply

    It sounds like your son had a great time! I do remember school events being really important to my brother when I was younger. It’s always great when they are organized so well!

  10. thenafranssen Reply

    Great idea, love this to get ids active!! Shows so many good skills as well!

  11. afroz261 Reply

    That was fun sports day event. I still remember going to my daughters school for sport day. The sense of achievements kids get through such events.

  12. nicoleflintkontrol Reply

    This reminds me of field day when I was growing up and how excited I was to participate in all of the activities! It’s so great to know that kids are still getting active these days.

  13. Laura Charles Reply

    It’s so good to read this post coming from a parent’s perspective. As an educator, we can’t stress the importance of parents involvement in their child’s learning. I’m glad you both had a great time.

  14. Tiffany Yong Reply

    So glad your kid enjoyed himself at the sports day. My parents had never attended mine, and it’s nice to see parents being involved in their kids’ growing up~

  15. Amelie yap Reply

    Awww. It reminds me how old am i right now LOL. I miss sports day too. I guess i have to wait another few years till i get marry and join my kid’s sports day haha.

  16. Deb B. Reply

    I absolutely love sports days at my little ones’ school! The energy is always so fun and vibrant. Your little guy is adorable. Look at him doing so great!!!

  17. Anne Dela Cruz Reply

    Wow!! What a fun activities. It seems you really enjoy school activities.

  18. adventures Reply

    I’m so glad he had fun on sports day. When my boys were younger they had events like this at their schools also. They called them field day.

  19. Elizabeth O Reply

    This is such a great school activities. It seems that they are having so much fun. Great job!

  20. Candace Reply

    I truly salute Singapore pre-schools! All their school events are always well thought of! A friend of mine works in a pre-school so I tend to hear how fun the school’s sports events are!

  21. Emily Reply

    Congrats to your boy. So much fun he had and the lessons to take away from sports. I can sense the excitement through your photos!

  22. chewoutloud Reply

    Aww, your photos of this super fun sports day made me smile 🙂 I love seeing how the kiddos are having such a blast, trying out different activities, getting prizes, and just having fun!

  23. franckxethee Reply

    Everybody did have fun here from the teachers, students and the parents. This is really a great way to promote camaraderie between, kids, parents and faculty.

  24. Sin Yee Reply

    Awww~~~ This reminds me I have not joining any sport day for decade! Thanks for reminding me the old time. I guess few years later, I will soon join back because of children.. <3

  25. Fred Reply

    What a fun activity. We did not have a sportsfest for teachers when I was you ng, Should be fun to watch them at play. We also did not have father-son activities back then as well in our school, but they do have this in other schools.

  26. rochkirstin Reply

    It’s nice when kids join sports festivals and activities since they would have a sense of competition and sportsmanship that can’t be taught by any other better way. The feeling of being a winner is triumph also for the parents.

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