I am such a lousy lady when it comes to carrying my stuff – laptop bag, wallet, phone, headphones, wet wipes…I just dump these things “anyhow” in any bag and result is: dropping them, losing them, keep searching them and all the mess!!! Add to that kids stuff when we go out and then don’t even ask – I’m a headless chicken running around with everything scattered. Looks bad bad in public places and so inconvenient. Big Thanks to my Gaston Luga backpack. I’m quite better organized now. When it comes to men’s / women’s backpack recommendation, I am loudly going to chant “Go for Gaston Luga backpack”.

Gaston Luga backpack, RainbowDiaries.com

Meet my backpack buddy Gaston Luga ❤️ She came to Singapore from Sweden and what a charm she weaves! Stockholm is her origin and she has a fascinating history behind her.

Decisions, decisions – it’s tough to choose the Color of Gaston Luga backpack because there are so many of them and all of them Super attractive. I was yo-yoing between 2-3 of them and alas, 2 of them were out of stock. Gaston Luga is popular you see. Okie dokie, the Color I finally chose is great too – navy and brown! Not going to look dirty so easily at all.
Same goes for model – there are 3 models to choose from and again all of them look equally awesome. Well, I settled for Pråper. The other 2 are – Clässy and Clässic.

So, yes! When you look at the above pics, you’ll agree with the fact that this backpack looks smart, sleek and sexy. That’s all? Only looks? Nah not all…Gaston Luga is a complete backpack.

Gaston Luga backpack, RainbowDiaries.com

  • It looks great and works even better.
  • It’s sturdy and it’s comfy to carry. I have used it for every possible purpose.
  • I have stuffed every little and big thing from wet wipes, specs to laptop and tablets…and Gaston Luga has wonderfully taken care of all the stuff.
  • Its belts are easy-going on my shoulders and I can easily carry heavy load without breaking my back.

My Gaston Luga Backpack and me…She goes with in the train

She also goes with me in my office carrying my bulky laptop + tablet

Gaston Luga takes care of my kids essentials – snacks, extra pair of clothing, toys and so on.
Gaston Luga backpack, RainbowDiaries.com
Attending media events with me

Look at her strong fabric that can withstand the stress of daily routine and those adjustable belts. Those shiny golden buckles and name tag.

Back pocket for a pack of tissues, MRT card or even phone…

Gaston Luga Backpack is spacious…

I am bringing you lots of discount so that even you can get one or two or three of Gaston Luga backpacks for yourself and your family.

Big Savings for you to purchase your own Gaston Luga Backpack

  • My unique discount code “rainbowdiaries” gives you all straight 15% off on Gaston Luga’s Website.
  • It is always free shipping + 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country) for you all.

More Info:

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I think I have found the best backpack buddy in Gaston Luga to take care of all my travelling needs – to office, outings with kids, going for staycations and any other place…♥

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