My Brother and me are CONFIRMED big fans of Fidget Spinner. We got our first fidget spinner when the trend was very new and now also we are always keen to try out new varieties. Thanks to Fidjit Singapore for sending us some more awesome and super cool Fidget spinners.

FidJit Singapore,

Fidjit has lots of types of fidget spinners like –


FidJit Singapore,

FidJit Singapore,, Fidget Spinner
We like fidget spinners because:

  • They look cool.
  • Spinning them and watching them spin make us happy
  • We love to look at their designs and colors.
  • Glow-in the dark fidget spinners give magical feel.
  • Our Amma and Appa buy fidget spinners for us as a reward.
  • We don’t have ADHD and all but we have heard that Fidget spinners are helpful for people with ADHD and anxiety.
  • We like to do races of Fidget spinners.
  • We like to customize them too.
  • Our parents also like to play with fidget spinners sometimes.

My mom said that since fidget spinners are more used by kids, my Brother and me should do the review and she recorded it. We love to do reviews by the way for kids products.

You check all the fun pictures and review videos that are given below.

FidJit Singapore,

FidJit Singapore,

My Brother tried to Review for the first time.

Overall, we found the Fidget spinners sent by Fidjit Singapore are very high-quality and give value for money. You can buy them and enjoy playing with them too. My mom will write the website link below for you.

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