Getting dirty, messy, sweaty is fun

June holidays are just over. What did kids do these holidays? School homework, enrichment classes, short getaway with parents and lots of play! How about Outdoor play?

Even in my childhood, we used to do the same with a slight or should I say BIG difference – We used to play OUTDOORS. Playgrounds and other open spaces used to become our second home in school holidays and in fact on all days.

Now, the definition of play has changed drastically with the technology taking over. Now when kids say they are playing games, it might not be games that involve climbing, running, jumping and so on. In fact, many times, they are referring to online games. Screen time has become major “eater” of the free time that kids get.

My jaw dropped when I read that: As per the recent study conducted by NTU, it is found that 12 year olds spend 6.5 hours daily glued to a screen, and even 9 year olds spend 3.5 hours daily doing the same. Quite shocking isn’t it? Even Minister of State for Health Lam Pin said that we also recognize that our children are using more social media. Very often we can see young children on our handheld devices, looking at email, YouTube, or even gaming, and that has also resulted in children not exercising enough and leading a more sedentary lifestyle.

I have also realized that sometimes, it is difficult to strike the balance between studies, other enrichment classes and play hinders with Outdoor play and sometimes it’s the weather that foul-plays. At times, I find that that we have exhausted of play ideas – All this ultimately affects Outdoor Play that kids love!

Don’t you think kids prefer Outdoor Play over Technology? For my kids, as a parent I have observed that they’ll prefer to run, play, swing, climb at every given opportunity. They just don’t care about getting muddy, sweaty, messy and dirty ♥ They won’t even remember gadgets when they are outdoors.

So, what we do as Mom n Dad for my kids? We try our best to take them outdoors and indulge in some REAL play. I would love to share about this awesomely unique Outdoor Play Idea that we explored at Forest Adventure just a few days back.

Located at scenic Bedok Reservoir Park, Forest Adventure offers Tree Top Obstacle Course for kids and even adults. Read on to find more about the unique experience of Forest Adventure and why I say that Dirt is Good.

Beautiful Saturday Morning, Nice breeze and Smiling weather…We parked and then took a short walk to Forest Adventure. By the way, when you visit this place, you can’t help but appreciate the natural beauty of it – grass, trees, birds and oh yes, cute squirrels.

The first look of the tree-top adventure that was calling us…

Kids were jumping in excitement already and they barely waited till we filled the necessary forms. My son decided to get dirty immediately. By the way, kids generally don’t mind getting dirty. ha ha!

Forest Adventure has a lot for kids.

Kids Course

Specially designed for children aged 5 to 10 years old. It has 22 crossings and two awesome zip lines. The Kids Course is a fun and rewarding experience for every little adventurer. I saw many kids of my son’s age group that day and all were relishing the adventure.

I must say that kids have to really put in efforts and complete the course. It challenges them physically and emotionally.  They are expected to progress at a particular height and cross the obstacles by balancing themselves. In this case, parental support and guidance is needed. My hubby was my son’s buddy in this course.

My girl who is a tween needs more adventure and more challenges. This course is perfect for her and provides Fun at height! She did it independently and tried some extra levels of obstacles repeatedly.

It was so hard to bring her on the ground!!!

At the end of each loop, there is this a big long zip line which kids simply love. Check this video to see what I mean.

Fret not parents because while all this adventure is on, you’ll be equipped with a harness and go through 20 minutes safety briefing where you will learn to use your equipment and how to move on the course.


After the safety briefing, our 2 champs or should I say chimps were ready to explore the tree-tops ♥ In next few hours, they’ll made friends with tree, wind and sun and the whole nature. Given a chance, they all would love to lead a life of Mowgli. I was capturing the precious moments from the ground.

Initially, my son was a bit scared. His face clearly showed that. But he didn’t give up and kept trying. Slowly he started loving the adventure. Good job boy!

He constantly needed Dad’s help at first but later, became more confident…

Be focused, face your fears and you can achieve your goal.

Where was the girl? She was super speedy. Completed the course once and then twice. Managed to click this photo when she completed the last lap of the course – the zip line. Phew! Who cares about the dust and the sand? The real fun lies in getting sweaty, messy and dirty.

