Kids will be kids will be kids!!! They are super-innocent and always speak their mind. Everything about them is ultimately very cute. But sometimes, this causes embarrassing moments for parents. Don’t you agree with me? There are many times, my kids have left me red-faced. Read on to find 5 prominent moments.

Parents who cannot “afford” toys

Last month, we bought loads of things for kids – toys, books, clothes and so on. So obviously, now there has to be some control. Enough is enough! I was already giving a BIG NO to any of their demands. No means No.

One day in the mall, Kids being kids still entered and browsed toys in each and every toy shop. No problem with that. The “scary fun” began when they chose a toy, looked at the price tag and commented quite loudly and with that serious and matured look on their faces in front of the store staff…

Oh! 5$! I don’t think you can afford it. Never mind we do understand your situation and we will cooperate because we love you.

Why-o-why? Never ever felt that poverty-stricken before hearing this. Staff looked very sympathetically at us too.

Public Transport “Fun”

In the public transport, bus or train, kids are totally, completely in their element. There is “free entertainment” available for all. Commenting on every view that they see outside, repeating the station names in weirdly shrill voices after the announcements, singing nursery rhymes-to-Taylor Swift songs and all these things are just the tip of the iceberg.

Recently, my boy told an elderly auntie loudly and sternly that

Eating and Drinking is not allowed in trains

when she was merely checking her bag of food items.

This call must answer

Literally NO Idea why kids get nature’s call only when we are out of the house. It always always happens! The other day, having enjoyed some retail therapy, I had just sat down to eat my favourite pizza and the first bite was about to reach the lips and…

mum, I got very very urgent chhee and I have to go to washroom NOW!!!

Chhee chhee if I am slightly lucky but most of the times it’s poo-poo. Bye bye pizza and hello to washrooms, smell, wet wipes and flush. Yikes!

“Welcoming” Guests

This is one scenario which can go wrong most of the times! Whenever we are going to have guests, first thing I do is to remind and request kids to behave and talk as less as possible in front of them. My kids love guests and they are always ready to welcome them and play the part of a great host. Great right? 

But wait…So some days back, guests arrived and after some chit-chat gave gifts to kids. Kids couldn’t contain their excitement and opened them immediately!

Then came the moment of heart attack – one of the kids said…

Oh, we already have this toy. So we don’t want it. You can take it back.

Another kid was about to say something similar before I quickly blabbered away and distracted them. Gawd! Should I praise them for their straightforward innocent minds OR yell for expressing like a motor-mouth. Sigh!

Calm before the Storm

Sometimes the situation is too ideal to believe. One such day, all was peaceful at home. Kids were not squabbling. In fact they were playing together nicely. Hubby and I were relaxing n watching some random stuff on television.

Suddenly, one child came out of the toy room and announced,

See, am looking like an alien with playdough stuffed in my nostrils and eardrums, So cool.

I jumped in panic because there was a real danger of choking and this kid was oblivious to it. Scary, isn’t it?

Indeed, kids are too cute and since they grow up very fast, it’s good to cherish these moments of their little big talks!!! ?โค๏ธ Don’t forget that when we were kids, we also must have done many such tricks and our parents must have reacted the same way. ?

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