Just when I thought that I am recovering from the “Slime Attack” which swallowed my shampoos, soaps, hubby’s shaving cream mercilessly and turned my home into a lab where little Scientists were trying various formulas to “make the perfect slime”…their latest invention was to use sugar to make the slime…No idea what happened to the slime but ants had a treat for sure!…

I was in for another “surprise”…The background work was going on for a few days. Direct/Indirect information was being fed into my ears about “Fidget Spinner”. Some YouTube videos were repeatedly shown to me. Then one fine day, this Fidget Spinner arrived. This time, the girl made her Dad give her money to buy it. 

After that it was nothing but spin, spin and more spin of this Fidget Spinner until I almost felt dizzy! Since the girl bought it, lil Bro of course must get it. My kids believe in “complete equality” when it comes to toys. Phew! Parents had to buy one more fidget so as they don’t appear discriminating (word courtesy: daughter). Lol.

Okay, I was still okay. Fidget Spinners are here and the kids will spin them for a while and then forget about it. It was my innocent guess…Tsk, tsk so wrong I was!

Yesterday morning I saw this – helper auntie and kids with a lot of preparation sitting near window and indulged in some deep discussion and work. What was going on?

Making of customized Fidget Spinner

Oh, how on earth I would know that the Fidget Spinner can be customized??!! Take out all its ball bearings and then customize it.

Making of customized Fidget Spinner

This time the kids had set their eyes on my nail colors. Kids were reusing and upcycling, recycling these beautiful nail colors!

Making of customized Fidget Spinner

They mixed nail colors in the water, added some paint and used barbecue sticks, straws for applying the mixture.

Making of customized Fidget Spinner

What a high degree of patience kids show in such scenarios! Otherwise they are always in a hurry and can’t wait for a single moment…this time they waited patiently and let the fidgets dry. 

Boy seems to be a bit of a Perfectionist. He decided to do it more methodically. Of course, he is just a 5-yr old so doesn’t have much control on the brushes, colors and application but at least he tries because of his sister.

Making of customized Fidget Spinner

Yay, final product!

Making of customized Fidget Spinner

After some time, girl suddenly didn’t like her earlier creation. She used nail paint remover and brought the Fidget back to its original color and then repainted it with another nail color. Phew! Since the last color made Fidget a bit coarse to touch, this time she used clear top quote for smooth spinning.

Again yay! Final product

Here is a short video of her spinning the Customized Fidget.

Creatively spent Saturday, I must say. Only if she puts so much hard work when it comes to studies… ??

Slime and Fidget are the latest trends in local primary schools. How you kids are riding on these trends? Do share ?

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