Hey all, am back again with “the busy mom of 2 woes”. This time the topic is – how Laundry and all things related to it stress me every single day! Thankfully, there is a solution in terms of Steigen’s Exalt+ Solar Automated Laundry Systems. Read on to say Hi to Happy Indoor Indoor Sun Drying!

The volume of dirty, sweaty clothes that we produce at our home is very very high thanks to 2 school and playground going kids and working dad n mom. LOL! We have to wash our clothes every single day. Then there are bedsheets, curtains, pillow and mattress covers that we have to wash at least once a week. After washing all these clothes – the next BIGGEST question is how to dry it? and where…Our sunny Singapore does get wet and humid. Rains happen anytime. Drying clothes can be a nightmare you see! Hanging clothes outside windows, hanging them up on the ceiling bars or outside the home – all come with a lot of efforts. It can cause terrible back and neck pain. It also raises some safety alerts and health hazards. After the recent fire in our home, we will have to ensure safety at every point. We will have to ensure that the clothes are getting super-dry and clean and in a safe and easy manner.

Steigen Exalt+ Solar, RainbowDiaries.com

We were looking for solutions to ease out the daily laundry process at our home and thanks to Sample Store for introducing us to the True Indoor Sun Drying with Steigen Exalt+ Solar Automated Laundry Systems.

Steigen Exalt+ Solar, RainbowDiaries.com

First things first – is it easy to use, all-inclusive, suitable for all types of homes and clothes? Hell yes!!! Watch this video and you’ll know what I mean.

Why Steigen Exalt+ Solar Automated Laundry Systems are needed for our homes?

Spaces are small, laundry needs are getting bigger. Innovation is always welcome and exactly that’s what is provided by Steigen! Based on the product demo that I watched and tried, Steigen products are:

Safe and Effortless
Safety always first!!! Operating with remote control, the system lift up to 35 kg of clothes in a touch. No more looking up for hanging clothes, feeling dizzy and getting back and neck pain.

Energy Saving

We must try and go green wherever and whenever possible – my mantra! Steigen’s entire unit, even with Solar functions, can be powered simply with a lighting point. It dramatically reduces the energy consumption as compared to electric dryers and has an energy saving function to shut off the Solar tubes and fans automatically after 2 hours. The LED lamp can double up as the service yard lighting. Conserves energy beautifully!

Quality and Performance

The system looks very sturdy. Incorporating German designed motor, reinforced hanger rods and upgraded circuit board, the system is built to last.

Will Steigen Exalt+ Solar be suitable for my HDB / Condo / Landed Home?

This was the question in my mind too. So glad to know that Steigen has something for all types of homes. There are different models of Steigen Exalt that will make sure that our clothes get perfectly dry.

Exalt+ Flexi: A basic model that fulfils the primary needs of automated lifting and lowering. Ideal for laundry yard with sufficient sunlight and wind.
Exalt+ UV: Helps to disinfect clothing with ultraviolet lamps. Comes with single directional fans to speed up drying.
Exalt+ Solar: Built-in heating technology to drive heat throughout laundry to allow clothes dry evenly. Operates with only 0.9 kWh of energy, making it more energy efficient and reducing the average drying time to 1 to 2 hours. Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and prevents musty odour.
Exalt+ Solar S: Slimmer unit with same heating technology requested by customers who are condo dwellers.

Steigen Exalt+ Solar, RainbowDiaries.com


Steigen Exalt+ Solar is a right fit for any type of a ceiling. 

More than just Laundry drying? Yes!

Steigen’s signature Solar series brings more than just laundry drying. Solar series have three key

True Indoor Sun Drying

Steigen’s Solar series uses a unique air circulator design to ensure warmth of the Sun is deliver to all clothes hanging on the rack. Solar will dry your delicate clothing at a range of 34 to 35 degree celsius, equivalent to the temperature of the sun during noon hours.

Steigen Exalt+ Solar, RainbowDiaries.com
Fabric Care

It is created to bring all the benefits of Sun drying at your convenience. Solar mimics the gentle warmth of the Sun and dries your laundry in the most delicate way to bring out the natural fluffiness of your clothes. The only difference between Solar and the sun is that it contains no ultra-violet that may cause your clothes to fade.

Steigen Exalt+ Solar, RainbowDiaries.com

Steigen’s Solar series not only speeds up laundry drying but also ensure wellness your family is taken care of. The warmth of the Solar helps eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and prevents musty odour.

I must thank Sample Store and Steigen Singapore for organizing such an informative and insightful session. I learnt about this unique and innovating indoor drying system Exalt+ Solar during this session.

I was very curious to know how this product works, will it be suitable for my home, will it be able to dry loads of clothes that we wash everyday, whether it handles queen size bedsheets etc., how about the electricity bill, is it safe and so on. Steigen staff so patiently answered all our queries and demonstrated the use of Steigen’s Automated Laundry Systems. We tried out some of the models and they worked wonderfully.

They served us with choicest of the macarons and pastries too. Yummy! It was always nice to meet peeps at Sample Store ♥

Steigen Exalt+ Solar, RainbowDiaries.com

Steigen Exalt+ Solar, RainbowDiaries.com

Steigen Exalt+ Solar, RainbowDiaries.com

Sweet deal for you all my dear readers:

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I can’t wait to get Steigen Exalt Solar for my home!!! Say hi to Indoor Laundry Drying with Steigen Signature Solar Systems because Happy laundry = Happy mommy = Happy Home! ♥

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