I am a teetotaler and don’t really drink beer or whisky but that doesn’t mean I am not interested in gaining some knowledge about how the beer manufacturing process goes on, how the fermentation happens and how long etc.

Thanks to The Entertainer app, me alongwith a few other lifestyle and food bloggers got to visit Hospoda Microbrewery located near Rochor MRT.

This area looks so different. I almost felt that am in some by-lane of Europe. Beautiful atmosphere around!

I was wondering what must be the meaning of Hospoda. Well, it means “pub” in Czech. Hospoda is the first and only Czech microbrewery in Singapore. It imports all its ingredients (with the exception of water) from the Czech Republic and brews its beer right on the premises, about once every fortnight, in the method that its original Czech owners taught.

They have different types of beers:

1. Bohemian Pilsner (250 ml: $10; 500 ml: $14; jug: $28) – A light, slightly cloudy and hay-coloured beer that’s smooth and crisp, with a floral and hoppy aroma.
2. Bohemian Mix (250 ml: $12; 500 ml: $16; jug: $30) – A 50-50 mix of their pilsner and dark lager. One starts light and the flavour becomes increasingly complex, with notes of coffee, as you reach the dark lager at the bottom of the glass.
3. Bohemian Dark Lager (250 ml: $11; 500 ml: $15; jug: $29) – An immensely malty, aromatic brew redolent of Chinese herbs.
4. Pilsner Urquell ($10/$14) – Said to be the world’s first pilsner, with strong honey notes and a hoppy aftertaste.

I have seen some of you liking milder taste while others prefer strong. Some are fond of fruity beer so Hospoda has something for everyone!

When the good beer comes with equally great food then it’s like an icing on the cake 🙂 Two main courses include:

The Hospoda Burger with fries ($12)
BBQ Chicken Chop with fries and salad ($12)

They also have some more choices and side dishes. I loved the Vegetarian Salad they churned out for me.


I have met quite a few readers who love to use their Entertainer App. So yay, Hospoda Microbrewery is one of the merchants on the Cheers Singapore and Entertainer Singapore 2017 apps.

If you’re new to Entertainer, the Cheers app is a sister product of the Entertainer Singapore, and features more than 800 Buy One Get One Free offers exclusively redeemable on alcoholic drinks at your favourite restaurants, bars and nightspots. The Entertainer Singapore app features more than 1,700 Buy One Get One Free deals across choice merchants in F&B, beauty and fitness, attractions, retail and luxury hotels worldwide. Each app retails at $125 and are available for purchase at https://www.theentertainerme.com


Hospoda offers three Cheers vouchers which will give you:

– 2 for 2 on jugs of beer
– 2 for 2 on pints of beer
– 1 for 1 on pints of beer

It is also on the Entertainer app, which gives you three 1 for 1 main menu item vouchers.

So when are you visiting Hospoda? Friday night would be tempting but any other time will be equally funtastic too…

More info

Address: 180 Albert St #01-19 Singapore 189971 Albert St, Singapore 189971
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