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My Parenting Mantra

I will call myself an unprepared parent. My first pregnancy was very difficult and I didn’t really have time and hopes to think about future. God is always great though and my miracle baby made hubby and me proud parents.

Since then and after 1 more baby,  I have realized that parenting is a roller-coaster – exhausting fun!!! Over the years I have learnt a few things and would love to share with you my Parenting Mantra if I may call it as ?

1. Take it Easy:

Let’s face it. We all would love to be Superwoman, Superwife, Supermom. Women are the natural multi-taskers and moms most definitely so. I have tried playing all these roles with equal efficiency and to the best-est of my ability. But…while I love to be always perfect, I have learnt that it is not that necessary you know. I mean – if my food becomes a bit salty one day or I forgot to sign and return one school form of my kid, it’s OKAY! These things can be managed. If not today, there is always tomorrow ?

Boiling blood over small matters is not good for anyone in the family. So Take It E  A S  Y.

This Mantra looks easy but difficult to master. I have tried practicing it and am slowly getting there.

2. Let kids bloom in their own special ways:

Oh, how much your daughter got? Only 80 in English!!! My son got 95 and he is still not happy. He came home crying because he lost 1.5 marks because of silly mistakes and didn’t stand 1st in the class.

Do you have anyone around you saying something like this? RUN for life…I simply shut down my listening and speech abilities in front of such parents. Oh common, they are kids. NOT RATS! Then why make them run in the rat race of marks?

Each child is special and has its own unique abilities. You cannot measure the success or failure based on exam results. Am not saying that exams are not important or should be ignored by parents and children but the purpose of exams should be – to check preparedness of the child and his / her knowledge – NOT blatant comparisons of  scores and then scold or nag or sit on the heads of our kids!

Guide them, talk to them and let them find their own niche and see how they’ll bloom.


3. My kids, My teachers:

Parents = know-all humans who think they are perfect and whatever they say is no matter what is right. Kids MUST follow what parents say under any case. Do you think this way? Not me at least.

I don’t really go by books when it comes to parenting. I just try to be a normal parent who makes kids laugh with goofy fun, sometimes scolds and always hug, kiss and love them no matter what happens. My expectations level is not sky-rocketing and as long as kids are happy, healthy and well-behaved, am happy! ❤️

I believe there’s lots to learn from these little people. Right from new vocab, trends to the life lessons they know so much more than we can ever imagine. My kids have taught me how to well-manage live-in helpers, they have taught me how to save money and they have taught me how small happinesses are big enough in life.

4. We-time and Me-time:

Once a parent, always a parent! Agree and still we have to steal time to be with the spouse and be with ourselves.

Late night movie dates with hubby, coffee sessions in the afternoon with him, Pampering facials and massages – all this Mommy needs to remain sane. If we are happy, they all are happy. Simple!

We-time and Me-time is something that I must get on a regular basis.

5. Teach them to be Kind:

I am fine with them scoring less in exams but am strictly not ok if they make fun of elderly / differently-able or show cruelty towards animals.

It’s so heartening to see when they ask my permission to use money from their piggy bank to give to “the music uncle who stands near the station” or how they ensure they don’t crush snails while walking. Read more about our snail-saving routine here.

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