Learn?? From kids?? We teach them right? Some of you will say! Yes, my dear friends…We assume the role of teacher the moment we become parents. Do this, do that, Don’t do this n Don’t do that. But take a moment, observe your kids behavior and then experience that lightening moment of realization – Wow! I didn’t know this. Or how simple it is.

5 things that I have learnt / learning from my kids

Be compassionate, Love everyone –

Kids by default are such pure souls full of love. All they know is spread happiness. Their smiles, their funny acts, their mock fights and anger – all is ultimately nothing but love.

They love everyone – Be it old man or another baby, Be it their parents or neighbors. Kids have such a kind heart. When someone is in trouble, they help spontaneously.

When someone is selling tissue papers near the MRT station, they want us to buy them. Even when the character in the cartoon is in danger, these superheroes want to be the support.

I guess we adults have to learn this quality of kids rather than being selfish and self-centered.


Treat All Equally –

For kids, friends are friends. Rich or Poor doesn’t matter, Race / Skin color doesn’t exist.

My kids whenever talk about Family Members, always include their “auntie” – helper auntie. Whenever they make future plans, she always finds special place!

Kids don’t measure people by the power of the wallet. They just don’t know the meaning of discrimination.

This is the trait that we must copy-cat!

Speak your mind, Be open –

Kids can’t hide their feelings. Their innocent faces reveal every little thing in great detail. Sometimes that naughty laugh drop a clue of what are they up to or sometimes that sob expresses their sadness.

They speak and speak their mind. No pretensions, straight from the heart! Whatever is in their mind, finds way to their tongue.

How cool it would be if we adults also follow this behavior – no masks, no politically correct talks – just straight to the point real interaction.

Love not only humans, but love animals, plants and everything in nature –

Have you seen kids reaction when they see a cat or a dog or any animal in the zoo? How those eyes glisten with joy…

One confirmed fact for my kids – They LOVE animals and surely want to care for them. They keep looking at pets in the playground, they save snails from getting crushed under our feet, they keep observing fishes in the Koi pond and they giggle when the birds fly.

Not only animals, but they love nature as a whole. They love to collect dry leaves, they get amazed with the flowers and bees, they like to nurture their own plants.

I learn a thing or two about saving Mother Earth when my daughter very passionately tells us to reduce the use of private transport like car and opt for public transport. I learn about “reduce, reuse, recycle” when my son ensures that all electric appliances are off before we go out of the home and girl makes DIY gifts. Go green comes naturally to kids.


Be Happy, Be Positive

All is always going to be well according to the kids. They just know H is for Happiness. They bounce back quickly after every sad thing, after every failure. Eternal positivity = Kids.

Losing their favorite pencil case or getting less marks in the exam can be a very big matter for them and they become sad. But you hug them or tickle them and…they are back to their happy and sunny self.

Kids are ever-ready to try out new things. Their zest for life, boundless energy and never say never attitude is definitely worth following! Lots to be learn from these little Teachers, don’t you think?

This Children’s Day and all other days, lets appreciate and shower some more love on our kids. Let’s treasure the children and also “the child” in us.

After all, they are the best human beings we will ever meet. Happy Children’s Day!