Mom: Eeshaa, I want to have a look at the report from your eye check up that was done at school. I remember that it had a remark that we should get a proper test done by an optometrist. Also, what exactly did the school dentist say when you visited her last week?

Eeshaa: Mom, I gave you the note they wrote, right?

Mom: Is it, Eeshaa? Oh, where did I keep it? Or did you forget to give me in the first place?

The search starts to find that one piece of paper. After the cupboards and school bags are turned upside down, the realisation dawns; Oh! It looks like it is lost.

Sounds familiar? This has happened in our home at least 2-3 times. Between carelessness on our part or forgetfulness due to a mind-boggling daily routine, I sometimes fail to keep the hard copies of documents.

When it comes to the health records of my family though, we must make sure to maintain them properly and in an organised manner. But how? Notes and papers are pretty difficult to organise and that consumes lots of time which is anyways so scarce!

I literally jumped out of my seat when I heard about this fabulous app called HealthHub from none other than Health Promotion Board.

So, did I finally find that missing paper with the information from my daughter’s eye check up that was done at school? Read on.

First, I would like to thank HPB on behalf of so many parents like me who are always on the go shouldering multitudes of responsibilities and often tend to ignore health. I was HPB’s Health Ambassador two or three years ago and attended a few of their initiatives in the past, so I know how passionate these people are and how they strive for the good health of Singapore! The HealthHub app is a great way to remind ourselves that health comes first – your own health and your family’s.

I was very keen to use this app and hence immediately downloaded it. My first impression – wow, it installs so quickly.

Easy to use? Yes yes, very easy. Even people who are not too much into technology can comfortably navigate it. The interface of the app is straightforward and the color scheme is pleasing to the eye so you are sure to explore it in-depth after installation.

After downloading the app, please key in your SingPass and you are in!

After logging in, you get to see the entire treasure of options. From articles on being healthy and tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle to events and programs promoting health to another feature called Track to ensure body and mind wellness, there’s so much to try and implement in the HealthHub app.

Let me tell you how it will help you with the most important aspect of your life – your kids. ♥

First, log in and then select MyHealth.

Then choose Children’s Health.

Add your kids’ basic information which is very simple.

The HealthHub app makes the experience very personalised because you can add your kid’s photo too.

I added my daughter’s details and then I was ready to explore the app.

What’s in the Children’s Health Section?

  • Child Immunisation – Immunisation records from NIR (National Immunisation Registry)
  • Milestones – Developmental Milestones for kids 0-6 years old
  • Growth Charts – Growth tracker for kids 0-18 years old
  • Birth Information – Gestation period, birth weight, length
  • School Health Assessment Summary – Kid’s health records from school
  • School Dental Records – Dental records from pre-school to secondary level
  • School Referral Letters – Referral letters for School Health Services and Dental Services
  • School Reminder Letters – Reminders letters from school
  • Consent for School Health and Dental Services – Parents can access Child Consent portal and give consent to School health services.
  • Lab Test Results – Lab test results from public hospitals, polyclinics and so on
  • Discharge Information – for the kids who stayed in the public hospitals and other public healthcare institutions.

Comprehensive, isn’t it? 

Child Immunisation

My first child was born in India and she completed some of her vaccines there before we moved to Singapore. I found a detailed summary of her immunisation records under the Child Immunisation Section. It also reminded me that some records need to be updated.

As a mom, I would not have known about these pending vaccines because generally after kids become a bit older, we tend to take it a bit easy on immunisation – my personal experience! Now, I am going to pursue this and ensure that she has completed all the necessary vaccines on schedule. Thanks for the alert, HealthHub!


This section is going to be more useful for my younger child who’s five years old.

Now I exactly know what to expect as far as my son’s sixth year is concerned. I can monitor when he achieves these milestones.

Growth Charts

Generally, we keep saying that yes, kids have become taller or their weight seems to have increased or they thinned out a bit. Frankly speaking, I don’t keep records of these numbers because how to or where to record them is the biggest question. No worries now with the Growth Charts section of the HealthHub app.

It’s possible to track their growth details till they turn 18 years old.

School Health Assessment Summary

One stop for all of my kids’ school health records and dental records.

FINALLY I found what I was searching for. Yay!

You should get HealthHub quickly!

  • It’s as easy to get as saying 1, 2, 3. Visit the HealthHub website and download the app.
  • It’s a central place to find all the necessary information about your kids’ health and growth.
  • No need to keep searching for the hard copy of documents and reports. They are all available online on the HealthHub app.
  • Available on the web or right on your SmartPhone
  • Lots of valuable resources to keep healthy and start your family’s wellness journey
  • Log in is via SingPass so it is secure too.

The technology being so easy to use is one thing that makes HealthHub undoubtedly awesome.

On another note, I think that the HealthHub app is actually like a diary to document kids’ growth, milestones and all the little details about their health.

Imagine, in a few years, when we look back at the different sections of the app, how beautiful these memories of their childhood will be – those milestones, those tiny spurts of growth, those dental records and so on. ♥

Get your HealthHub app today here.

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