Exploring South Beach Avenue with Canon and Charmander

First of all, I disagree with people who say Singapore is a small country. Small in size – yes but when it comes to places to explore, our Red Dot never ever fails to amaze me every single time! Even after being in Singapore for more than a decade, we discovered the beauty of South Beach Avenue only recently – all Thanks to Canon EOS M10 and Charmander ♥

Sounds a bit puzzling? Canon, Charmander and South Beach Avenue – what’s the connection…Well, Canon Singapore organized “Family Fun Shoot Out” at Real Food Restaurant at South Beach Avenue and we were more than happy to join. Trust friendly peeps at Canon to come up with innovative ideas for the entire family like the Flatlay session we attended and the creative Christmas Lunch. Read on to find out more about how Charmander and Canon made the whole thing exciting!

On a beautiful Saturday morning, my boy and me headed towards the location. Too bad the girl had her Hindi exam and hubby had to be with her. But both of them sportingly told us to go ahead, attend the event and take lots of pictures using Canon EOS M10.

Okay!!! This is South Beach Avenue…

RainbowDiaries.com , Canon

Wow, nice place – classy…a string of eateries serving variety of cuisines and so near to the other happening places in Singapore. Clean, green and open space with Breeze. Did I mention that it’s just outside Esplanade MRT Exit F. Convenience is the priority for families with kids so yeah, this place fits that bill.

Realllll Foood:

Okay, what was the venue for Family Shoot Out? Another wow escaped my mouth. Real Food – heaven for vegetarians and vegans – free from processed ingredients, artificial preservatives and trans-fat. Mind you, it’s so tasty that even meat-eaters would relish it. One special thing that caught my eyes in Real Food was the handwritten messages hung from the ceiling.

Shrihaan – my boy is of course a typical kid so he was primarily interested in knowing what’s in the goodie bag. He expected stickers, candies but but…what’s that came out of the goodie bag?? Woo Hoo, Charmander ??

Not only him even I was delighted to see this cutie. We also got one Canon EOS M10 camera for the session. Now Canon, Charmander and we – let the shoot out begin!

Challenges, challenges

We were tad late for the event and other families were already out for the shoot out. I was a bit confused – how am I going to take pics with the new camera and one Super-enthusiastic kid? And, there was a time limit to complete the Family Shoot Out. Sigh, we had very less time…

Another challenge was whether the cam and me would be able to capture the constantly running and moving boy. Shri was in love with the place and was going around everywhere in every nook and corner.

Never mind, we MUST try!

While I was making friends with Canon EOS M10, Shri had already found this Travelling Buddy. He didn’t let me even touch Charmander and for the entire duration of the shoot out, kept the pokemon tightly hugged to his chest. Now at home, Charmander eats with Shri and goes to playground and sleeps too. Lol. ♥

Sure Can with Canon

I couldn’t believe that Canon EOS M10 was so very easy to operate that I learnt the basics of it in flat 1 minute or even less than that. Lightweight to carry, this cam has clear icons and even novice can handle it with confidence.

Amazed that just click and done – Canon EOS M10 captured shots fast and clear. Okay, I read about its technical specifications later and they are indeed impressive!

  • 18.0 megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor
  • Hybrid CMOS AF II
  • 180° Tilt-type Touchscreen LCD+Self Portrait Mode

I am definitely tempted to play with this cool cam again and would love to try out more features. Expecting wonders that it can do to my photos.

Charmander and Boy decided to explore South Beach Avenue in their own style. I merely followed them and captured the fun moments – e f f o r t l e s s l y with EOS M10.

Okay, what did they spot? Boys will be boys so every type of a vehicle is the main attraction always. The size of this giant crane truck was a magnet enough to pull both towards it.

In early August, South Beach Avenue was all set to celebrate Singapore’s 52nd Birthday and this is what boy and Charmander found. I took this candid shot when they were looking with big eyes at the SG52 decor.

Here’s one shot when the buddies sat by the fountain. I am totally happy with the way the water fountain is clicked by the cam. You can see the flow of the water actually.

Woah! What’s that? City landscape right in front of us…So near from South Beach Avenue!

I am not a professional photographer and I am glad that the cam made this picture look good…there’s smoothness, the colors of the clouds coming out brilliantly and trees providing perfect foil to the skyscrapers. Oh yeah, do note that all the pics in post are totally UNEDITED.

