Those 2 cozy corners in my home and flowers

House becomes home because of people who stay in it. House also becomes home when we add a dash of beauty to it. Recently home decor items from Masons Home Decor made me create 2 cozy corners in my home. Well, peeps at Masons Home Decor are more of friends now. The way they pamper their customers, how generous they are in passing on the great promos is very hard to find in today’s cut throat world. Did you read previous posts about Masons Home Decor here and here?

You don’t have to always go for overly-expensive stuff to decorate your rooms and all you have to do is just get a few items that stand out and you are on your way to beat the routine appearance of the home. Result: the same old home suddenly starts looking differently nice ?

Let me show you how with minimum-most efforts you can give quick face-lift to the corners of your home. Thanks Masons Home Decor for inspiring me to write this post with your amazing variety of products.

Table lamp that lights up not only the room but hearts too:


This Steeltech table lamp by Masons Home Decor transformed my little corner table. This table lamp is proudly made in Singapore and has a beautiful rustic finish. Exactly that’s what I liked about it. It’s simple, elegant and very easy to assemble. It’s not overbearing and complicated at all. My daughter assembled it for me by the way.


Love the way the light rays spread through it…Did I mention that it can be adjusted in any angle? So in the above pic, I tilted it to get focus on my flowers that I got from Online Florist called Farm Florist. And in the below pic, kids made it stand straight and we played the game of shadow and light. It made my room look totally magical.


Photo frame that brings smiles on our faces whenever we look at it:


My hubby wanted one nice family photo frame longest time. We didn’t want the usual hang-on-the-wall-kind and the ones that can kept on the surface were too usual. Finally, we found this Umbra Prisma Photo Frame!

We added a new dimension to our family photo with this photo frame. It comes in these prismatic options, 4 x 6″ (10 x 15 cm), 5 x 7″ (13 x 18 cm) or 8 x 10″ (20 x 25 cm) metal wire frames, in which a photo floats between two panes of classy glass. Alternately, the frame can sit on the desk or be hung on the wall. So choice is all yours. Easy to put together!

See how cool it looks on my TV corner.


There are as many as 5 colors to choose from:

  • Black
  • Chrome
  • Matte Brass
  • White
  • Copper

Last but not the least these flowers from Farm Florist made my day!

I had just come from office and all these beauties were waiting for me. My no-makeup, tired face looked bright and glowing because of this table lamp and that cute bouquet from Farm Florist. ♥


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Do you need any special occasion to receive flowers? Nah! because Flowers turn any day into an occasion!!! 🌹🌹🌹 On a mundane day, when Farm Florists sent this beautiful bouquet, it lit up the faces and lifted the moods at my home 🏡🌹🏡 Flowers are creations of nature and any creation of nature primarily gives nothing but joy. Yes, flowers perish but while they last, they spread smiles 🌸 🌺 When are you gifting flowers to your loved ones next? ▶️▶️ You can use my discount code "RAINBOWDIARIES15" to get 15% off your orders. Also, there is another promo code "MAKEMORESMILES" that gives you 10% off your next purchase. Farm Florist prices are affordable, delivery is free and prompt and flowers are made with thought n love ❤️ ▶️▶️Head to and gift flowers and spread love. 🌹 📸 Hubby Dress: @dressabelle Hair: @kenjosalon Makeup: No makeup ☺️ . #farmflorist #flowers #flowerstagram #rainbowdiaries #giftflowers #sgblogger #sglifestyleblogger #gifts #sggifts #sggiftideas #sgigers #sgigstyle #sgfashionblogger #mamaloop3 #weekendfollowloop05

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Some people say that they are not-flowers-person. Not me! I love looking at flowers, touching them…Flowers have something about them that makes you refreshed instantly. Yeah, they do wilt but if you are creative, there are hundred ways to reuse the flowers. This boy used one flower to practice proposal for his future girlfriend. Lol.


For me, bouquets are always the best-and-quick-and-lovely-way to show that you care.

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33 comments on “Those 2 cozy corners in my home and flowers”

  1. Preet Reply

    The lampshade looks so pretty and the photo frame is so unique yet beautiful. I like your pictures, you look amazing.

  2. carolina Reply

    you have a lote of talent i do a lot of things whit my hands but this is really art maybe i can do that looks very cute and beautiful

  3. Elizabeth O Reply

    That lampshades and frame are so unique. I really like it. and you looks so beautiful with your bouquet flowers.

  4. tararaquelfuller Reply

    it’s always the little things that add so much warmth and character to a home. very cute!

  5. acheerymind Reply

    I love fresh flowers to decoration my house. It gives a more homy feeling to the space!

  6. Vanessa Delia Reply

    That lamp is super cool! I love the way it bends so you can redirect the light to various areas!

  7. Ithfifi Williams / IthinityBeauty Reply

    Oh I really like how the lamp looks in the up right posistion, especially with the way the light comes through, such a warm and inviting look it gives! I also love the photoframe, its different and classy, I agree such a meaningful photo needs to have a special frame!

  8. Ana Rozanova Reply

    The lamp is soooo cool, I will definitely check it out! My husband wanted to get a standing lamp, and I was against it, but now I will reconsider!

  9. Joanna Reply

    I love flowers as well and I don’t believe that there are people who don’t like them. What is there not to like in a splash of color that brightens up your home? I would love to find a bouquet after I come home, tired from work. It can definitely put a smile on my face.

  10. acraftymix Reply

    OoooooooEeeeeee I adore that lamp, it’s so different. Love the way it can be angled and the brass and copper accents. It would fit right into our decor

  11. Samantha Reply

    I like how the lamp is easily able to be angled. The frame is really unique! I like the way the photo appears to be floating. I love flowers! Fresh flowers are the best!

  12. Words of a Texas Nerd Reply

    You gotta love a store that will treat its customers so well, they keep coming back. I love the uniqueness that these pieces hold. I look for such when I decorate our home. And those flowers are beautiful! Love surprise adoration!

  13. Sebrinah Yeo Reply

    You and ur family looks amazing together! Are u working out or something? U look amazing!! Compared to the photo in the photo frame, totally different! Love it!

  14. Hey Sharonoox Reply

    That Umbra Prisma photo frame caught my eyes the most. I really like the designing of this photo frame and the promo deal. I think you look pretty without makeup.

  15. Yana Reply

    Oooo..I am so in love with the photo frame…and I believe that matte brass would be the best colour for this… and that bouquet looks beautiful..oh..not forgetting the lamp…it has such the minimal and industrial feel to it….<3

  16. Emily Reply

    I like your lamp, look really simple but adds class and character to your home. I love flowers too but do know that they are not very practical. Haha!!

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