There are certain toys that kids of all ages love to play with – even adults love! I remember my childhood when I used to play with the dough – it had some strange smell and I have no idea what ingredients it had or whether it was non-toxic. But I used to love making anything and everything out of it!

I am amazed that this dough play is still so popular. It is one play that is multi-sensory and interactive. Kids can come up with incredible stuff when they play with the dough and their creativity is just endless.

My childhood came back running to me when Messy Fingers sent us this Christmas pack – though I stress that it can be used in all Seasons and all days based on our experience ?My kids are still playing with it and coming up with such diverse things like trees, cupcakes, cakes, roti, curry puffs, pizza, roses, dogs, cats, hats, humans and even poop shapes ?and I will be proud to say that even I am their partner in this dough fun.

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Merry "Messy" Christmas to you all 🎄I have no idea what was in kids' minds when they created this with their "Messy Fingers"…Looks like Christmas in Jungle – animals, Christmas tree, cupcakes and cookies 🐝🍪…By the way, what is Halloween pumpkin doing there? 😅 . Thanks to this Messy Fingers Dough kit, kids (and adults) can have hours of sensory play fun making whatever-they-want. 💕It's easy to mould, non-toxic, beautifully scented with essential oils / food grade ingredients…What I particularly liked is the collection of tools the kit has. So many of them – colourful and safe – kids' imagination is sure to run wild 👫 . Let them play, let them be messy! ☺️ #messyfingers #messyfingerssg #sporemombloggers #cutekidsclub #sgmummy #sgkids #sgfamily #cutekidsclub #Christmas #christmas2016 #rainbowdiaries #art #playdough #dough #sgblogger #creativity #imagination #sensoryplay #nontoxic #instakids #instafam

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This candid shot is enough to show how focused they were in playing with Messy Fingers dough kit. They were not even looking at TV!


Messy Fingers – the name itself is very catchy! And their products very very good ?? – Quality, Safety and Creativity – all parameters that a dough kit should have are more than fulfilled by Messy Fingers’ Play Dough kits.

Don’t miss out this About section of Messy Fingers’ website. The play dough kits that are born out of a mother’s love are bound be niceee…♥

Messy Fingers is inspired by my first born’s enjoyment and learning through play. Since she turned one, I have been putting together little handmade play kits (sensory bins, play dough etc) to engage her in sensory and independent play. I have seen how these play kits have helped to develop her language skills, psycho motor skills, concentration and encourage independence in playing among many others. She has even figured out sorting on her own. With play doughs and all our sensory activities, our play times are often messy, involving most senses and especially her fingers to feel and touch. Hence messy fingers.

I would like to share the joy of learning through play (dough) and encourage all parents to do the same.

A Messy Mama

What is inside Messy Fingers Play Dough Kit?


We got:

  • 3 wonderful colors of play dough
  • Cutters – lots of them!
  • Tool kit – so many tools!

All these items give kids multitude of ideas. One more plus point is that they just get started on their own – no need to show anything, no need to teach them. Let them just free play and explore in their own ways – independent and multi-sensory play. Their minds are working, their fingers are working – all in tandem ♥

I loved the tool kit. Frankly speaking some of the expensive dough that we buy usually; don’t really offer so many tools that too in such affordable prices. I found them safe!

I also liked the play dough colors and texture. It’s smooth, easy to mould. and it doesn’t dry out. Even after many days, it’s still very intact.

Did I mention that it is beautifully scented and taste-safe? Messy Fingers play dough are made with natural ingredients (flour, oil, cream of tartar, salt and water). They are coloured with food grade colours and scented with food grade flavours, teas and/or essential oils. Unscented versions are also available.



I think Messy Fingers kits is a beautiful gift idea – for Christmas, CNY, ids birthdays or as a return gifts. This is a local venture of Singapore and I think we all must support it wholeheartedly.

All the very best to you, Messy Fingers! Wishing you more innovation, more ideas and more success for years to come ♥

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8 comments on “Messy Fingers, Too much Fun!”

  1. nicol Reply

    who doesn’t love play dough?! even though christmas has now passed, this can still be used to make a lot of things

  2. Tiffany Yong Reply

    Yes, dough is indeed a messy affair. Not sure if I will ever let my kids play that in the house as it will leave messy stains all over. But I will find replacement like real baking dough to help them with creativity!

  3. Mitch Reply

    Messy indeed. I definitely know this. My kids love it and it gives them so much joy touching and creating something. They also have so much activities like this in school. They come home with messy fingers, literally.

  4. Fred Reply

    Kids love clay. Good thing they have made food-grade clay for safety. However, we all went through that phase years ago, but we all turned out fine.

  5. Jason Panuelos Reply

    Christmas with kids is always a very precious moment. This is such an adorable story 😀

  6. Dexter Tan Reply

    If its scented and food-grade, doesn’t that make it food? Haha. I’ll definitely be checking this out for my 10-month old kid who’s just learning how to create a huge mess with everything.

    Thanks for sharing.

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