DNA Keepsake was a new concept for me to try. Having heard about it from some of my friends, I wanted to experience it too.

For the uninitiated, DNA Keepasake is a jewelry or some such item that contains DNA material like cord, breast milk or hair. It is a beautiful way to keep the lovely reminders of your motherhood journey with you forever.

Keepsake by Ryo is a leading DNA Keepsake maker in Singapore. I had heard about them from my friends and some fellow bloggers. Generally, there are good reviews and bad reviews of every vendor / product. My experience with Keepsake by Ryo has been wonderful, very professional and the delivery was just in time for Mother’s Day.

I am technically not a new mom so I was wondering whether would it be possible for me to have any DNA keepsake for my family and me? Friendly peeps from Keepsake by Ryo solved my doubt and gave me a BIG YES! But how? from where to get breast milk or cord??? LOL.

Yes, I had one option – Hair!!! It was a great idea to get kids’ hair and make keepsake out of it. Kids hair – soft, beautiful and natural – It would be so nice to cut a few strands and make some jewelry out of it. Later when they grow big, they’ll color the hair, texture will change. So why not seal the beauty of baby hair in the keepsake – the idea appealed me instantly.

One more add-on that I did – along with kids’ hair, I mixed hubby’s and my hair too for the inclusion for making the keepsake. Also, decided to add engraving of all our initials – SEAS.

Finding it all difficult to decide and manage? – Nah, not at all. All I did was visiting the website of Keepsake by Ryo. Browse, Decide and Place Order – That’s all. Smooth…

Step 1:

Make your purchase online at www.keepsakebyryo.com. A first confirmation email with your 4-digit order number will be sent to you via email. You can find instructions on how to mail in your inclusions in the email.

The website is easy to navigate and quite clear to get an exact idea of what you ordering and the product is going to look like. There are nice tips about Color cycle, design to help you choose that exact piece of keepsake that you are looking for.

On the home page of the website you’ll find all that you need to customize your DNA keepsake. You can choose from different types and materials of jewellery like charms, bracelet, pendant, earrings and so on. 

Also, what kind of inclusion you would like to add? – breast milk, umbilical / placenta cord or hair curl. So the first 2 are great options for new moms and moms-to-be. Hair curl is a great option too which I used.

Step 2:

Important step! Mailing in your inclusions.

If you are going to keepsake breastmilk then place your inclusions in double milk bags to prevent leakage and put them in an envelope.

Also, please ensure that your envelope is labelled clearly with your order number and personal details using waterproof ink. Also ensure that you have put sufficient stamps if you are sending via normal mail. It is strongly recommended using registered mail for your inclusions. 


I wanted to be extra careful with this step and to have complete surety, I chose SmartPac. Smartpac is a pre-paid trackable postal service provided by Singapore biggest postal service provider, Singpost. Now you can rest easy with a peace of mind that your inclusions will reach us fresh, with no chance of mix up and with no worry of lost mail. Anytime you are feeling worried, simply track your inclusion package at www.singpost.com.

This is where I mailed my SmartPac
Keepsake by Ryo

My Mailbox 884038
Singapore 919191

Step 3:

After we receive your inclusions, you will be alerted with a second confirmation email. If by any chance you do not receive this email 2 weeks after sending in your inclusions, please write in to them.

Step 4:

The waiting period for your jewellery can range anytime between 2 – 14 weeks, depending on the quality of your first cast. Pieces with severe defects will be recasted before being dispatched to you.

Step 5:

When your package is ready and dispatched, you will receive a third confirmation email containing a tracking number for your parcel. All packages are dispatched using Singpost Smartpac for local orders, and Speedpost International for International orders.

As a customer, I would say I am 100% satisfied with the process and its timeliness followed by Keepsake by Ryo. All the above mentioned steps worked exactly the same way written on the website. Prompt and professional!

They delivered my Keepsake pretty fast just in time for Mother’s Day ♥ How does it look? Read on…

My DNA Keepsake by Keepsake by Ryo – Look, Feel and Wear…

One smartpac I sent with my inclusions and another came in after some days.


What’s inside? I was eager to check.


The packaging is quite luxurious. Very eye-pleasing colors and detailing.


Glass, Glitter, Shimmer Hearts and our hair – all beautifully integrated in the pendant. The shape and size is prominent and is sure to catch the attention of family and friends. Lets take a closer look at it.


Did you notice the hair? I loved the way they have included them in this glass locket pendant. I couldn’t help but capture many photos of it. ♥ The resin shimmer hearts float freely in the locket. The glitter color is for you to choose. Mine is Gradient Glitter Lilac. Oh yes, that cute key adds to the overall look.


Sitting pretty on my neck. ♥


Why I am happy with my Keepsake by Ryo?

  • It’s a part of my loved ones and me inside this glass locket pendant. Our hair – our DNA that I can keep close to my heart because it’s a necklace.
  • It looks unique and different than the usual styles that I wear.
  • It’s prominent and makes a statement on any dress. Open-neck and low-cut dresses will add to its beauty.
  • It is easy to handle and sturdy.
  • Easy to take care. Just wipe it with the cleaning cloth provided along with it and done.
  • I have been wearing it while working, cooking, sleeping, taking bath and so far don’t see any damage or worn-out effect. It is as is.
  • It’s an excellent gift idea. It’s great to keep your beautiful memories preserved in the Keepsake by Ryo jewelry.
  • It’s handmade so it has that earthy look which I love. Machine-made looks too perfect and hence sometimes a bit artificial.

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