Big hello and hug from our cute travelling buddy ♥

We roamed around the South Beach Avenue and became famished after some time. Till then all families were back to the restaurant too. Food was served by Real Food staff already. Yummy yummy in our tummies. Boy ate heartily and me too. ♥

While I was giving justice to this Caramel Chocolate Waffle…

…Boy was happily clicking pics on Canon EOS M10!!! I was so surprised because this is the first time, he had shown interest in camera and photography. Friendly peeps of Canon were more than happy to answer his questions and they taught him a thing or two. See below some pics that my 5-year old clicked. Proud mother in me says – Not Bad! Now you know why I love Canon cameras even more ♥

Charmander burping happily after finishing food – that’s what Shri called this pic as.

Bye bye South Avenue…we bid adios to this shiok place only after deciding to visit this again with entire family.

By the way, Canon EOS M10 integrates seamlessly with mobile app and it swiftly transfers pics from cam to mobile. See I clicked pics and immediately they are on Instagram. ♥ We also shot some videos and definitely hi-quality they look!

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This is a story of a cute lil boy – Shri and me – Charmander! We decided to meet today in the beautiful CBD area and shot some fun pics on Canon PowerShot EOSM10 We 2 buddies did lotsa things today – we strolled around South Beach Avenue and captured SG52 revelry, we sat by the fountain, we awed at the size of the BIG crane truck, looked at amazing skyline of Singapore and then we ate heartily at Real Food. Lol, we did some random stuff liking posing for Shri's mum as well. Shri and Charmander are going to meet more often now! Would you love to join us on our adventures? #canonsg #powershoteosm10 #southbeachavenuesg #rainbowdiaries #photoshoot #momstagram #momtribe #sgmoms #sgblogger #sporemomblogger #sgparentbloggers #sgfamily #sgblog #mommylife #myboy #Eesh_Shri #tapkids

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Thanks Canon and Charmander for the fun-filled Family Shoot Out! We enjoyed a lot…Looking forward to more such family outings with you ♥

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  1. Tiffany Yong Reply

    I will love to check out Canon eos M10 too to see if it’s suitable for blogging or even photoshoot~ Your photos look really fine so I would wanna test its limits!

  2. Travel tips Reply

    I have been to Singapore few days, four I think and you are absolutely right. I would have stayed more. Plenty of things to do with plenty of photographic option. I will for sure come back

  3. Jagriti Roy Reply

    What a nice family outing while you are also content with different food experience, fun and frolic with some memorable clicks.. It’s showing a story of a well spent holiday with near and dear ones..

  4. Helene Reply

    Of course the Pokemon has to come along right?
    I have not seen Singapore yet, although I have hear so much. I sometimes watch the Singapore news channel on the TV in the morning, I love listening to the people’s accents. 😀

  5. Elizabeth O Reply

    Your son is so adorable and it looks like he is having a blast with his charmander. That canon camera is so gorgeous perfect camera for photography, like me.

  6. Preet@thevelvetlife Reply

    Sounds like an amazing outing with family. The camera looks great, I like that is is 18MP and lightweight. Love Canon Cameras.

  7. Ithfifi Williams / IthinityBeauty Reply

    What a lovely day out you had! That is so cute that Charmander and Shri are the best of friends, I love that he has to go everywhere with him! <3 The food looks yummy and I love the pictures you took. I've been umming and ahhing about a new camera a lot lately, I may check this one out, I like the sleekness.

  8. Corinne and Kirsty Reply

    I have never been to singapore but it defo is on my bucket list! My flatmate is from there! THis camera looks really cool!

  9. Joel tng Reply

    The picture quality is awesome! Great clarity in the pictures and loved the shot of the charmander toy with the one-third rule!

  10. Namrata Reply

    This was worth reading for ? I remember how much I love to click since childhood and that made a photographer when I grew up ?

  11. joshitajj Reply

    Canon cameras are so good. Your picture quality is superb and if it gets transferred to the mobile quickly, what else can we ask for. Loved reading the post…

  12. worldofmakeupmagique Reply

    Such beautiful pictures ?My first digital camera was Sony cyber shot… looks like you guys had real fun ?

  13. Nisha Malik Reply

    I have used sony digicam for years before getting my dslr. Compact cameras are so great specially during travelling. Loved the pictures yiu posted in the post. Great quality i must say.

  14. Safi@thebeautyinsideout Reply

    I’m yet to get my first digi cam. Have been looking for options . Will keep this in mind as Canon is really a great brand from what I’ve heard.

  15. Sebrinah Yeo Reply

    Oh my! Those good shots are amazing! Charmander is super cute btw hehe ? and thanks for the recommendation, I’ve never heard of South Beach Avenue. I really must take time to visit Singapore with my family someday soon. Btw, Singapore may seem small on the map but in reality IT IS NOT SMALL ??? it’s just an illusion!

  16. Mrinal Reply

    My first cam was from canon! It’s really a great brand! ❤ I loved the charamander ? you guys had an awesome tym it seems!

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