I was quite curious to try out Huawei Mobile phones for some time. Have seen some my friends using it and it looks NICE…I mean when an i-Phone lover like me says this means Huawei must be really good.

Currently, I am playing with this new toy – Huawei Mate 9 and yeah, it’s smart, handsome and suave. Valentine’s is just next week and I think this would be a cool gift idea for your mate!

Why you should consider gifting Huawei to your love or in fact to yourself?

  • State-of-the-art supercharge technology that safely charges the device for a full day’s power in 20 minutes. – OMG, Seriously?!
  • 4,000mAH battery capacity which means up to 2 days usage on a full charge
  • Second generation Leica Dual Camera which allows you to capture precious moments with your loved ones in high-definition both in the day and night – This Cam is super-duper. Having played with it, I am still exploring its numerous modes and effects and filters and all…
  • Ability to create multiple user accounts so you can keep your personal life separate from your work life
  • Superior warranty care for Mate 9 sets purchased in Singapore under the HiCare Prestige Plan
  • 2 year product warranty
    • Door to door delivery for phone repairs
    • One-time screen replacement within the first year of purchase – I’m sold already to this feature. Tend to drop my phone countless number of times. Sigh.
    • 3-day repair promise

Superb UX

As a smart-phone user, my primary concern is how is the User Interface of the phone. Must say that Huawei Mate 9 passes this test with flying colors. Let me list down some technicalities for your reference:

Reimagined experience

With the introduction of EMUI 5.0, the HUAWEI Mate 9 reimagines the native Android operating system using Linux to improve the experience, aesthetics and functionality. With EMUI 5.0, the HUAWEI Mate 9 becomes more intelligent and efficient over time by analyzing and adapting to consumers’ usage behaviors. We are able to create more personalized experiences by optimizing resource allocation for users’ most crucial tasks.

Form and function

Aesthetics matter – on the inside and out. EMUI 5.0 offers the most beautiful software experience ever with a distinct, dynamic interface inspired by natural environments. The design is clean and fluid, featuring white and blue colors to provide a serene experience.

Tightly integrated with the Kirin 960

EMUI 5.0 was created to closely work with the Kirin 960. This tight integration between hardware and software analyzes the user’s behaviors to optimize the user experience and customize the phone to them. This enables Huawei to better manage the device for power and efficiency, and improve the performance of the phone over time.

Specifications at a glance

Huawei Mate 9 in pics

This phone is quite a looker and it’s not just beauty but has brains too. Take a dekko at some photos of this phone:

Some photos taken from Huawei Mate 9

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