This look on their faces after they cleared all the obstacles and completed the course…Priceless!

Outdoor play not only gives great happiness to kids but I have experienced that it improves motor skills and focus. Of course, they burn calories while playing outdoors. It’s lovely to see them making new friends outdoors. For us, Outdoor activities like Forest Adventure offer opportunities to bond as a family. ♥

Okay, after awesome fun, what’s next? My laundry woes!!!

Kids and hubby all were thoroughly sweaty, messy, dirty, dusty and extremely happy after the Forest Adventure course. Mom in me was worrying about the dirt, tough stains and bacteria on their clothes. Breeze came to this mom’s rescue…

Okay, frankly speaking, I was dreading about the laundry and was thinking whether their dirty clothes would ever be clean again and not only superficially clean but thoroughly clean by eliminating tough stains. Generally whenever kids run around and play outdoors, there’s lot of dirt, dust and stains on their clothes. Sometimes, we have to hand-wash these dirty clothes, then soak in the soap for a few hours and then put in the washing machine. Phew! All this hectic laundry work is done in a breeze when I used Breeze! It makes the washing routine easier and I don’t have to worry because clothes become perfectly clean and no trace of stains – even tough stains. Also, I don’t have to worry about clothes colors. Colors remain intact and I can dry clothes indoors too.


Did I tell you that your kids can go to Forest Adventure for Free when you buy any 4.4kg / 4kg Breeze liquid detergent which has the promo sticker? You do that and then the kid goes for free with every full paying ticket. For more information, click here to visit Breeze’s Facebook Page.

How do you ensure that your kids get to play outdoor? Do share with me. ♥

I strongly think that we have to let kids be kids and let them get messy and dirty because #DirtIsGood #ad and it’s always so important to strike the balance between work and play. Remember, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? School, home and the much needed outdoor play – one great combination to keep our kids healthy and happy.

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49 comments on “Getting dirty, messy, sweaty is fun”

  1. nicoleflintkontrol Reply

    Forest adventure looks super cool! Great for getting all the kids energy out and creative side!

  2. Preet Reply

    The forest adventure sounds and looks absolutely fun. I agree with you on dirt is good, such good campaign. I let my kids play outside in summers, it is both healthy for their body and as well mind.

  3. Tiffany Yong Reply

    I’m so glad your kids are getting plenty of outdoor activities and experiences. I just had some when I went Chiangmai and I realised how out-of-touch I was! Hope to see you and your family around in future events.

  4. Shadlyn Reply

    I never been here before. I will definitely bring my nieces and nephews to this place. It seems loads of fun and interesting! Thanks for sharing

  5. flora_the_sweaterist Reply

    We did a course like that back in high school and, boy, that was an exercise! I felt muscles I hadn’t even known I had before! I agree with you that technology, handy as it can be, takes away real play time from the kids. There’s a book on my TBR list by Neil Postman, titled “The Disappearance of Childhood,” and it deals with this subject.

  6. Ithfifi Williams / IthinityBeauty Reply

    This looks like such a wonderful experience for all the family. I like these sorts of things, too much screen time isn’t good. As a child I was always out playing and I am glad that technology wasn’t around like it is now in the forms of itnerrnet, tablets, consoles etc.

  7. Monique Elise Reply

    I often fear that kids today are too attached to technology, but in reality we all are. A little outdoor activity is a great idea and opportunity to bond.

  8. Elizabeth O Reply

    This looks like a fun adventurous day out for the whole family to enjoy. I used to love watching my children get all messy but having the time of their lives, makes the laundry woes worth it!

  9. Noelle Lynne Reply

    Looks like an amazing day of fun, my niece and nephew would love to visit. Can you tell me if Breeze is natural and non toxic? I had never heard of the brand before.

  10. Corinne and Kirsty Reply

    oh em gee! i love that kind of attraction! i went to a park like this one in 2012 and it was so much fun!

  11. kumamonjeng Reply

    I agree with you that the best play for children is to get them dirty, in touch with nature. The treetop adventure and the flying zip really make me wanted to go to try out once. Glad that it is in Bedok reservoir and I hope to visit one of these day!

