Tummy! the biggest problem area for me. Of course, am a mom of 2 kids and am proud of the delivery experience. Unfortunately, my tummy is also very proud of it and refuses to return to the original size…Lol.

This flabby tummy makes me look like forever-pregnant and always earns me offers to occupy priority seats in the train. Bad Bad…My never-ending weight-loss journey.

Enough is enough, I really want to get into a better shape this year. Healthy eating and moving my butt a bit is a good start and something like Shou Slimming’s Bio Sculpture treatment to flush out toxins surely brings the much-needed boost!

When it comes to beauty and slimming treatments, I get ultra-careful. It has to be – Safe for body and sensitive skin of mine, It has to be non-invasive i.e. no-needles please. It has to give results! I must say that Shou Slimming Center’s Bio Sculpture treatment does the trick. You should try…

What is Bio Sculpture all about?

It offers the combined benefit of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) + electro-therapy with technology using Far Infrared Rays (FIR).

FIR transfers energy in the form of heat and is one of the body’s naturally emitted radiation that is also easily absorbed. Because of the body’s positive response to FIR at the cellular level, this technology has been used widely for therapeutic purposes in healing and aiding cell recovery.

Coupled with TCM targeting the body’s meridian flow, which is key to releasing toxins and maintaining proper circulation, the treatment helps in three key areas: –

Detoxification – The rays penetrate the cells to activate the cells which are not at functioning at optimal. As such, this action causes the cells to function efficiently, hence toxins and “metals” within the body is flushed out through the lymphatic drainage. This effect causes and overall balancing of the system and helps to balance the body’s hormones.

Metabolic Stimulation – Using the mild heat energy from the FIR, Bio Sculpture transfers the energy to the cells and kick-starts a healthy and more efficient cellular system which boosts blood flow and increases cardiovascular and lymphatic functions. Each treatment is almost equivalent to 30-minutes of light cardio exercise!

Recovery – Because of its penetrative abilities and micro-stimulation, FIR reaches to the cellular level to helps repair and assist in cell regeneration. The treatment helps the body to recover from any exertion from physical activity, reducing recovery time and aiding in keeping the body energised.

Okay, all the technical jargon is a bit difficult to understand but important to know. The friendly consultants at Shou Slimming explained me all this.

What happens during the treatment?

Welcome, Warm drink, Filling up of forms and now time to do Body Analysis which measures height, weight, body fat, BMI and lot other parameters. As expected my body fat was within the limit but on a higher side. 🙁

Now time to start Bio-Sculpture…Here’s the neat, clean and soothing room of Shou Slimming.

Hi-tech machine to combat the stubborn tummy fat!

Step 1:

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) machine was started and massage too. For massage, she used 3-Nano Serum. There’s something in this combination I must say! My hard tummy instantly started becoming softer…A bit of pain but the consultant keeps asking and adjusting the strength. So no worries. 🙂

The consultant was very sincere and she did a great job.

Step 2:

Tummy wrap time…She put a nice pack of a wash-off Bio Clay and wrapped the tummy. Warm, cozy feeling and NO discomfort at all.

Step 3:

Now the machine starts breaking down fat deposits. The frequency of the laser can be adjusted to suit you. So I started off with a low freq and then gradually increased.


These are the points that I would like to highlight based on my own experience:

  1. I found the treatment safe. No side effects after the treatment. I have a sensitive skin and still nothing ill happened to my tummy skin.
  2. Tummy felt softer and lighter instantly. I am writing this review approx. after 3 weeks and it is still pretty soft.
  3. It surely looked flatter after the treatment. But please note to continue the effect, you have to eat healthy too.
  4. I am thinking of repeating Bio Sculpture sessions on a regular basis say monthly once to detox, burn down fat and flatten the tummy.
  5. My rating would be somewhere between 8.5-9 out of 10 for this treatment.

More Info

Shou Slimming’s Bio Sculpture Treatment ($368, incl GST) activates your body to burn fat, detoxify, reduce the appearance of cellulite and is 1 hr 15 mins. For the first-trial, the Shou Slimming Bio Sculpture Treatment is available at $89. This treatment is available at all Shou Slimming outlets.

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Note: The review is based on my personal experience. Results may vary according to your skin and body type.

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