{Restaurant Review}Dine like a Royal at Punjab Grill, Marina Bay Sands

Food – some eat to live and some Live to EAT! Whichever category you fall into, when it comes to good food, we all obviously appreciate. Good food has a therapeutic effect just like shopping and when this food comes with a nice presentation and ambiance, it not only feels tummy but heart too ❤️

Something similar happened when we visited Punjab Grill for Media Food Tasting. Coincidentally, it was a Christmas Day and our Anniversary too ? So I was just hoping that Punjab Grill gives us real yummylicious experience to remember and yeah, it did!!!

First things first

Ambiance – it’s a clear winner mainly because of location. I mean it’s in Marina Bay Sands – one of the most prestigious addresses of Singapore. The whole place looks quite glam. Still, the ambiance of Punjab Grill doesn’t intimidate you. It makes you comfortable.

The restaurant has a chic and modern take on the glamour of Indian royalty. You do feel like a cool Royal here…Neat, clean,classy!

Service – Great! I found the staff friendly but not over-friendly and not arrogant. Food might be very good but if the customer service is not good, it spoils the whole taste. Thankfully, right from Chef Javed and Restaurant Manager Ramesh, all of them were very cordial and taking good care of customers. They were full of information about the dishes they were serving and willing to share the knowledge with the customers.

Cost – It’s a fine dining place so obviously the cost is premium but it’worth it. Especially for occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, family gatherings, corporates lunches and any other special day – it’s a perfect place to visit.

Now let’s talk about Food

We tasted Punjab Grill’s Vegetarian dishes and whoever says vegetarian dishes don’t taste great or they are bland, Sorry, I completely disagree!!! Vegetarian choices are not only healthier but tasty too. So yes, visit Punjab Grill and let them serve you some choicest of vegetarian cuisine.

Amuse Bouche – Just like other Indian Fine Dining restaurants in Singapore, Punjab Grill also kick starts the food journey of guests with the Amuse Bouche of the Day.

This was Punjab Grill’s take on Indian Chats – Aloo Sesame Patties and Golgappa. It was tasty n tangy.

Soup Time!

Warm and soothing – This is Tamatar Dhaniya ka Shorba. Easy recipe looks like but difficult to achieve the perfection which Punjab Grill successfully achieved! It’s tomato soup infused with coriander leaves and tempered with royal cumin.

My Man looked happy as they say the way to a Man’s heart goes through his stomach. ♥

Next stop: Starters…These were three Entree that came on the platter. This dish got 4.5 stars from me! ♥

This is Paneer Tikka Multani. How cute it looks with that “mint chutney injection”!!!

It is said that paneer (cottage cheese) was ‘born’ in Multan, a largely vegetarian province in undivided India. Here, the paneer is infused with herbs and spices, wrapped in gram flour marinade and glazed golden in the tandoor.

Do try this dish. It’s cottage cheese so tends to make tummy fuller so eat in moderation since you still have to give full justice to the remaining dishes of the royal course.

The second Entree was Tandoori Broccoli in which they marinated Broccoli florets in Almond and then char-grilled. Good one too.

Last Entree was  Dahi ke kabab – my personal favorite! This was an exquisite kabaab made from yoghurt cheese and infused with cardamom and coriander fried golden brown. Melt-in-the-mouth moment… ♥

After soup and entree, I was expecting Main Course like some other fine dining places. But wait, there was a surprise! What’s that? dessert…Do they want us to go back already? LOL…

No, no, this was a very well-thought dish I would say. After eating some courses already, our mouths already had some taste. To neutralize that taste and to prepare us for the next course, it was Chef-special Raw Mango Sorbet. This dish deserves special mention!

Ready for the Main Course

Guchchi Pulao – my most favorite item from the Main Course! Tongue twister name but lingering-on-tongue taste. This one is a must-try. ♥

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Meet "Guchchi Pulao"!!! Tricky name but oh-so-delish taste 😋🤗 What's in it? Jumbo morels stuffed with Cumin-spiced royal milk cake and fragrant Basmati rice cooked on a dum under a flaky puff pastry 😇There are many such wonders you will meet in Punjab Grill… . It would be so good to visit Punjab Grill on 31st December or New Year day to wish Happy New Year to your tastebuds!!! Sounds like a yummy plan 💕⭐👌🏻 . #punjabgrill #rainbowdiaries #marinabaysands #sgblogger #sglifestyleblogger #indianfood #northindianfood #culinary #culinarydelights #royalfood #basmati #morel #fragrant #spices #herbs #dum #milkcake #vegetables #media #mediainvite #foodinvite #sgfoodblogger @boschhomesg

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Other main course dishes were:

Paneer Lababdar – another Cottage Cheese which is pretty common on many restaurants’ main course and yet it is always the most popular. What’s in it – Cube of Paneer (cottage cheese) in thick, creamy gravy of tomatoes, onions and bell peppers

Daal Punjab Grill – this is one never-can-go-wrong dish – Delicacy of whole Urad, simmered overnight with trace of mustard oil finished with tomato puree and cream, tempered with clarified butter.

