Wake up to the adventure of Cable-Ski in this one and only park in Singapore

Singapore Wake Park?! – When I first read about it somewhere on Internet, I had no clue about it. I mean what it offers, where it is located…I was totally unaware of all the details. Obviously also because it’s very new; hardly a few months old. That’s why I am so happy to bring you this review after visiting and loving it already [icon icon=”Heart”]

Lets explore more about it in this post.

What is Singapore Wake Park?

Singapore Wake Park, the only cable-ski park facility in Singapore offering knee-boarding, wakeboarding, wakeskating and double-skis ‘cable-style‘.  You can do these both in the daytime and night time any day of the week, in a safe enclosed body of water. Safety! the most important thing for parents.

Expect learning a new sport or if you already know cable-ski then get your adrenaline fix, eat well, and hang out with family and friends. People like me who would be more interested in “watching the fun” than “doing the sports themselves”, there’s one helluva good cafe of Singapore Wake Park where you can just chill and relax.

With a full-sized cable system and two System 2.0s,  water-sports enthusiasts and riders of any level can enjoy and challenge themselves at the Park. We have introductory sessions for children and beginners, as well as obstacles for the advanced riders to push their limits.

Where is Singapore Wake Park located?

It is located in the scenic lagoon near East Coast Park. We preferred to go by the Carpark E1 route. Pretty near from there. You also check detailed info on how to get there which I have posted at the end.

First impression is the last impression! The moment we looked at it, same moment we loved it.


What we did?

Daughter and Hubby who are ever-ready for anything sport; were already bubbling with excitement and energy just by looking at this scenic place. Colorful display of wake boards in Singapore Wake Park’s shop added more zing.


Instructors briefed them about safety and other instructions. Some stretching exercises and almost ready…


Helmets and all on and GO!!!


By the way, we tried System 2.0 which is for newbies. There is another system for more seasoned players.


Hmmm, which one to try…There were 3 types!!! [icon icon=”Questions”]


Okay, knee-board first! Easy for beginners and kids.

Zooommmm…..Off she goes! Check the video below to understand how it works. Kids will enjoy it for sure sure sure.

[icon icon=”Heart”]

Then my hubby’s turn! After 1-2 not-so-successful attempts, he made it!!! It’s really a great sport and has its technique so you must keep trying patiently…


Girl attempted ski with one more type of wake board. This was a bit harder compared to the knee-board.


Note for parents: You can book the slot for 1-2 hours. Cable-ski is a great exercise and we can get tired if overdone. Also, note that it is an advantage if you know swimming because if you fell off the board then you are in water and have to swim back. No need to wear swim suit as such. But do carry extra clothing, water and all…

Once they had the knack of it, they kept skiing and skiing. Later, Hubby said that he loved the feel of the wind, touch of the waves and speed. Water + Cable Ski + Safety = Wonderful experience! Their wide smiles said so.


What was I doing? Taking photos and videos, understanding the process and simply soaking in the beauty of the lagoon.

Why it’s for the entire family?

  1. Family members who love sports and adventure can try cable ski.
  2. Family members who don’t have liking for sports, can chill at the Cafe. Lemme show you some pics of it later.
  3. There is shopping too at Shop @ SWP.
  4. Overall, it’s a great hangout place for the entire family. Cool off after hard work that we put everyday.
  5. Oh ya, don’t forget that it’s open in the night too. If it looks this fun in the day, night at Singapore Wake Park would be amazing too.



Ride, Eat, Shop, Bond with your loved ones – Singapore Wake Park provides a complete package of family funventure!!! Do visit.

More Info:

[notification type=”message”] HOW TO GET TO
By Bus: Buses 401 (operates only on Saturdays and Sundays) and 197 from Bedok Interchange. Alight when you see Laguna Park condominium and walk through the underpass.
By Car/Taxi: Via ECP highway, exit 7A (landmark: Jumbo Seafood)
Car Park: Park at E1 (paid entry)
*Note: The bridge from East Coast Lagoon Food Village leading to Singapore Wake Park is closed for construction until further notice. Please enter from Carpark E1 or East Coast Seafood Centre. [/notification]

[notification type=”info”] Membership Packages [/notification]

[notification type=”message”] Share-the-Fun Pass [/notification]


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11 thoughts on “Wake up to the adventure of Cable-Ski in this one and only park in Singapore”

  1. We have such a faility here in our country as well and I did enjoy watching others wakeboard. I do not know if I’m daring enough to do it myself though. Looks physically demanding!

  2. It looks great and fun. My kids would definitely like this activity. Could you provide details like how much does it cost per person and if there’s an entrance fee and the likes. Thanks.

  3. I have actually never seen this sport before. Probably because I am a water sports person. But, this looks so well managed and safe. It looks like a great place for kids and adults!

  4. I like that there’s now a specified place in Singapore for wakeboarders. Kids who are new at this must be excited to try the ones for the newbies.

  5. That looks like an awesome way to spend the weekend. I haven’t seen these sports indoors at all, I’ve always seen them at sea! Looks like a safe environment to practice on before venturing to the sea.

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