G O O G L E – the most favorite and the most visited website for me and am sure for most of you too. Cannot think of ways to live without it. ♥

For Families and parents like me, there are many family-friendly features and hacks brought by Google. I am going to showcase 10 such awesome ways to make our lives simpler and easier. 

Lets look at the Infographics below rather than text-heavy post because pictures speak louder than words! 

Calendar to the rescue for Busy parents



Say “Ok Google” and Get answers fast



Never lose a single beautiful Memory



Old Photos become Digital Photos



Google Search, Do I have to say anything more?



World is yours!



Language No Bar



Safety First



Specially for you, kids



No distance is too far now…



Have you downloaded them yet?


Have a full of fun, safe and happy parenting! Thanks Google 🙂

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