Being a fan of ordering flowers online, I set out on a pursuit to find an online florist in Singapore that can cater to my flower needs. My niece was celebrating her sweet 16, so I wanted to send her a wonderful bouquet that’s going to represent her youth and her vivid spirit.

A Better Florist was the florist of my choice this time. They are the bloomcrew that delivers beautiful bouquets and arrangements nationwide. Their intentional design and thoughtful creation is displayed through a sweet selection of arrangements that really take your breath away.

Their flowers are grown on a farm in Cameron Highlands, and only the best, freshest flowers are chosen to create the flower bouquets. The bouquet I chose for my niece was sweet, just as she is.

It’s called the Pamela, and it’s a mixture of pink and white tulips, and it’s perfectly delicate, simple and beautiful simultaneously.

I chose the Pamela because it’s a refreshing change from what you can encounter on other online florist websites. Whether it’s due to the freshness of the flowers, the creative design or the affordable prices, it’s definitely recognisable and stands out in the crowd of other flowers.

They also offer fruit baskets, bigger, luxurious arrangements, and bundles which are a combination of flowers and thoughtful little gifts that are sure to impress anyone who receives them. Every bouquet that you order can be customszed to your preference, depending on the holiday and the occasion. That way, you make sure that you’re sending out just the right sentiment to the right person, and you don’t have to guess whether your loved one will like it or not.

They also thrilled me with a quote they put on their website, which says that the best reason to gift someone flowers is no reason at all. Isn’t that true?

Since I was in quite the rush, I wanted my flowers to be delivered the same day, it was quite convenient that they offer the same day delivery. Within only 90 minutes my niece was greeted by a friendly face and a bouquet of flowers that was just right for her big day. There’s nothing better than receiving a call and hearing the voice of happiness and excitement.

That’s all thanks to A Better Florist. I really couldn’t have found a better choice in Singapore and I would highly recommend it to all who want to send out the most thoughtful blooms to their loved ones.

♥ post by a Loving Auntie 

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