Call it Water or call it H2O or call it by any name, Water is LIFE. Without it, we wouldn’t exist and survive. When it comes to water, are we drinking clean? Important question and as a parent, I need to be very careful about the cleanliness and quality of the water my family is drinking. Recently, I have started trying out Filtech’s Water Filters and Purifiers and must share with you all also about it. So far, I am finding them very useful.

Read on and I am enclosing discount code for you below so that You can get started with drinking clean too.

About Filtech:

Incorporated in 2015, Filtech provides water filter and purifiers of all variations ranging from faucets, pitchers, shower heads and many more. Their main goal is to offer affordable yet effective water filter products suited for every household. This is what I loved about Filtech products that am using. They are easily affordable and don’t come with hefty price tags.

Filtech aims to provide their customers with the best service and satisfaction with the professional customer service as well as impeccable quality of products. Customers is their number one priority!

What Filtech products I am using?

Mitsu PWF 227 – Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The Mitsu PWF 227 Water Filter Pitcher comes with a total capacity of 2.5 liters, out of which 1.3 liters are filtered. It utilizes our Filtech Technology to bring about cleaner and better-tasting water with ease.

  • German Engineering
  • Filtech Technology for antioxidant and alkaline water
  • Deodorize and enhance taste
  • Removes up to 99% of impurities
  • Made with premium quality polyethylene
  • Instant Refill Lid

How exactly the filtration happens?

I was quite curious about it and this is what I found on Filtech website. Very comprehensive info!

1. Ion Exchange Resin

Water is purified and decontaminated through a softening process which removes heavy metal like copper and led. While removing these heavy metal, innocuous ions are replaced by potassium and sodium ions. These ions carry electrolytes which are beneficial to our nervous system.

2. Activated Carbon

Activated carbon will then remove chlorine and other sediments while at the same time clearing away bad odor and improving taste. It also removes contaminants and increases hydration.

3. Antioxidant and Alkaline Medium

At this stage, the antioxidants remove contaminants from the water and also creates strong antioxidants which create alkaline ionized water. This water supplies active hydrogen ions and has low negative ORP(Oxidation-Reduction Potential) which provides a powerful antioxidant potential.

My Review:

It’s easy to use and believe me, the taste of the water after it goes through the filtration process is totally differently nice and your tongue will feel its purity. The color of this pitcher is super cool and pleasing to eyes. I can keep it anywhere and it doesn’t occupy too much space. Affordable is a big plus! Lightweight and durable because oops, my butter-fingers dropped it one time and it didn’t break. ♥

It looks good on my dining table and kids love to use it too. So automatically, drinking clean water becomes a habit!

Mitsu PWF 227 – Filter Replacement

Important point: Filters need to be regularly replaced to ensure that the filtration process continues smoothly and we keep getting great quality of water. The filter for Mitsu PWF 227 – Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher comes at just $19.90 and it lasts pretty long.

  • Designed in Japan
  • Filtech Technology for antioxidant and alkaline water
  • Deodorize and enhance taste
  • Removes up to 99% of impurities
  • Outflow Rate of 0.75l / minute
  • Lifespan of 300l / approx. 3 months


Filtra Plus FWF 177 – Tap Water Filter

This is for tap water. So, you can get clean water straight from your tap. I actually prefer to directly drink from the tap since it’s fast and convenient. Filtra Plus FWF 177 is working nicely for my family.

  • Designed in Japan
  • Filtech Technology for cleaner and better-tasting water
  • 2-Step Ultra Filtration
  • Eliminates up to 99% of Bacteria, Impurities and Chlorine
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 3 mode-switch: Filtered, Unfiltered Shower, Unfiltered Stream
  • Flow rate of 2l / minute
  • Lifetime of 3000 L or approx. 4 months

Filtration Process:

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