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I have been telling stories and reading books to my kids. When I tell stories I tend to use their own names as characters in the story – Example: Shri saw the biggest Giant and so on. Of course, these are just the verbal stories and later I don’t remember what I said. What if We parents get something permanent in hard copy that has personalized story and kids actual names as characters?! Wow, I will definitely like it! Good that I found Bookyboo.

Presenting Bookyboo

Recently, I gifted my kids their own books by Bookyboo.

How does a Bookyboo book look? Read on.

This is our personalised Family book.

We also have other categories like: 

  • My adventure
  • Birthday party

Ours is for siblings but you do have customized options for Single kid and Single parent. 

What we liked?

  • Great quality
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Bigger Font size for better readability
  • Of course, Personalized look and feel

Looking forward to:

  • More themes and stories

Want to get one for your family and kids?

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Order here.

This birthday or on special days of kids’ achievements, you have a new gift idea – Bookyboo personlised books for children! Don’t miss that excited Awww look on their faces when they receive their own personlised book.

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17 comments on “BookyBoo – Personalised Books for children”

  1. momtasticworld Reply

    What a wonderful idea, and look at those precious smile. Thank you for sharing this, would love to get one for my little one too ❤

  2. Neha Gupta Reply

    Wow this is such a great idea for a birthday gift. I am a book lover 🙂 .. So thanks for sharing this would love to buy one for my kiddo..

  3. Vasantha Vivek Reply

    Really appreciate your honest review. Personalized books are wonderful gifts to current generation kids. I have also done a review for a personalised book on my blog.

  4. Zainab Reply

    Wow I would totally love to gift my kids a personalised book too! Thx for sharing:)

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