House of Eyes – Books are still kids’ best friend!

When my mum showed me the list of books for the review, I chose Connie Carew #1: House of Eyes as the first book I would like to review because I like to read mystery novels.

When it arrived, I was very happy. I wanted to read it start to finish because it was gripping from the first page itself. Thankfully, it was Saturday and my parents allowed me to read it in one go.


So here is my review:

It is a very well written book. I found it a bit confusing at first but after around 100 pages the story becomes gripping. You start understanding the plot and it is amazing to see how a 12-year old solves the mystery. I mean the girl is around my age only. I am very impressed with Connie. The story is set in London – my favorite place that I want to visit. How Connie finds out the real mystery surrounding her cousin Ida is so fun to read.

This book is kind of complex because it is very thrilling and mentally stimulating. There are fixed number of characters so you can follow their actions nicely. It is interesting, fun to read. It’s a mystery so initially I found it a bit scary – not very scary and at the same time very exciting.

The language of the book is as if someone is telling you the story in front of you. Language is easy to understand and comprehend. Font size is relatively big and doesn’t strain the eyes – especially since I have specs.

I can’t really wait to read the sequel.

Eeshaa ♥


Connie Carew #1: House of Eyes is written by Patricia Elliot and would be loved by pre-teens. Published by Hodder Children, it is distributed by Pansing Book Distribution and is available at all the leading bookstores in Singapore and Malaysia.

Do read it, kids and let us know how you find it. ♥

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Heartening to see that for her books are still the best friends! When she sets her eyes on a good book, no need of any gadget at all for hours. 📕 . House of Eyes is an addictive mystery with Connie Carew as a heroine that we all will love! Read ET's detailed book review for the House of Eyes #ontheblog #linkinbio . Author: Elliott Patricia Publisher: Hodder Children Distributor: Pansing Book Distribution Availability: All leading bookstores in Singapore and Malaysia . #bookreview #bookreviews #bookreader #avidreader #bookclub #bookstagram #bookswag #conniecarew #mystery #kidsbooks #preteen #youngblogger #kidblogger #kidsofinstagram #kidbloggersofig #rainbowdiaries #sgparentbloggers #sporemombloggers

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More info:

TITLE: Connie Carew #1: HOUSE OF EYES



AGE: ages 9-11 EXTENT: Paperback, 320 pages


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28 comments on “House of Eyes – Books are still kids’ best friend!”

  1. Pooja Kawatra Reply

    Reading books is always a wonderful activity for all age group. I have a mini library at home and keep adding more and more books.

  2. Elizabeth O Reply

    What a smart and thorough review and a great way to encourage our kids to step out of the shadows and share their point of view. Top marks!

  3. Tiffany Yong Reply

    Hi Eesha, nice to see you writing reviews of your favourite books! Hope this will encourage you to write more and one day, maybe create your own stories! Next time, try movie reviews if you got the chance!

    P.S. I do loads of movie reviews 😛

  4. Bhushavali Reply

    Hi Eesha, good to read your review in your mom’s blog!
    I too love thrillers. Read so many stories like these when I was your age! Glad you liked it! 🙂

  5. Khushboo Reply

    A gripping mystery sounds intriguing. even though I am 25, sometimes I love to pick out the teen and pre teen books for a light reading. I remember in my days the Hardy Boys were quite famous 🙂

  6. TheGracefulMist Reply

    Reading books is a great way to enhance a child`s comprehension. I started voluntarily reading and searching for more books around her age. The book seems like a thrilling read.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  7. Roch Reply

    It looks like an easy read. I think I can also finish it in one seating or just before going to sleep. 🙂 Nice share!

  8. NEHA JAIN Reply

    Wow.. I want my daughter to be a book lover. As of now, she is just 2.6 years old but we together have maintained our bed-time story routine. I hope my wish will come true. Good review and your daughter looks great!

  9. Richa Choudhary Reply

    Your daughter looks so focused reminds me of my sister’s daughter she is completely like her book addict finishing ten -15 books in a month.Lovely Review!!


  10. Jason Panuelos Reply

    Sadly, no one in my home is suitable for a book like this anymore. However, I bet it would a great gift to a young niece! 😀

  11. Saminu Abass Reply

    Nice write up. You have said it all but let me just say something about the review. You said after 100 pages that is when the page will start to be interesting.

  12. Roy Cortez Reply

    Interesting read. Connie Carew sounds like Nancy Drew. Maybe, the author was a fan of Nancy Drew.

    I like the book art and the art of the opening page.

    Nice post.


  13. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits Reply

    I used to read books before, but because of my hectic schedule now due to works demand, I can no longer read books. You made me miss the feeling of waiting what happen on the next page. Anyway, this is such a well written review, you even made it more interesting to read. Thank you so much for sharing!

    LaiAriel R. Samangka

  14. Ruchi Verma Reply

    Book seems quite it available online would like to get for my daughter she is also book lover!! & Review from ur daughter’s view is great to read !!

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