Play-doh – name that makes my kids jump with joy ? and as a parent, even their mom loves to knead and mould a doh or two. We have been; just like many of you; playing with play-doh since many years and still Hasbro’s Play-doh never fails to surprise every single time ?

Every parent knows: the easiest way to steer your child away from a gadget is something colorful, messy and fun! PLAY-DOH has been a champion of creativity for years, providing the right mix of education and play time for our little ones. There’s even a word for it – playducation!

Adding to the current wide variety of PLAY-DOH sets, the PLAY-DOH Kitchen Creations is a newly launched range that offers endless imagination for your budding chef. Thanks to Play-doh for sending over these awesome newly launched Kitchen Creations sets, we had and still having a doh-of-a-time!

Kitchen Creations – do you think it is only for girls? No, not at all. Time to break all gender-stereotypes and let your boys experience the fun of cooking. Don’t forget some of the world’s great chefs are actually males. So yeah, our both kids – a girl and a boy; both from different age groups – one higher primary and another from pre-school tried and loved the Kitchen Creations by Play-doh equally.

What I love the most is the developmental value that comes along with these little pots of delight. It is quite something to see kids showcase uninhibited creativity as he rolls, cuts, and shapes his way through rainbow colors.

An all-time favorite for kids, this new range is bound to pique your kid’s curiosity and engage them in a whole new world of culinary creativity. Additionally, the PLAY-DOH Kitchen Creations playsets score brownie points for bringing parents and kids together for some quality bonding – They can have some fun moulding PLAY-DOH together.

I found it so amazing when the kids were focusing on their Kitchen creations and were completely engaged. Here is what my girl made – Healthy Pasta with Brocolli with a slice of cheese and steamed carrot. Whoa, looks straight from the fine dining restaurant. ♥

While the girl was busy with her own fine dining creation, the boy was frying bread on the stove. When I asked him why he chose red color for the bread, he replied that bread can be of any color. Red is his fav color so bread is red! LOL, kids and their logic.


Play-Doh Kitchen Creations range offers lots of varieties. Take a look –


Slice and chop some PLAY-DOH culinary creativity! This fun set of kitchen-themed tools lets budding chefs create and cut colourful PLAY-DOH snacks and meals. The cutting boards feature lots of half-moulds to shape a variety of silly fruits, veggies, pretend meats, and more. Slice the imaginary ingredients on the cutting board with the cleaver, knives, and shears. Toss it all together in the bowl to complete the masterpiece, then share it with the plates and spoon! The presser tool squeezes out a variety of shapes like silly celery, garlic, and more.


Possibilities are endless with Noodle Makin Mania. You can make:

PLAY-DOH Pasta Dishes

o Create oodles of PLAY-DOH noodles and make-believe pasta masterpieces

Fun Noodle Machine

o Load PLAY-DOH compound and squeeze the lever for piles of pretend noodles

4 Noodle Shapes

o Choose from 4 different kinds of noodle shapes with the noodle discs

Pretend Raviolis & Silly Lasagna

o Make crazy raviolis and silly lasagna with the book-mold and rolling cutter

Make-Believe Toppings

o Add toppings and even more PLAY-DOH noodles with the half-molds


Cook up some PLAY-DOH fun with real sizzlin’ sounds

• Place the skillet or saucepan on the stove to start a low sizzle

• Toss a PLAY-DOH meal on the skillet or pan to crank it up to high sizzle

• Includes 4 stampers to shape imaginary entrees

• Plenty of PLAY-DOH colors and tools for some side dishes, too

Parents, safety first! So monitor your kids when they play-doh or best is you also play with them. It’s immensely fun. Play-doh is non-toxic and contains wheat. Not supposed to be eaten.

During school holidays, Play-Doh also conducted Workshops and Chef Junior Competition at Parkway Parade to celebrate the launch of Kitchen Creations and it was super fun. Did you attend it? Share your pics with me too…

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Who wants to be Play-Doh Chef Junior? My boy surely wanted and that's why we visited @parkwayparadesg in the evening 😍 . My Boy made "Rainbow" Pasta and "Pizza" Ice cream…Sigh, kids and their vivid creativity!! 🍝🍕 Actually, even I also wanted to create something amazing with #playdoughkitchencreations . These fun-filled and mind-engaging workshops and PLAY-DOH Chef Junior Competition will be on over the March holidays and you should try out their newly launched Kitchen Creation asap. . Not only that, the most creative minds at the Chef Junior Competition will be rewarded with prizes such as a trip to Bali for a family of four, mall vouchers and PLAY-DOH hampers! Wow 😋 Do visit Parkway Parade Basement Atrium during 13-18th March and the best creation of each day will then battle it out at the competition on Sunday, 19 March. Simply have a minimum spend of $50 in the mall and be entitled to this enriching experience. . Workshop Details Date: 13 – 18 March Venue: Parkway Parade Basement Atrium, 80 Marine Parade Rd, Singapore 449269 Duration: 45mins (at every hour) Monday – Friday: 2pm – 9pm Saturday, 12pm – 9pm . #playdohkitchencreations #parkwayparadesg #playdohchefjunior . #rainbowdiaries #sgblogger #sporemombloggers #sgparentbloggers #sginfluencer #webstagram #sgig #sgkids #playdoh #playdohparty #playdohtime #hasbrosingapore #hasbro #playdohsg #sgmoms #sgmummy #mommymoments @crowdsg

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So which set you are getting or all? Get your child to work their imagination creating all kinds of food from breakfast, pasta, burgers to even ice-cream and cakes – it’s an all in one creative bonanza called Play-Doh Kitchen Creations ♥

DO share with me your kids’ kitchen creations.

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