Immunity is one topic which I am constantly worried about. I perpetually think that my kids’ immunity is not that high and the lack of Immunity caused or rather is causing frequent cough, cold and fever episodes. How about you? Am sure many moms are having this nagging worry like mine on how to improve kids’ immunity.

I have learnt and improved upon a few things by experience as far as the topic of Immunity goes. Read on and do share with me your tips as well.

Immunity-booster food:

After kids are out of infancy and become toddlers, food serves such an important factor to power up their immunity.
It’s all about nature! Nature has given us vegetables and fruits that are full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to fortify kids. Vitamin C found in the citrus fruits is great to combat common colds and cough and the herb like turmeric is anti-bacterial.

Eggs, lean meat and all such foods containing proteins are great.

But, a big but is: do kids eat wholesome food just like that? See, kids are kids. They have ever-changing tastes; from my experience they’ll eat veggies very happily today and they might just avoid veggies the very next day. As a parent, this is one of the trickiest situations to handle.

In a case where they refuse to eat a whole fruit, I would then try juicing / making smoothies – Home-made with fresh ingredients! Or I mash and mix the veggies and make vegetable patties out of it. Another alternative is to make stuffed vegetable prata with the same.

Dry fruits and nuts are another great types of foods to strengthen immunity naturally.

Somehow, they love the same veggies on the Pizza! So, pizza is not bad too – vegetables and cheese – good for kids.

When we plan the food choices for kids, it is crucial that we ourselves understand how the digestive system works. Did you know that the Digestive System is the largest immune organ of the body with the most lymphocytes, and acts as a barrier that protects the body against external pathogenic factors?

Other immunity-booster measures:

Other immunity-booster measures:


What to do when kids are picky eaters and they refuse to eat wholesome food and sometimes don’t eat it in adequate quantities. I always take help of multi-vitamins and formula milk in that case.
My both kids drank formula milk to satiate their little growing hunger when they were infants and it suited them so well. Also, my boy loves his growing up milk formula that has all the necessary nutrients that are necessary for growth.


Vaccines help develop immunity by imitating an infection. This type of infection, however, does not cause illness, but it does cause the immune system to produce T-lymphocytes and antibodies. It is extremely necessary to follow the schedule of vaccination for kids.
When we travel overseas with kids, I ensure to get a flu jab done for them. So far, it has proved to be quite effective.

Outdoor Play:

I used to be ultra-careful for my daughter and always tried to keep her indoors to protect from dust and dirt. Not correct ! Kids love to play outdoors and this exercise boosts the immunity. Outdoor play causes sweat and it flushes out toxins from the body. It also improves the way our antibodies and white blood cells work.
Let them play is my new motto! They run, they fall, they climb and they get stronger.

Cleanliness Habits

Kids are kids and they might not be very consciously following hygiene. I am always on alert when it comes to cleanliness. Fighting against harmful germs that sit on our toilet seats or other public surfaces is a MUST. Use of Hand sanitizers, showers after coming back from school and other public places, washing hands regularly surely helps.

No need of Antibiotics every time!

This was another bad bad habit I had when I was a new parent. Whenever my first-born fell sick, I used to insist that my Paed should administer an antibiotics. Thank God, the Paed explained me that antibiotics is only needed when there is bacterial infection while most of the common illnesses of kids are caused by viruses and need NO antibiotics.

Are you doing the same mistake as I used to do? Watch out.

Adequate Sleep

Sleep deprivation affects health and immune system adversely. Who knows this better than parents? Remember those days when we got up every 1-2 hours to feed the babies, we kept awake whole night when they were sick…
Ensuring sound and adequate sleep for kids is even more necessary. They also have their schools, studies and other activities. They also get tired and stressed. I try to give them ample rest. Everything else can wait and Health is the priority! I have observed that whenever my kids sleep late and don’t get their usual 10-11 hours’ sleep, they are cranky, irritable and start getting runny noses and all.
So, the Sleep is the Best medicine. Do you agree?

Parents should practice what they preach

We can talk a lot and dole out wise words of advice to the kids. Are we walking the talk? Example: I tell my kids to sleep early and I myself burn midnight oil OR I tell them to regularly wash their hands but myself don’t bother to do the same. NOT OKAY at all.

Kids observe and learn. Let’s try to be their role models even for the immunity aspect of their health.

As an old saying goes: Our body is a temple. I would say if our body is a temple then Immunity is a pillar of it. Do share with me what are your experiences when it comes to Kids Immunity.


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