10 Parenting hacks from Google that All parents must know

G O O G L E – the most favorite and the most visited website for me and am sure for most of you too. Cannot think of ways to live without it. ♥

For Families and parents like me, there are many family-friendly features and hacks brought by Google. I am going to showcase 10 such awesome ways to make our lives simpler and easier. 

Lets look at the Infographics below rather than text-heavy post because pictures speak louder than words! 

Calendar to the rescue for Busy parents



Say “Ok Google” and Get answers fast



Never lose a single beautiful Memory



Old Photos become Digital Photos



Google Search, Do I have to say anything more?



World is yours!



Language No Bar



Safety First



Specially for you, kids



No distance is too far now…



Have you downloaded them yet?


Have a full of fun, safe and happy parenting! Thanks Google 🙂

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29 comments on “10 Parenting hacks from Google that All parents must know”

  1. Beola Lawal Reply

    Google is so important to me and my family, I love using Google for my search online, Google photos. YouTube kids for my kid’s video, google chrome, google translate and google street view.

  2. Deb B. Reply

    I don’t think I could survive without Google. I love everything it has to offer. Haven’t taken advantage of Google photos of you could believe it – but I’m well on my way. I love the You Tube for kids feature. So great for my family!

  3. Agnes Reply

    Love using my google calendar but haven’t tried the assistant. Looks like something I could benefit from and will check it out.

  4. Stephanie Jeannot Reply

    I have to say that I actually do love Google for all the many things I have found so useful using their services. I did not know they had an assistant. I use search and maps all the time.

  5. Nikki Reply

    Google apps are amazing! I’ve never tried google street view but I’m downloading it right now!

  6. Preet Reply

    Great hacks and apps. I use most of these and I agree, they are so helpful. I have all the schedule in the google calendar, google assistant is the best. I like the google duo, use it almost every day.

  7. keisha1989 Reply

    Google is amazing. I love this Google hacks. I had no idea there we so many tools. I bet parents out there will find this post very helpful.

  8. thenafranssen Reply

    Google apps are such a lifesaver in so many ways. I depend on them to help me stay organized in all things chaotic in my life.

  9. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits Reply

    Wow, google apps has been a great help to most of us. I didn’t know some of google apps until I read this post of yours. I might check some of the apps as well on one of these days. Thank you so much for sharing such a detailed and informative post about google apps. I truly appreciate it.

  10. John Paul Quiambao Reply

    wow! this is so timely.. just this morning i learned that one of my close friends is becoming a dad.. i really need to share this article to him… i believe he’ll be needing it soon enough 🙂

  11. Bhusha Reply

    Google does make our lives easier. Google maps & Translate are just too good while traveling. I was so happy when Youtube Kids was introduced. I didn’t know about PhotoScan!

  12. Bushra Khan Reply

    Google is the next best thing after moms.. ? Because when my children ask me some question And i give them an answer they ask me – how do you know mummy- I say I m your mom.. I know everything after GOogle!

  13. Tiffany Yong Reply

    It’s so nice of google to bring you on an intro tour and share with all parents all these information. Some might not be new, but they are good reminder for them to know what can be used with kids!

  14. ken Reply

    My mom and dad can make use of these apps, only if they are into smartphones. But I think these are essential tools any modern parents can make use of when attending to their offsprings.

  15. Phylicia Marie Pineda Reply

    I love the PhotoScan feature because it’s so useful for saving old photos. It also saves so much physical space while making sure the photos are available online.

  16. PinkDazzleBlog Reply

    Wow. Had no idea about half the things! Thanks! I’m going to save this link for future too, so that I can use it when I really need such stuff.

  17. Fred Reply

    We use Google Translate in my kids’ Mandarin lessons. Still not too easy though. Hehe. I have never heard of Google Photoscan and Google Duo, so will be checking them out soon.

  18. Franc Ramon Reply

    Google has indeed been an integral part of our life online with tools we can use daily. They have us covered on our needs from storing memories, to translating ti networking.

  19. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay Reply

    Very useful info not only for the moms but for anybody lives on earth also. Thanks for sharing. Waiting for more such articles.

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