We were planning to get one proper professional photo shoot done for quite some time. But as usual, everyone is always busy with something – the elder kid with studies and exams, the younger with nothing, hubby busy neck-deep with office project and yours truly busy with everything!

Finally we managed to find some time. As they say, sometimes sudden plans work out much better than the “planned-plans”.

On one sunny Saturday afternoon we 4 and our friendly photographer from CraftsMenSG and influencer coordinators from Social Ground decided to meet in Kallang Wave Mall for the photo shoot.

Sigh, most of my things are always last-minute! Didn’t have too much time to prepare for outfits and all…Thanks to the guys, the photo shoot turned out pretty good.

I would like to share with you some tips from recent experience of Outdoor Family photo shoot – just plain simple pointers without pretending to be an expert.

1. Eat well and Keep sipping water – MOST important! Before the photo shoot, Ensure that everyone’s tummy is full. Else you have hungry and that’s why angry people to handle – including yourself.

So we had stuffed nice quantity of homemade brunch before we met our photography team.

Summer + Sun + Outdoors = one risky combo that can cause dehydration. We tend to get sweaty and it shows in the photos. So keep sipping H2O.

2. Co-ordinate your outfits – In this department, I could have done much much better! Thanks to Uniqlo, I managed to find Mickey and Minnie themed tees for all of us. These tees we paired with jeans. Generally Jeans and Tees proves to be a safe option. Also since kids were a part of the shoot, cartoon-themed tees worked well. For hubby and me, I chose exactly the same design and for boy n girl, I opted for different variations of the same theme. Again, both boys wore white and black for girls.

I ensured that we reached the location and then changed into the outfits for the shoot. With kids, you just can’t take the risk of wearing the outfits in advance. Water spilling, food dropping…Phew!!! can happen anytime.

I am just thinking that why I didn’t try to find something more colorful than black and white…Probably a blue / green shade would have worked better?!

Point is: Plan in advance. Do some research and then match your outfits.

3. Rock the location – Full marks to our team of Social Ground and CraftsmenSG as far as the location is concerned. There was plenty of space and less crowd even on a weekend and we could focus well. There was lush greenery, there was awesome riverfront, one splendid looking bridge and other natural elements to enhance the photos.

4. Keep it candid – Like I wrote earlier, this was a pretty last minute shoot and I didn’t get time to contemplate on things like how should I prepare the kids for the shoot, should we practice some poses etc.

We went there like a blank slate. The moment kids saw the location and lots of space, they started running around like deer. We somehow controlled them and then began the shoot. Photographer Gareth was experienced and he managed to churn out some good clicks.

Thankfully, kids co-operated well and didn’t need too much of ice-breaking. Of course, both looking in different directions, variety of smiles that ranged from half-smiles, lop-sided smiles, laughs, show teeth smiles and no-show-teeth smiles, refusing to stand still for one moment etc. was expected from kids and they did just that.

Didn’t know hubby can be so pro in all these things. All the good poses he suggested! and we followed. Candid shots came out beautiful.

5. Treat it as a family event – We enjoyed the experience and treated it as a fun outing. Kids learnt something new and we all had goofy fun during the shoot.

One special tip for Moms:

In our case, the other 3 were without any makeup and I applied light makeup! Now the trouble is in my case, even the light makeup of an eye shadow and a bit of blush looks glaring and heavy especially in the photos. I knew it from some past experience of event photos and I should have avoided applying makeup totally. May be just a lipstick would have suited well. Secondly, I should have let go my hair completely and that stupid pin was not needed. Lesson learnt.

Moms, please pay special attention to yourself before and during the shoot.

All in all, it was fun and we are already looking forward to the next Outdoor Family shoot whenever that happens.

Thanks a lot to our friendly team of CraftsMenSG and Social Ground. Don’t forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

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