We have been to numerous indoor playgrounds and they all are awesome! With the slides and rides, with the bouncies and balls, these playgrounds create happy moments for kids and parents.

This time my kids especially the pre-schooler wanted to explore something different something new. Hmmm, okay, anything for you son! Busy Tables is for such kids who want to explore more and want something dynamic every time.

Located in the Rochester Mall which is a mere 3-5 minutes walk from Buona Vista MRT Station, Busy Tables is a giant toy library I would call it as. Don’t expect usual plays here! and that’s why I liked it more as a mom. It offers meaningful fun and learn opportunity for kids.

Busy Tables is an education themed indoor playground exclusively dedicated to children between 0 and 5 years old and their parents, so they can have fun in a safe environment, away from bigger children that tend to have a more aggressive way of playing. I took my 5-year old boy and elder girl also accompanied. Both liked it a lot.


Spotless-clean, well-organized and bright – that was my first impression of Busy Tables.

It is possible to go haywire when you enter Busy Tables because there is so much to do here. So pause, read below pic and then start exploring it steadily.

Dark Room


My kids chose to explore Dark Room zone first. The Learning tables here look very attractive with dim light and colorful dinos and stones to sort and so on. In fact, I also played with kids here.


Sensory Zone

This is another great zone that encourages kids’ creativity a lot. Special mention to the quality of toys of Busy Tables. You would not find them in local market. While talking to the peeps behind Busy Tables, got to know that many of the edutainment stuff comes from US, Europe and so on. Amazing novelty and innovation is what you see in these toys.


Kids were coming up with their own creations like half-animal n half-human, squishy man, marshmallow with legs etc. We really cannot understand sometimes what goes on in these little minds!

Construction Zone


Without doubt, it was the MOST favorite of my boy since boys will be boys! But surprisingly, I found my higher primary girl also quite glued to making construction toys. Why not? because there were lots of options to try out construction toys in Busy Tables.


Look at these multi-functional blocks! Slide, Snap and Stack…


Here is the LONGEST train in the world. Lol. Why colors so different? because it’s a Rainbow train…and why wheels are only in the beginning and end? because they are too strong and can handle the weight properly. Ha! Let the kids be kids and let them imagine the way they want ♥


and this is the tank! Army can use it to destroy enemies since it can fire in all angles…


Toddler Zone

Any of you have toddlers? Fret not, Busy Tables has nice, cozy FunLearn area for them too. Very cute.


Busy Cards

BusyCards are an assortment of cards which give the Busy Kids ‘missions’ to complete.


The cards and missions are divided into various stages and tiers to pose an incremental challenge to the kids according to their age.

Upon completion of each session, kids are rewarded with a token for their efforts, they can use this token to redeem a small prize at our capsule machines. The moment my kids heard about the prize, they were super-charged up and Sis helped Bro to complete the mission! For elder kids also, there are some missions.


These BusyCards are wonderful and they holistically cover logical thinking, Mathematics concepts.


Why you should take your kids to Busy Tables?

  • It’s different than the usual. It’s indoor Toys and Learning Resources Library Playground
  • Wide range of activities for kids for pre-schoolers.
  • Special Zone for toddlers
  • Do you have run some errands, there is a Drop-Off facility!
  • Great venue to organize Parties and Playdates
  • BusyCards to keep them busy and focussed
  • Works on the holistic development of kids


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