I am forever thinking to start some fitness routine. I tend to postpone and postpone under the pretext of what kids will do, what hubby will do, I don’t get much time to spend with them as a working mom and so on.

When we were invited to visit FaMA, I didn’t have ANY excuse because this is the place, busy moms like me and you MUST TRY OUT. It brings 3 very important elements together at one place – Family, Fun and Fitness!

Generally, we all visit Clarke Quay to chill with friends and usually in the night but I didn’t know that CQ looks amazing even in the mornings. FaMA is located pretty near from the Central mall.

What is FaMA?

Co-founders and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts Zoro Moreira and Bruno Amorim envisioned a place where anybody, no matter their age or fitness level, could reach their fitness goals in a fun and interesting way. They believed strongly in Martial Arts being the medium to helping people – whether they were looking to shed a few pounds, learn a new sport in their later years, or even train at a competitive level. Zoro and Bruno came together and designed special martial arts programs to suit different ages and lifestyles – soon after, FaMA was born!


The whole atmosphere at FaMA was energetic. The staff was very active, the Instructors were simply superb and I had no choice but move quickly and get my boy ready for his class and get ready myself for my class!


Nice, conducive and spacious – with all the necessary equipment arranged perfectly. It was a busy morning even if it was Saturday. I could see many parents and kids keenly attending FaMA classes.

In this pic, what you see is kind-of waiting lounge where there are toilets, tables and sofa to keep your stuff. Separate lockers, towels are all provided too.


White or Black? My boy got to wear this white attire for his Martial Arts class. He was so excited and am glad that he remained so even after his class was over.


Here they go! Starting the session with some stretching fun.


Simultaneously, my class began too. Skipping was the first thing. I had skipped skipping for many many years. So initially, it was like Impossible! But slowly slowly my body started to respond.


Boy was enjoying and loved the fact that trainers held the interest of the kids and made them focus! I think this pic speaks volumes.


Our class was a mix of everything – little bit of yoga, little bit of cardio, stretching, balancing. I never thought that I could bend even this much. Lol. I was pretty dumb and slow initially but the trainer reassured me that as a first-timer, it’s bound to happen.


The boy was trying various things – army-style combat basics and all. Much much faster and better than his mom ♥


Martial Arts teaches you not only the art of self-defense but it also imbibes the team and sportsman spirit. The kids class was bonding extremely well in a short period of time.


I was doing better than I had imagined. Seriously, our body is always ready to co-operate, to put in efforts and to obey what our mind says. The process of exercise must start from mind first. I will surely work on that part.

Around 1 hour was the class and after the class, the boy was bubbling with the joy of new-found tricks and was trying them on us.

Have you noticed that post-exercise your skin gets naturally cleansed look?


Why FaMA?

  • Get fit the new and fun way
  • Learn martial arts at the same time
  • Encouraging and nurturing environment
  • World-class and experienced instructors
  • Spacious and well-equipped facilities
  • Conveniently located in town

FaMA experience was an eye-opener of sorts for me. I didn’t know that my boy can be a sporty like his sis and secondly, I also had not imagined that I can still move it, move it ♥ When are you going to FaMA and getting fit as a family?

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