Maths – My kid dreaded this word for last 3-4 years just like many other kids. Frankly speaking, I used to think that I am good in Maths having scored 90 and above in my school days but when it came to today’s Maths syllabus, I felt so blur.

Especially, when that danger zone called Problem Sums is concerned, have seen many kids simply going numb…I too had my oops moments of being totally clueless when I tried to approach Problem Sums to in futile attempts to solve them. No wonder, my daughter often felt like saying this:

Now, she is doing much better and all the credit goes to her tuition teacher for her belief in her. Thanks to the perseverance and motivation of the tuition teacher, my girl is improving a lot.

While talking to Conceptual Thinkers founder, Mr. Ben, I gathered some fruitful insights about strategies to tackle Maths. Read on to know more about Conceptual Thinkers and note down a few points that will help your kids do better in Maths and that will help you to choose the right tuition centre for your kids.

1. Like the subject and the subject will like you back

Maths is a scoring subject and it can give you 100% percent marks. We all should help our kids to remove that mental block that they have (and we have) about Maths.

It’s after all a subject and a very relevant one. It’s fun and it’s stimulating to brain. So first of all, Never say NO to Maths.

Conceptual Thinkers is a class that talks to students at length before admission and tries to ascertain their exact needs. There will be entry test to make students comfortable. According to me, all tuition Centers need to start the tuition with this approach. The enrolment test at Conceptual Thinkers is no-obligation based. So parents staying around Boon Lay do get this test done.

2. Set SMART goals

For kids and parents, it is VERY important that they don’t get overwhelmed by the competition and set unrealistic goals that are staggering and beyond student’s capacity to achieve.

If your kid is failing in Maths, no tuition center can do magic and make him / her achieve A in one month!! So be realistic and help the kids to do their best.

Conceptual Thinkers Teachers ensure that they talk to parents and set their expectations. The Teachers share their findings about the students  with parents. This helps all the three parties to work together towards the common goal.

3. Practice and more practice

No one can deny that the practice makes the man perfect. Maths is one such subject where regular practice works wonders.

When you are choosing the tuition centre to learn Maths, it is necessary to see what kind of  practice methodology they adopt.

Example: Conceptual Thinkers provide ample amount of worksheets for kids to practice with a focus on problem Sums. Maths Problem Sums is a tricky area that needs thorough attention since there are many types of them. Conceptual Thinkers work closely with Pearline Maths Studio that comes with several years of Maths teaching experience. I found the worksheets that Conceptual Thinkers provide are very clear and concise.

Do check the quality of the worksheets when you enrol kids for Maths tuition.

4. Periodic Review

It is crucial to test the progress at regular intervals. Is your tuition centre doing that?

While chatting with Ben of Conceptual Thinkers, I got to know that they conduct monthly and topical tests to ascertain how the students are performing. Based on the test results, parents are provided with valuable feedback about the strength and weakness of the students. Regular tests also help to minimize exam phobia and monitor progress and time management.

5. Conducive Environment

At home, at school and at tuition center, conducive environment for study especially Maths pave a path to success.

Kids need to study in clean, well-lit rooms and the desks must be comfortable to sit. Also, kids can learn a lot from peers. Check on all these points when you choose Maths tuition center.

Conceptual Thinkers location is easily accessible, the classrooms are neat and tidy. Also, the kids are grouped as per their abilities and hence the kids don’t get intimidated by each other. In fact, they learn together and from each other too.

Thanks Conceptual Thinkers for talking to RainbowDiaries and giving some great pointers to choose the Right tuition center.

By the way, Conceptual Thinkers offer 1-to-1 and customized classes as well to address special needs for students. They are into English tuitions as well as K1 and K2 Preparatory Maths and English classes.

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