Before we see what is Kenjo Salon, where is Kenjo Salon and why Kenjo Salon, lemme give you a backgrounder. My hair are thick – good thing! But they are very dry. When I touched them some days back, I thought I am touching grass or horse hair or buffalo for that matter. Also, they grow “anyhow”. In short, I have stubborn hair that refuse to get tamed.
Question: Does the owner’s personality reflect on the hair or vice versa? ?

Another point to be noted that I use henna for colouring them. Henna adds nice tints to the hair but also makes the texture rough – my experience.

I was really in dire need of doing something better with hair. So decided to give them a nice makeover! Drumrolls for Kenjo Salon. These guys loved and pampered my hair and made them look so much so much better. Final result – better hair and better looking me.

Kenjo Salon - RainbowDiaries Hair Makeover

Kenjo Korean Hair Salon is very conveniently located in Plaza Singapura. So when I went there, after analysing the my hair, Kenjo Salon’s Founder Joseph advised not to apply henna for some time and let my hair grow a bit. Last haircut had actually ruined my hair and as Joseph pointed out there were too many and uneven layers. He also introduced me to this wonderful lady – Soobin Lee who would be my hair designer.  Soobin Lee comes with a wealth of experience from well-known brands and salons and she’s the Director of Korean Hairstyles at Kenjo.


I followed Joseph and Soobin’s advice and went to Kenjo after 2-3 weeks. How my hair looked that time? Ghostly…

My hair designer…I will call her doctor – Soobin was ready to tame this mess. Quite a task I thought!

I loved the way Soobin and her assistant took control and how well-planned everything was. Some salons keep giving options and confuse customers. In the end, the result is disastrous. Kenjo Salon is such a contrast! Soobin checked my hair and told me that today they will do body rebonding them and Color treatment. Perfect! No extra talks, no beating around the bush…straight to the point.

By the way did I tell you that the whole atmosphere at Kenjo looks very relaxing, cozy and these guys – all of them look very professional and serious about their craft. No hard selling – another very important point. While you are getting your hair done, there are some drinks and biscottis to refresh you and lots of magazines to read. Oh ya, free wi-fi too.


Step 0 and 1: Protect Hair Treatment before applying Rebonding Lotion. Make hair ready for treatment.
Kenjo Stylists applied treatment to ensure that hair are ready for the rebonding. This lotion ensures that hair get adequate protection. They left the lotion on for some time.

Step 2: Rebonding Lotion
Now it was time to apply perming lotion. All the products used at Kenjo are of International brands and reused. I found them mild and didn’t affect my sensitive skin.
Depending on the type and texture of the hair, Kenjo decides how much time the perming lotion is needed to be kept. For my grass hair, they kept on for some more time.

Step 3: Rinse and Apply Heat Protect
Hair were nicely rinsed and Heat Protect spray was applied.
It’s a good idea to use this product regularly before blow drying your hair. I am going to get one from Kenjo in my next visit.

Step 4: Blow Dry
Soobin thoroughly blow dried my hair. She calls it as “100% dry”.


Step 5: Ironing
I loved this step. You get quite a good idea of final result when they start ironing.
Depending on your hair volume, this step can take longer time. Small sections of hair are made and ironed.


Step 6: Neutralizer
This step consolidates the Rebonding effect. Many products in Kenjo are multi-functional and hence they are time-saver. Also, each product has protectant to care and nourish the hair.
What I was doing all the while? Just chilling, reading, sipping on warm soya milk and munching on biscotti. Pampering right? All moms need such me-time!



Step 7: Rinse
Okay, Rebonding almost done. Last step was rinsing hair.

Step 8: Color
I so needed Color that can give me a new look. Henna makes hair red, orange but I was so bored with the same shade. I have ample grey hair too. Heriditary issue!
Soobin gave me a few choices and suggested that I go for Brown. It will keep the light brown tint and made hair look darker. I went with her suggestion and good that didn’t use my brain.
Gals, you too should try darker shade next time. It does make one look younger.
Color was done quite fast. Around 30-45 minutes.


Step 9: Wash
Ooh la la, I was so eager to see the final look. But had to wait for the wash.


Step 10: Hair Mask and Scalp Cooling n Relaxing Treatment
Loved the way Soobin and other Kenjo guys do the detailing. They applied cooling treatment to soothe the scalp.


Step 11: Hair Trim
Soobin didn’t alter the length of the hair. She gave me a trim to chop off unnecessary layers and did a bit of thinning.
Ta da!!! New hair, new Me ❤️


By the way, Soobin takes very nice photos. Below photo is her courtesy.

Joseph gave me some products to take care and maintain my hair. They are very good!

Mucota AIRE+ Shampoo and Treatment Moisture are perfect companions to keep my rough hair soft enough.

The fragrance of the shampoo is beautifully mild and the foam is gentle on scalp.

After shampooing, I use Mucota AIRE+ Treatment Moisture. It is so rich in texture that it feels exactly the same like applying moisture on the face.

The combination of Mucota AIRE+ shampoo and treatment moisture is great. You can go and purchase it from Kenjo Salon.

3 weeks and the hair are still GOOD. Easy to manage. The Color is almost intact. My biggest critic – my dear hubby loving my hair and kids too saying that I look better. Lol.

You too looking at getting your hair done? I believe good hair means good mood and better confidence. You can go to Kenjo Salon and use my discount code “RainbowDiaries” that straightaway gives 15% discount to first-timers and if you are a student, you can avail of 20% discount on all services.

Take a look at August 2017 promos. They are tempting!

Send me your hair makeover at Kenjo Salon pictures okay? ❤️

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