Mother’s Day is something that we always celebrate. Moms get pampered, showered with gifts and all. After Mother’s Day, just about in one month’s time, there’s time to celebrate the other parent – Father! Yes, it’s Happy Father’s Day around the corner.

Is it only me or you also feel that Father’s Day is somewhat underrated as compared to Mother’s Day?! Today am writing specially to convey my love and say “Happy Father’s Day” to my hubby and my kids’ Appa – Ashish!


I have seen him as a Boyfriend falling in love (with me of course, LOL), have seen him as an IT professional climbing ladders of success with sheer determination and hard work and as a Husband who never praises his Wife just for the sake of it but doesn’t fail to shower words of affection when they are well-deserved. Genuine man!

Thanks to our 2 brats, now I get to see him playing another tough role that of a Dad. I would say good; actually great job so far, Daddy ❤️

I have observed many facets of his personality as a father. Documenting some of them here in this post on occasion of Happy Father’s Day:

Sporty Dad

He loves sports and other adventures that give adrenaline rush. Thank God that kids have this trait of his and are not a scaredy cat as me. Weekdays of course are super-busy days for us but weekends and any other holidays, he ensures that kids explore outdoors – ranging from playgrounds, water sports, Swimming pools, theme parks and so on…

Outdoor Play is something kids love the most and our dear father is all for it. Worst case scenario if we cannot really go far off, dad takes his kids to playground and bicycling around in the neighbourhood. Gadgets be damned is the motto! It was his idea to block Internet for the most time of the day and to make it available only in certain slots for kids. ❤️


Loving Dad 

I firmly believe that there is no such thing as moms are more loving than dads etc. When I look at my hubby, I feel he is equally if not more caring and loving towards kids as me.

I have seen him washing them after poop, staying awake whole night when they are not well and getting panic at the slightest of the bruise that they get. He gives them head massage, can tie ponytail for my daughter and ensures that he drops them off to school and classes almost every time – even after lack of sleep due late night office calls and tight project deadlines. When he comes home after his overseas trip, it’s like Christmas for us because he ensures to get loads of stuff for all of us even if we don’t ask explicitly. Okay, we ask sometimes! ? By the way, how he exactly knows which car our boy will like and which books our girl is looking for. Amazing!

Here is to the Father who showers “motherly” love on his kids. ❤️

Creative Dad

I fail miserably when It comes to arts frankly speaking. I can write and act well but when it comes to drawing, painting, playing musical instruments, I am a big zero.

Thank God for giving us this Creative Dad because he is quite proficient in all these art forms. Our daughter has inherited the love for arts from him and son likes music.

It is indeed very handy when the girl wants to learn something about color cycles or sketching or drawing human faces etc. Her father can demonstrate all this to her and get her started.

By the way, this is one of his painting. I guess he based it on some renowned artist’s work.

Same goes when it comes to learning musical instruments. Our boy is showing keen interest in mouth organs and pianos since he was around 3 years old. So his dad gave him some hands-on these musical instruments before we enrolled him in the formal training classes.

Now whenever the boy has to do piano homework, dad helps him out. Good going I would say. Arts and music really fills the home with a light of love and happiness. These hobbies cum passions let the kids and dad relax and spend time together without any distractions. Not to forget that this is a great stress-buster for all. ❤️

Strict Dad

Sporty – yes, loving – yes, Creative – yes and all this does not mean Dad is very lenient or can be taken for ride!

Ashish is strict when it comes to kids eating habits and other behaviour. He is very observant and can very fast notice if kids are displaying any Unruly traits. No bad words and bully behaviour please! Good behaviour is warmly rewarded and no words are minced if the behaviour is not good.
Manners, respect to elders and think before you act are the 3 points that our dad keeps stressing on. Kids get to see nagging and strict dad sometimes. But they and me – we all know that most of the times our Dad makes absolute sense and we should pay heed to what he is trying to say. After all, it’s for kids’ good!

While kids treat me more like their Friend and can talk to me about anything on earth, Dad is a Philosopher and Guide for them. Good enough for them to get Friend, Philosopher and Guide in the home itself ❤️

Happy Father’s Day to the Father of my kids ❤️. You are doing a great great job and we all love you so much. Wishing you more of happiness, health, prosperity always!

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