Yay! We were waiting for it and it’s back. Aviva SuperFundae was thoroughly loved by kids last year and they were already asking whether we are going to visit it in 2017! Big Yes kiddies, 10th June is the day when we’ll get to enjoy SuperFundae again…

June school holidays is a relaxed period and families are looking for bonding options. Aviva SuperFundae is going to give a great play option for the entire family. This is their 3rd year and we had superfun last year. Check out here to read what I mean. Okay, first things first for those of you who are new to this funival!

What is Aviva SuperFundae?

Aviva SuperFundae is a one-of-a-kind funival where you can indulge in some unique, quirky and all-out fantastic all-day play with your family. It’s for the entire FAMILY, so parents, get ready for a ride too. 🙂

This is Singapore’s Largest Outdoor Play party where 3 types of play elements are embedded:


  • CONNECTIVE PLAY: Through activities like Numakiki Jungle Obstacle and Craycrayspray Water Play, participants interact with one other, and enrich their communication skills and emotional wellbeing.
  • ACTIVE PLAY: Hone psychomotor skills – and fitness levels – through fun outdoor quests and dashes such as Beer Dash and Daddy Mommy Piggyback.
  • CREATIVE PLAY: Train the right brain by getting creative and hands-on with artsy workshops. Unleash the imagination with wild, “anything goes” creations.


Importance of holistic play for kids we all know. Aviva SuperFundae brings in awesome play options for kids and kids in us.

Explore five worlds in Aviva SuperFundae

It’s all-day playdate by the way. So have a good night’s sleep and reach The Meadow, Gardens By The Bay in the morning. There’s so much to do and explore in Aviva SuperFundae. Families will be spoilt for choices.

Circus Centre:

Look out for Circus Centre to find Hourly Candy Cannon, Super fun stage games, Live music, Movie Under the Stars. Kiddies, be there to collect all the candies that you can when hourly candy cannon blasts. It’s very fun!

Speedy Zone:

Parents, you better practice and be speedy because this zone offers fun dashes. 🙂

  • All-new Daddy Donut Dash
  • Beer Dash and Milk Dash
  • Try out squiggly cars, skate-scooter and more!
  • Ninja Quest – bigger and more exciting than last year!
  • Activities with Ready Steady Go Kids

Dream Castle:

Artsy and Creative kids, listen up! Lots of creative and imaginative activities await here for you…and even if you are not that creative, fret not. The activities will surely bring out the creative you.

Pirate Island:

My family’s personal favorite…Water, water everywhere! Parents, ensure that you pack a set of extra clothes for all, some sunscreen too.

  • Go loco at the Craycrayspray water play area with Super Soakers
  • Mini water slide
  • Build your own paper boat and watch it float on water

Jungle World:

Jump, pounce, grab and swing, these are the things you’ll get to do in Jungle World. We are sure this time there will some surprises here…Bring them on!

Yummy food options for Hungry tummies

Make sure your tummies are full to enjoy to the fullest. Pasarbella is the partner again this year, so you can expect loads their yummy signature food right in our carnival grounds!

Early Bird tickets till 30th April 2017!!!

Early bird catches the best worms. Lets be an Early Bird and get some nice discount on tickets till 30th April. 

S$14.90 Per Ticket for Early Bird
[Valid from 1 Apr 2017 till 30 Apr 2017]

Book your tickets NOW!

More sunshine, more happiness, more opportunities for Family Bonding in Aviva SuperFundae. See you all there ♥

Important info:

Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2017 10am – 9pm

Venue: The Meadow, Gardens By The Bay

Website: https://superfundae.com.sg/

Tickets: Get yout tickets here

FAQs: https://superfundae.com.sg/faq_contact.php

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