Vroom vroom, beep beep, honk honk, Zoooommm….These sounds fill our home everyday. Our little boy and Cars go hand in hand always.

This boy is obsessed with cars. I remember his first word was “car car”. I mean seriously?! Instead of mama, he said “car car” first…Since then he keeps playing cars, talking cars, watching cars. Phew! Remember, we blogged about Friso Powered Ride On Car? he just can’t get enough of it…and yes, we are Friso fans. My boy drinks Friso Gold growing up formula and his constipation issue is reduced to a great extent. Just like all other parents, I too want my kids to be healthy, happy and strong inside out to explore the world!

Recently, I surprised my 5-year boy with something that is much more than the car. It’s Car + Bag + Storage Case and actually hours of big fun. ♥ As a mom, I would look for options that are multi-purpose. Example: I will buy shirts that are reversible or I will buy a pen that offers multiple inks etc. So this was the perfect toy for us!

Here’s our fantastic Friso Powered Luggage


Personally, I thought that the car looks coooool. Look at those wheels! I loved its real-life appeal.

Boy, his Friso Powered Luggage and fun unlimited –

As a mom, I just let him figure out what to do with his Friso Powered Luggage. It’s good to see what kids think and do rather than spoon-feeding them.


Unboxing is such an enjoyment. Don’t you agree? Curiosity and Excitement of kids to see what’s inside the box is simply a superb thing to watch as a parent.

There are 2 colors available – Red and Blue. So we played a quick guessing game. Boy was right. Here is our cool blue.


Pretending to be a YouTuber

This is the latest ambition of my kids. Lol. So the boy asked me to take his video while exploring his latest possession. See how he attempts to be a “famous Youtube Star”.

Playing with the Car the usual way –

Vroom vroom the blue beauty…Who doesn’t like the super-BIG car as a toy? Boy played and Mom also. Oops!


Blue Car and its Baby

Wait, boy said, “What’s that? Why there is another small car? Oh, it must be the baby of this car. Just like you and me.” ♥ Awww, kids melt our hearts with their simple words.

By the way, this small car is a remote control that adds one more play option to the Friso Powered Luggage.

Which Battery goes where?

Putting right batteries in right places in the right way can be a great activity for kids. They understand basic concepts of energy, + and -. Also, some motor skills fine-tuning also happens in the process of fixing batteries.

Needless to say when we fixed the batteries and the car’s back light lit up, the happy expression on kid’s face – Priceless.

There’s a storage too

Now that’s what I call a multi-utility toy. It’s an elaborate storage place. Boy decided to put his other cars inside this car.


and, it can store quite nice amount of stuff!

Going for a staycation or a short vacation? Take me along

Yups, it can easily store one set of clothes, some small toys, wet wipes and a few other essentials like sunglasses, cap etc. My boy loves to pull it along and in a way, he assumes responsibility to handle his luggage and take care of it.

Now, you know why is called as Powered Car?!

Yay, we played the game of driving through obstacles. Very engaging and great to bond as a family.

Friso Powered Luggage goes with us wherever we go

Be it playground…

He stores his water bottle and wet wipes inside. No idea why 2 boxes of wet wipes are packed! Lol.

Run, Slide down the slope…

Or when he follows me to the grocery shopping.

Boy is ever-ready to tag it along.

This Cool Blue Toy Car + Travel Bag + Storage Case is my kids’ new love. They are already eyeing the Hot Red variation. Actually we plan to get one more…because it’s simple to get!

Read on to find how you can get this powered luggage for your kids.

How to get Friso Powered Luggage?

Step 1: You spend $389 on any Friso participating products during the promotion period online or at the participating retailers, you get to redeem a FREE Friso Powered Luggage^ worth $189. Easy peasy lemon sqeazy! Just note that infant formula from 0-6 months is not considered as a part of this promo.

Promo Period: 1 April to 31 May 2017

Redemption Period: 6 to 8 weeks from 9 June

Size of the Friso Powered Luggage is 49cm (L) x 27cm (W) x 21cm (H) and it includes Rechargeable battery and remote control.

Step 2: Download the redemption form here

Step 3: Mail in the completed form to “Friso Powered Luggage”, The Redemption Center, 465 Crawford Lane, #01-28, Singapore – 190465

Step 4: Redemption! Redemption of the Friso Powered Luggage will be 6-8 weeks from the closing date [9th June 2017]. Redemption eligibility and details will 
be sent to you via SMS to your mobile phone number on this form.

For any queries on the redemption, please call, SMS or whatsapp The Redemption Center at their hotline: (+65) 9029 2024.

The redemption is on a first-come- first served basis while stocks last.

For more details. Click here


How your kids are enjoying indoors and outdoors with Friso Powered Luggage, do share with us. Have fun!

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