Being a parent is a very challenging role which gives you the best and (the worst) of both worlds. When your kids are growing, you grow as a parent too. I learn something new every day – failing and falling are just a part of the parenthood journey.

We read a lot of quotes about how beautiful the journey of parenthood is. Indeed, it’s beautiful but like all other things in life, rewards come only after hard work. We give birth to the kids after so much struggle. Whether you are a parent or a child, there are always myriad of responsibilities, lessons and learnings that we should be ready to perform and absorb each day.

When kids are infants, they are completely dependent on parents. Once this phase is over, then come stages of terrible two-s and troublesome three-s. So much fun and so much pain – First day of playschool, first tricycle, that first fall on the playground, those vaccinations, that high fever – all new experiences – for both kids and parents. When I now think about the whirlwind ride, they were not just moments but each one taught the kids and I something new, something that we will carry with us for life.

Some of us must be homemakers and some must be working moms. I am a working mom myself and believe in spending quality time with kids. Doing things together is something we all enjoy. Be it arts n crafts, or playing outdoors or even study.

Let me share with you a couple of examples where we managed to cope with the situations together and achieved our small goals successfully.

Vaccination Panic

Kids fear big time when they see that tiny needle in the doctor’s hands. 2-3 years back, my daughter caused a big scene while taking a flu jab and it was so embarrassing for the parents and staff at the clinic. By the way, when it happened she was around 8 years old so she was not very young.

Even if she had taken a few flu jabs and other vaccines before and that too without much fuss, no idea where this fright came from? Kids have ever-changing emotions and as a mom I should have reiterated the benefits of the vaccination and should have re-elaborated the process of taking it to her one more time.

Lesson learnt – by her and by me!

  1. She had to still take the flu jab even after trying to run away and crying and all. After the jab was done, the girl realized that all this fire was without any smoke. It was quickly and professionally done by the Paed and was even less painful than an ant bite.
  2. For me, I got to see the other side of my child who is always ready to try new adventures and is generally willing to experiment. She had developed fear of injections suddenly and I assumed that she is a brave girl and since she has taken vaccines before, it would be a breeze for her. My mistake! When it comes to kids, no assumptions please. Parents must make kids ready for any new experience by describing it, by giving them step-by-step info and what to expect pointers.

Thankfully, for my younger one, I followed all these steps, in fact, I demonstrated to them that vaccines are not painful by taking a flu jab myself before they took it. They clearly knew what’s going to happen and were 100% ready! In fact, they were laughing about how last time, the Sister made a scene and how it was unnecessary.

Somewhere in their minds, these experiences have made them stronger for sure. As a mom, I understood the importance of working together with them. We all tackled the vaccination panic together and made it easy peasy. This article helped me with a lot of tips to make kids mentally strong. Very good read!

The curious case of “My hands pain when I write”

Two kids, same parents – yet they can be as different as chalk and cheese! Each child is indeed unique.

My daughter though a third-grade preemie, was quite an early reader and writer. She picked up writing fast even if I didn’t give her too many writing practice books and other assignments. I was so wrong to assume that since the sister started writing fast, the brother would follow the suit. No!!! He became almost 4-4.5 years old and still he showed very little or zero interest in writing a single alphabet. When it came to recognizing letters, numbers or speaking the language accurately, there were no issues. In fact, the boy could do simple Maths sums mentally and all. But when it came to putting anything on paper, it was always a BIG NO. He came up with novel excuses like – my hands pain when I write, I already know all letters, I have already written on my book in the school.

We were getting worried. Something must be wrong with him? Why is he not writing? Then I decided after observing this for a few months, I decided to work on this aspect before it became an issue. This is what I did. In fact, am still doing.

  1. On some days, I stopped showing and giving him notebooks, pencils and writing practice books totally. He said he was “feeling tired” just by looking at them. Not a good sign! Kids can form firm likes and dislikes quite easily at this age.
  2. Instead, I gave him more of play-dough, kinetic sand to improve his motor skills and make his grip firmer. I let his elder sister play with him so that he could “copy-cat” a few things and learn from her. Siblings having different interests and skills can complement each other very well.
  3. Pretend play like Doctor-Doctor came in handy too. He role-played the doctor part, checked his “patients” and scribbled something on the prescription notebook. He was willingly doing this. With his dad, he started learning ABCs of piano too.
  4. More of arty and crafty stuff we introduced for him. Drawing, painting and so on.
  5. Meanwhile, in school, teachers started writing practice for the kids. 

All these activities finally started bearing the fruits and the kid opened up to writing. Now he writes and writes nicely. Handwriting is still not that great but he is making progress.

These two episodes heightened my belief that if we work together with the kids, nothing is impossible! Study or play or any situation – all things become simpler when you all complete tasks and move your little mountains together as a family!

Do share with me your mommy moments of how you conquered a tricky scenario with family power.

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