Samsara Wellness – Foot Reflexology and Massage for tired moms

Sigh! those of you regularly read my blog already know that am a working mom of 2 and a multi-tasker because I believe we women can do all with the same passion and efficiency. Definitely true. But we do need to press pause button and Zzzz button and enjoy some quality Me-time. I attempt to visit, experience and share with you about the pampering treats from some of the best places on our little red dot. Joo Chiat – this quaint district has its own old-world charm and recently I found out about one hidden gem located there – Samsara Wellness.

I loved the experience for many reasons. Read on and don’t forget to join the exciting giveaway that I have got for you!

  • The ambiance reminded me of those classy vintage shop houses that embrace you with the warmth of the dim light. Something I felt very familiar about it.

  • Samsara Wellness follows traditional practices of Sabah in Malaysia. I prefer traditional massages.
  • Service is excellent. Staff is humble, courteous, smiling and sincere. The Biggest plus from my point of view.

  • The foot reflexology part of the treatment was awesome! I had gone their after work and really needed this boost. Tired feet and tired mind both got relaxed and refreshed. They started with a warm soak of a foot bath where the water contained herbs. The moment you put your feet in, you realize that they need this so desperately.Different oil options to choose from. I chose my favourite Ginger.

  • Something different about Samsara Wellness massage. No need to undress or wear special robe. Just lie down on your back and they massage. I was a bit doubtful whether this will work. But not bad I would say! They massage pretty effectively and tell them to adjust pressure as you like. I needed deep tissue!
  • Special mention of the hot neck rest. I found this unique and believe me it’ll soothe all our pains. They will offer 2 choices of neck rest – argy wormwood herbal leaf and sea salt. I chose sea salt. Sorry, I didn’t take any pic because I was totally engrossed in enjoying its warm feeling. Lol.
  • They really take care of you well. I didn’t find any hard selling and the service didn’t give me that commercial feel. I loved the tea they served and watermelon slices. How not to get refreshed instantly?! ❤️Tea is free-flow and you have different choices Everyday like: – Rose, Jasmine, wolf-berry, barley, Osmanthus and so on. We all know that these teas have their individual benefits like anti-stress, cooling, detoxification, anti-oxidant…

  • Did I mention that Samsara Wellness offer free wi-fi and charging cables? This can’t get any better ??

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All you have to do is:

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Open till 22nd July 2017

More Info:

Address: 173 Joo Chiat Road, 427444 Singapore
Phone: 6344 3114

All moms need pampering! Get your pampering fix at Samsara Wellness soon.

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21 comments on “Samsara Wellness – Foot Reflexology and Massage for tired moms”

  1. Sharon Lee Reply

    Once a while every mummy will definitely need some relax massage and pampering time! This massage experience looks really enjoyable =)

  2. Emily Reply

    My, what a super relaxing, pampering time you definitely deserved it. Good luck to Singapore readers.

  3. Hey Sharonoox Reply

    Love a good and relax spa! This place looks like a great place to relax and unwind. Hmm… I want someone to give me foot massage.

  4. Papri Ganguly Reply

    When I read message for tired moms! This is what I need right. I’m always tired.Hehehe. wish to be in Singapore.

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