We talked to some awesome Indian ladies in Singapore on occasion of Women’s day. This is what they said straight from their hearts ? and we couldn’t agree more. These are moms who celebrate each moment of being a Woman . RainbowDiaries is so proud to know them and to have worked with them ????

Kavita Singh

Kavita says, “Being a woman is a beautiful feeling of being the most beautiful, strong and miraculous creation of God.”

If a woman realises her strength and decides then she can do anything… believe me anything…

More power to you, Kavita! ❤️

Supriya K

Beautiful words, Supriya ❤️

I am Proud to be a Woman because like every other women , I too know the Magics.

Yes, I know the magic of spreading happiness all over even when I am at the saddest situation
Yes, I know the magic of defining perfection in everything from managing my home to handling my kids and from my project presentation to my husband’s favourite cuisine.
Yes, I know the magic of expressing my love, my care, my hatred, my tears and my all emotions openly to bring positivity and to end the negativity around us.
So, I feel to be lucky and happy as these magics are the blessings and super natural power that only we women have got to brighten the lives of our loved ones.

Shonali R

This is what this cool mom has to say about being a Woman ❤️

“Woman”, she has the willingness to listen, the patience to understand, the strength to support, the heart to care and just to be there; that is the beauty of a “Woman”.

A “Woman” is the full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

No wonder “Being a Woman” is the best feeling that i can ever have. And totally proud to be a “Woman”.


Payal B

Am blessed with beautiful daughter and loving husband. I love being a Woman as we can get to wear “Makeup” and we can look “Completely different” depending on the day, the situation and our moods. I wouldn’t trade being a woman for anything.

Correct Payal, we agree! ❤️

T N Lalitha

I am a proud woman to have a power to give birth to another human. Im a proud mother, proud daughter, proud wife, proud sister and a proud by self. Women are multifaceated. They are emotionally stronger compared to men. There is always a woman behind every successful man. Woman never give up her dreams even there is lots of obstacle on her way. So, iam very proud of being a woman!

Lalitha, awesome thoughts! ❤️

Rekha N

“I believe in being a strong woman when everything is going wrong.” It is difficult to breakdown a real woman because she learns from her mistakes, gather her strength from her struggle and overcome the obstacles courageously.

We totally agree with you, Rekha ❤️

Malobika D

I don’t believe in celebrating one day for us… I think everyday is our day..? I don’t see any difference between a man and a woman – what a man can do a woman can do so but with a little bit more of love, care and graciousness.

Being a woman I nourish this belief we are stronger, passionate and more responsible. With all my respect I hats off to all the women and men because without a good man a strong woman cannot exist.

Very well-said, Malobika ❤️

Mohana G –

Is experiencing the Motherhood

Is experiencing the Beauty

Being Patient, Being Strong …

Nevertheless the reasons proud to be a Woman …Mom … Daughter …Wife

So true, Mohana ❤️


Pavithra S

A woman is a wonderful creature of the planet..we’re incredible because each woman has a magical powers within her which is to create and transform…The best protection any woman can have is her own courage! Courage is like a muscle we should strengthen by using it regularly ..I love this transformation which happen in every woman!

Happy women’s day to all lovely ladies ????

Thanks Pavithra ❤️

Swathy J

A woman can be soft and strong at the same instance with an everlasting jewel of smile.

Keep smiling, Swathy ❤️

Bindu M

I am proud to be a WOMAN because:

W: Wonderful Creation of God ?

O: Omnipotent in her family ?

M: Mother  – Maatrudhevobhava ?

A: Awesome mixture of many feelings and emotions?

N: Nature’s amazing gift ?

Short and sweet, nicely put together, Bindu ❤️

Soma R.

And last but certainly not the least, this is our very own beauty queen Soma who is equally beautiful as a person. Thanks Soma for sharing your thoughts on being a Woman ❤️

The best part of being woman is that she can bring another life on earth.

She can carry a life for 9mnths and feel each and every movement of that unborn.

The second best is the way they can carry themselves with different attire and accessories.

I really feel proud and blessed being a woman.

Thanks ladies, you make our belief even more stronger that “Women are by default Superwomen”!!! Have a Happy Women’s Day 🙂 May all days be yours…

Photos, Accessories, Makeup: Ladies’ own
Soma’s photo: Kumarasamy Selvajoo