Garlic Naan

Mirchi Paratha

I liked Garlic Naan more with the right amount of garlicky taste it had. Mirchi or Chili Paratha was tasty as well but it can get a tad chewy if not eaten pumping hot. So eat ASAP when it arrives on the table.

Take your Sweet Time!

Stand up all and pay attention to this Chairman and his aides! Punjab Grill Dessert Platter is a treat to watch and eat both. ♥ Again, 4.5 stars for this one.

The dessert wins your heart even before you taste it. ♥ Thank God, the taste was even better! It had:

  • Phirani – Touted as the all-time favourite rice soufflé that will make the French patissiers blush, it indeed packed a delish punch.
  • Chocolate Praline Cake
  • Paan Kulfi – It’s native Indian Ice desert with Betel leaves. Betel leaves are used as a mouth freshner. This is something whether you are Indian / Non-Indian is worth worth trying…

All these desserts were placed on Chocolate soil infused with caramel sauce – means we can literally eat every single bite of it.

The journey ended with this awesome mouth freshener that completed the circle of zen culinary delights that Punjab Grill served.

Happy Happy with Yummy in our Tummy, we said bye bye to Chef Javed and Ramesh. ♥

When are you visiting Punjab Grill?! Don’t forget to share what you ate and how you relished it ♥

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39 comments on “{Restaurant Review}Dine like a Royal at Punjab Grill, Marina Bay Sands”

  1. Tiffany Yong Reply

    I haven’t tried this before nor have I seen this anywhere in MBS! Wouldn’t known about it if I hadn’t read it here… Will love to try them some time too~

  2. David Sim Reply

    We love a good Indian meal.This place looks promising! Will keep a lookout for this place the next time we swing by MBS! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Michelle Reply

    This is the one at the far end of MBS right? We passed by a few times and wanted to try but it is often very quiet, so we stayed away. The dishes look interesting and very yummy!

  4. Shivani Reply

    Oh my this place looks amazing. Plus the dishes are certainly tempting too – will check it out the next time I am in SG but in the meantime cheers to the share dear 🙂

  5. Fred Reply

    I have no idea how food like this tastes like, but I will take your word for it. The place looks very nice and elegant. You can already predict that the food will definitely taste great. Hope we can taste Indian food done this way one day.

  6. Jill Reply

    Happy anniversary to you! <3 The place looks so posh and elegant. The owner looks nice as well. I want to try the Guchchi Pulao! 🙂

  7. Franc Ramon Reply

    The place looks so elegant plus its a big bonus its located in Marina Bay Sands. This would be a perfect place for dates and formal dinners.

  8. Jason Panuelos Reply

    This place is just so fancy and so pretty! I’ve never heard of any of these dishes before and I wish something like this would open up in Manila very soon! 😀

  9. Michelle Reply

    I love Indian food and this post just made me drool! When I was in India, I gorged on a lot of tasty food so I can almost taste the dishes in your photos! It’s a restaurant worth checking out when in Singapore. 🙂

  10. Pooja k Reply

    Food looks absolutely yummy and irrestible .. Everything on the platter is served with so Mich details.

  11. roch Reply

    Dining at MBS is truly expensive but the experience is always grand. It’s one of the best spots in Singapore when it comes to ambiance. Totally worth it.

  12. Anna Reply

    Oh my those food delicious. If I lived close to this place I will be in big trouble with my husband because I’d be going there ll the time eating their food. I love to eat and I also love to cook. I enjoy going to a restaurant who have a great cook/real chef. The chef of this restaurant is very creating and artistic. Thank you for sharing.

  13. qian Reply

    their dishes are so creative! would love to try one as i’m a big indian food lover! hope i can see them soon in malaysia

  14. blair villanueva Reply

    I like this restaurant looka great. I want that Chocolate Praline Cake 🙂

  15. Eris C Reply

    Fine dining Punjabi food, huh? Not something that you get to see (and taste!) every day! Will keep it in the list of restaurants to try the next time I’m in Singapore. Thanks for sharing. By the way, the dessert on the mini chair looks divine! 🙂

  16. Cecilia Reply

    The food presentation looks interesting for me. I don’t mind to pay a visit too if I wish to have some occasion to celebrate. 🙂

  17. Miera Nadhirah Reply

    wow.. this is the first time I am seeing such a punjab fine dining place and at Marina Bay Sands, no less… it must have been an amazing experience I bet… the food looks just so delish…

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