  12. David Sim Reply

    We love this place! I think it’s one of the best places for kids here! Also really good to know that our laundry needs are cared for by Breeze and we can just focus on ensuring our kids get a good outdoor exposure and bond!

  13. the hOOter Reply

    Ohhh, didn’t know Forest Adventure is actually pretty near us! Heh! Guess I’ll have to wait for Vera to turn 5! Do they have activities for under 5? I hope she will be adventurous to try them – mama ain’t that brave 😛

  14. Phoebe Reply

    Your post brought back good old memories when we brought our children to Forest Adventures years ago. Both were very willing to challenge the heights.. but now my boy is having a fear for heights. 🙁 Still, I agree that it is good to bring the children outdoors than having them stuck on to the gadgets!

    Phoebe @ BPDGTravels

  15. Simply Lambchops Reply

    I’ve been to Forest Adventure and yes, I agree with you that kids love dirt. Kudos to your son for persevering through the course!

    – Mary @ Simply Lambchops

  16. ChermSee Reply

    I definitely agree that kids need more outdoor play than being glued focus screens. My kids are younger, so I think it’s easier to keep them away from those gadgets. I used to be a physical education teacher and I part timed as a outdoor obstacle course instructor throughout my college years.

    While I was still in SG, I’ve passed the adventure course at Bedok Reservoir several times. Hope I’ll be able to bring my kids there someday.

  17. Emily Reply

    There’s something similar in Malaysia. It is indeed priceless to see the look of achievement on your children’s faces upon clearing the obstacles!

  18. Gleefulblogger Reply

    This looks so much fun and what a lovely adventure… forest adventures are always best plus the learning kids get here is on the job kinds. Love it

  19. Papri Ganguly Reply

    Look like he had all the fun. Exploring new thing and activities like these help help children in their mental and physical growth. Yes sweating in this way is fun….

  20. worldofmakeupmagique Reply

    This is so much fun, in fact important too… over the past couple of years children have made TV their only source of entertainment

  21. Rawlins Glam Reply

    My nieces and nephews were also always glued onto screens – may it be TV screen or their parents mobile screen. Then I did something drastic – I introduce a screen timetable for the kids – they are only allowed a 3-hour screen-time daily apart from school works and naps. I also forced them to play with their toys and on the lawn. Eventually, they got accustomed to it and no more complaints. Hehe

  22. raquel Reply

    Oh my gosh, this looks like a ton of fun. It’s always great to get down and dirty!

  23. Jia Shin Lee Reply

    The statistic was scary, I try to minimize using phones but I think I’m still lacking of outdoor activities, thanks for reminding me.

  24. Mrinal Reply

    For overall development of kids, it is very important that they play and spend time outdoors ?

  25. henajose Reply

    Children’s exposure to phones/Tabs and gadgets are increasing at an alarming rate. As parents we must find ways to connect them back with nature.Thank you Shubada for sharing this post. Also happy that you are able to raise your kids in a balanced way

  26. Minakshi bajpai Reply

    Wow your kids summer vacation was spent with lot of fun and masti. Like you i too always worried about my kids clothes when they play outside and returns with lot of dirt on thier clothes. Have used many detergents for cleaning but of no use. Dirt remains the same at every wash. But as you said this breeze is so good so i am also thinking of giving it a try. Hope can do something for me also

  27. Nisha Malik Reply

    Even i got worried when my son wont let go mobile or tv. It was time to take some action. Now i keep him busy with several indoor and outdoor activites and he has completly forgotten about mobile or ipad.

  28. Blair Villanueva Reply

    Kids who loves to be active during summer is much better than kids who is so lazy to go out. Its okay to have more laundries, you have an awesome detergent who will take care of everything 🙂

  29. yanrula Reply

    You spoke my heart. I’m so afraid that my kids in the future will be all about technology and not enjoying the childhood I had as a kid. I’m already thinking on how to minimise my future kids’ exposure to laptops/phones/tabs and stuff even though I’m not even married yet HAHAHA 😀

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