When my mum showed me the list of books for the review, I chose Connie Carew #1: House of Eyes as the first book I would like to review because I like to read mystery novels.

When it arrived, I was very happy. I wanted to read it start to finish because it was gripping from the first page itself. Thankfully, it was Saturday and my parents allowed me to read it in one go.


So here is my review:

It is a very well written book. I found it a bit confusing at first but after around 100 pages the story becomes gripping. You start understanding the plot and it is amazing to see how a 12-year old solves the mystery. I mean the girl is around my age only. I am very impressed with Connie. The story is set in London – my favorite place that I want to visit. How Connie finds out the real mystery surrounding her cousin Ida is so fun to read.

This book is kind of complex because it is very thrilling and mentally stimulating. There are fixed number of characters so you can follow their actions nicely. It is interesting, fun to read. It’s a mystery so initially I found it a bit scary – not very scary and at the same time very exciting.

The language of the book is as if someone is telling you the story in front of you. Language is easy to understand and comprehend. Font size is relatively big and doesn’t strain the eyes – especially since I have specs.

I can’t really wait to read the sequel.

Eeshaa ♥


Connie Carew #1: House of Eyes is written by Patricia Elliot and would be loved by pre-teens. Published by Hodder Children, it is distributed by Pansing Book Distribution and is available at all the leading bookstores in Singapore and Malaysia.

Do read it, kids and let us know how you find it. ♥

More info:

TITLE: Connie Carew #1: HOUSE OF EYES



AGE: ages 9-11 EXTENT: Paperback, 320 pages


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