This was our first time to watch Disney on Ice. Last time, there was something popped up last minute and we had to give a miss. Thank God this time we managed to experience the MAGIC ♥ and wow, what an experience it was!!! Did you watch already? If not, go go, quickly book and watch NOW.

Kids were excited from that day itself when we were invited to meet n greet Simba and Elsa. Elsa in fact read the story to kids. Yay! Magic began that moment itself.

Waiting, waiting and finally we got to watch the Opening show with VIP seats…Almost touching the rink. Big Wow! By the way, before I tell you how amazing was the show, must give a round of applause to Singapore Indoor Stadium’s fabulously smooth arrangements. So well-managed, kudos.

You don’t really have to carry any food and drinks. 2 reasons – firstly, it’s not allowed and secondly, the stuff available at the stadium offers so much variety and a great quality. We ate like pigs. Nacho n Cheese, Cup Cakes, Sandwiches, drinks…Oops. Excitement makes you hungrier!

Okies, time to be seated. The rink was ready to welcome all the kids, moms and dads and grandmas-pas. Beautiful atmosphere before the show…

and Tada…here they are – kids’ favorite Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald took the stage and began the almost 2-hours of extravaganza.

We welcomed Simba later. The scene where Mufasa gets killed gives you goose bumps. It’s like watching the Lion King movie in a few minutes. Live as if it is happening right in front of your eyes…

It was once in many years opportunity to meet all your favorites in one place in one show – Aladdin, Genie and Jasmine, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, Littler Mermaids, Princess Aurora, Belle, Dory and Nemo, Toy Story’s Woody n Buzz…and many many more.

What should I say about the grand scale of the show? No words actually…Singapore Indoor Stadium is truly world-class and the way the show went on was phenomenal.

What should I say about the artists? Are they for real…How can they ice-skate like a dream? I mean I can’t even walk so smoothly on the smooth roads! and here they were…so well-coordinated and with all those costumes skating on ice?! Hats off, hats off.

Of course, every single part of the show was superlative and the highlight was Frozen. The kingdom of Arendelle and Palace of Ice got recreated on the rink with the snowfall and that cutie-pie Olaf. Speechless!

Didn’t even realize that 2 hours were past and the show was over. In the night, am sure we all must have dreamt about Disney on Ice.

I have watched all Disney movies and simply loved them. Naturally, even if am an adult, I watched Disney on Ice with equal enthusiasm of my kids ♥  I find Disney stories very motivating. How good always triumphs over evil & love over hate and how you can achieve anything with hard-work and passion, no better way to teach this to kids than showing them Disney movies and shows. So yeah, Disney on Ice is spectacular, jaw-dropping experience not only for your eyes but for your hearts. Don’t miss it at all!!!

Last few shows are remaining so read below and book your tix. Watch my video snippets to get some idea of the magic you are going to witness in the actual show.

More Info:

Catch the last few shows on following dates:

18 March 2017 (Sat): 10.30am, 2.30pm, 6.30pm
19 March 2017 (Sun): 10.30am, 2.30pm, 6.30pm

Tickets are available on Singapore Sports Hub website, with family friendly prices starting at $25.

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