Do you experience dropped or completely dead WiFi in some parts of your home? I do face this issue. Example: The signal is not so strong when I am in the Master Bedroom. This really causes frustrating moments sometimes. I mean you have to get up in search of a fully-functional, fully-available WiFi point and keep roaming in the whole house for that! Google WiFi is here to address and put an end to this and other issues that we face with WiFi.

Read on to find more about what’s in it, how it works and how you can upgrade to Google WiFi. It’s just launched in August and it’s a cool new innovation that we should try.

Google WiFi – Technical Jargon decoded

Google Wifi is the next generation Wi-Fi solution from Google.

Okay, lemme make it simple for you to understand. We all have a single router that provides WiFi to the entire home. Well, using a single router to spread signal throughout your whole home is a tad bit difficult. You can’t light up whole home with one light bulb right?

So, a single router might not be able to send a strong signal to every room in your home, which can result in slow Wi-Fi and dead zones. Enter Google Wifi, you can place multiple Wifi “points” in different rooms for strong Wi-Fi in every corner of your home – recommended putting them out in the open, about two rooms apart.

The system uses a technology called mesh Wi-Fi. Within their mesh network, each Google Wifi point creates a high-
powered connection, and they work together to determine the best path between points for your data (no Ethernet
cables required).

The result? Wi-Fi flowing freely throughout your house.


Google Wifi – Key points and why you should get it

It’s a right fit for every home

A three-pack Google Wifi covers homes up to 2,700 sq. ft (251 sq. m) – More than enough for many of our Singapore homes. If you want to expand coverage further, simply add on another Wifi point and they’ll work together seamlessly.

Google Wifi in a kitchen

Control what matters

Google Wifi comes with a companion app and that’s makes things so simple! The app helps get you online with simple step-by-step instructions. Once you’re online, the app allows you to do things like easily find and share your password, see what devices are connected, and even prioritize a device for the fastest speeds when it matters most. In our case, my hubby needs it for his laptop when he is working with his overseas team on projects.

Pause Wi-Fi on kids’ devices

Best thing ever!!! Through the Google Wifi app, you can press pause on kids’ devices, like during bedtime or dinnertime, and with the Scheduled Pause feature you can create recurring times to pause the internet.

Google Wifi in a kids' playroom

Passwords made easy

The Google Wifi app makes it easy to find and share your password while keeping your system secure. You can
easily text or email your password to friends, family or guests. Say goodbye to the days of lost passwords!

Customer support 24X7

If you ever need help with your Google Wifi system, Google support agents are available by
phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is much needed to have a peace of mind for busy parents and working professionals like us!, Google Wifi

How to get Google Wifi?

Google Wifi is available in stores from 31 August and customers in Singapore will be able to buy a three-pack Google Wifi bundle at $15 per month over 24 months when they sign up for or renew selected StarHub Broadband or Hubbing all-in-one plans.


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