As a parent, I am very proud to admit that my kids have taught me a lot. They made me realize how much I can love someone, they taught me to take care of them, cook and feed. Overall, the kids have made both my hubby and I better human beings.

Parenthood is an exciting phase that starts almost immediately when the baby is conceived and then lasts for the rest of parents’ lives. Just like any relationship, it needs patience, caring, sharing and unconditional love between both the parties namely parents and kids. I believe there is nothing like a Perfect Mom / Dad but it’s a continuous process of improvement and giving your best to your kids’ development.

When I am talking about my own learning and experiences of parenthood, I am constantly amazed at how my kids are learning and gaining their own experiences in tiny little ways. Kids are always very keen to learn and grab as much knowledge as they can from their surroundings – be it school, friends, family or day-to-day interactions with others.

So far, my hubby and I have always encouraged them to try out new things, be open to feedback and not be afraid of setbacks. We also keep reassuring them that no matter what happens, parents will always be there for them! We keep telling them to be completely honest with us and we would support and guide them. I remember reading this beautiful article written by the Doctor himself on how we can help our kids to set up harmonious interactions in the future. You too do read. Nice pointers for parents and care-givers!

My 2 kids – elder daughter and younger son generally get along well. Occasional fights, sibling rivalry also they display but I would like to blame it on their tender age. As long as love and affection continue to be a strong foundation of their relationship, we should not worry!

As Sis and Bro, they play together, explore new places together, fight together and sometimes even gossip about parents. But even in Kids’ life, all experiences are not always hunky dory. Sometimes, these little people have to face some unpleasant, painful moments in order to toughen up for their lives ahead. Recently, they went through some such experiences together and they coped up quite well and learnt some valuable lessons of sibling-hood and compassion.

Read on and then let me know your point of views and remarks.

Case 1: Playground Scare

Place: Playground

Time: Evening

Sis and Bro had gone to the playground with the helper Auntie. They were playing happily and in their own carefree manner. While the Bro was on his bicycle, Sis was running around and playing the game of “catching”. Suddenly, before Helper Auntie could notice, one elder girl who was known to be quite the bully had purposely banged my son’s bicycle on the electricity pole, which in turn caused the boy to bump his head against it. In a few moments, blood started oozing out from the back of Bro’s ear and he started crying with fear. Sis panicked and quickly told helper auntie to carry him and to rush back home.

It was Sis’ presence of mind that made her act swiftly. She quickly took the stairs without waiting for the escalator, held her nerves together and reached home as fast as she could. In her tiny head, this was the best she could have done to combat emergency. I just got back from the office and Sis told me in shivering voice that her Bro was bleeding…

Of course, it panicked me equally. Till that time, helper had brought back the boy home. Sis was completely in action mode. She had taken wound wash spray and plaster out of the First Aid box and She started moving her hand lovingly on Bro’s back. The little big girl gave him water to drink as well.

The scene was quite scary for me too as a Mom. Bro’s shirt was wet with blood and he was looking scared and pale. We rushed to the Doc. Fortunately, the bleeding was stopped by now and Doc gave him proper first aid and some medicines. Bro was okay now and smiling too. So, the Sis was also feeling better.

Now that things were back to normal, the kids started thinking about the whole incident thoroughly and concluded that the girl who pushed the bicycle was the one who caused this whole painful episode. They were seething with anger now. Bro and Sis together discussed among themselves and decided that I should go and meet her mom. The bully need to be stopped from repeating such cases – The Bro-Sis duo asserted.

I confirmed the Bro-Sis story with the helper auntie also and decided to meet the girl’s mom. Later, that girl apologized and became their friend. After all, kids will be kids. They fight one moment, unite at the next.

What Kids learnt?

  • Take care of your sibling
  • Moment of realization that despite of fun fights and cute rivalry, they are Bro and Sis first and will love each other always no matter what.
  • Stand by the sibling and protecting him / her
  • Raise voice against bully behavior
  • Importance of more careful and safe play

Case 2: Saving Snails

I am sure we have all spotted snails in Singapore. Especially, when it rains, they crawl out of their “homes” and are found everywhere – near the walkways, near the playgrounds and so on. Watching snails and their slow movements has been our favorite activity for quite some time. Generally, kids love animals even if it is snail.

On one rainy night, we were going back home after parking the car. One man was walking in front of us…and we heard one sound…Crusshhhhh!!! What happened? Oh oh, the man had unknowingly crushed and killed one snail which was out on the walkway.

Kids are ultra-sensitive and witnessing such things make them very sad. So, the moment kids saw the dead snail, they became very emotional and teary-eyed. Now what to do? My hubby and me also became a bit sad. We expressed our sadness and then tried to distract the kids with some other topics. But kids wouldn’t forget so easily!

The jumping and running of kids suddenly stopped and they started walking cautiously looking down and ensuring that they are not crushing any snails. When kids spotted another snail, they screamed and told us to be careful while walking. Kids didn’t stop at that but they suggested that we should do something about these “accidental killings”.

Their noble thought made my hubby and me swung into action and we decided to pick up snails and put them in the soil and plants safely. Kids’ eyes were twinkling with happiness and why not? We saved some lives that day. Now it has become our regular practice to check whether the snails are in danger and if they are, put them back in their natural surroundings.

What Kids learnt?

  • Love animals – small or big
  • Take care of animals
  • Protect those who are vulnerable
  • Continue doing good things
  • Be careful and watch your way while walking


I am sure your kids are also gaining enormous experiences and learning life lessons daily. Care to share with us?

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