What would you prefer given a choice? Natural or Artificial – Obviously, most of us would choose to be on the side of Natural. Then why sometimes we fall in the trap of artificial stuff containing additives, preservatives and all? Be it for skin or food…

People behind Restoration Essence recognized this issue…Result of all their hard work, passion and years worth of research? RESTORATION ESSENCE line of products for skin and food ♥

Certain points that I noted as a conscious customer before trying Restoration Essence:

  • Restoration Essence only sells skin care and food products which are all-natural, wholesome and healthy.

  • Product ingredients are tested to be the best. They are meticulously assessed and selected to provide you with the maximum benefits.

  • Each ingredient that goes into Restoration Essence products is an authentic produce made by real people and not machines.

  • They are transparent with what goes into the production process.

Pandan Leaves Scrub

Hmmm, this is interesting. We have had Pandan in cakes, drinks and mostly food related things but as a skin care product?

Sarah of Restoration Essence told me that the scrub contains pure and naturally dried pandan leaves infused with pandan essential oil and a zest of lemon essence. When she mixed the lemon oil Essence inside the scrub, it smelled heavenly.

Pandan Leaves Scrub provides a natural whitening effect whilst detoxifying and exfoliating the skin thoroughly. Gentle and mild on the skin, you don’t have to worry about any after-effects.

How to Use: Less is enough! Take just a few leaves and rub it on either on your hands or face for about 10 – 15 seconds, then wash off. Your skin should look instantly whitened and it will leave the skin clean without overly drying it. I liked this local twist to the skincare.





My verdict:

I was pretty curious to try it and this is the first of  other Restoration Essence products I tried. Good one! The scrub gives exfoliation and at the same time, I found it pretty moisturizing for the skin. After washing off the scrub, face looked cleaner and felt softer.

Chocolate Scrub

Yummy!!! This exfoliating body scrub has a sinfully chocolatey scent and nourishes the skin leaving it feeling softer and smoother. It contains real cocoa and coconut oils that aids with the stimulation of the skin. It also promotes microcirculation and reduces signs of ageing as well!

Usage: Apply 2 spoons of bath salt to required area of skin. Scrub with fingers or hand over required area for a few minutes. Wash with warm water and wipe dry with cotton/wool cloth.


My verdict:

Okay, let me admit it! I ate it before I tried it!!! That chocolate-coconut-brown sugar combo was too hard to resist. After eating it a bit, I tried it. Again, smaller quantity is enough and exfoliation indeed happens. Don’t rub too hard though.

I also used it on my ignored and poor elbows to polish them.

Happy Rub

Lift up your spirits with our natural Happy rub. Made with moisturizing coconut oil, bee’s wax and a gentle pairing with lavender and peppermint oils. It helps calms the mind and boost your mood.

How to use: Rub a little onto forehead, temple or any of your vital points to lift up your moods at anytime of the day.


My Verdict:

This balm rub works on acupressure points I guess and makes you feel better after hard day’s work. Once I used it on my nose and throat as well and my blocked nose felt much better.

Safe to use even for kids and relax busy hubby!

X’Mas Series Sizzle Up Your Lips


This is  a special Christmas series Lip balm that tastes just like a Christmas-special cookie. Go for it to make your lips smoother this Christmas.

My verdict:

I loved the cute packaging. It instantly made my lips soothe and smooth. It tastes awesome so control yourself and don’t eat it all the time. Lol.

Ice Balm

Ice ice baby!!! Indulge and treat yourself to this 100 percent natural and moisturising ice rub. Made of pure coconut and peppermint oils infused with honey and our signature pandan oils, you can be assured that it is fully effective.

Not only does it aid in treating chronic indigestion, reduce muscle pain and soreness and lower cholesterol levels, it also treats respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis. All you have to do is rub a little of it to see it work its magic!

How to use:
Just rub a little on hands, temples, forehead, or anywhere that needs soothing and breathe it in – the aroma will do the rest.


My verdict:

This is surely one of my Favorites in Restoration Essence range of products. It has this great cooling effect and your lips will like it. Sometimes, when you use cooling lip products they somehow have drying effects on the lips. I didn’t find anything of this sort in this product. Works well to refresh and smoothen lips. It also gives them natural shiny look.


Pandan Balls

Infused with the all-natural taste of Restoration Essence’s signature pandan essence, these little crunchy bite-sized balls of flavour that are mixed with an assortment of delicious nuts will give you a delicate and sweet taste of what your ah-ma used to make in her traditional pastries. It doesn’t get any more natural than this.

Eat it as part of your daily breakfast, lunch or dinner meal, or just pop it into your mouth on the go as a quick snack!

Usage: Mix 2 balls into yogurt for a wholesome eating experience. Best usage would be to enjoy it with friends & loved ones during movie nights and gatherings.


My verdict:

Pandan balls taste yummy! As an afternoon snack, they’ll be an excellent choice. Not at all oily / fried, they consists of pandan and have nice nutty taste. I think they’ll go well with a glass full of smoothie or soya milk. How about packing Pandan balls in kids’ tiffin? Good idea ♥

Reflections Skin Whitening

Formulated with whitening and anti aging properties, it helps defend your skin against harsh conditions of the season.


My verdict:

What caught my attention were the words “neck firming”. Yes, moms need to focus even on necks. I am currently trying it out and found the texture very creamy and moisturizing. No side-effects noticed.

Overall, I am pretty happy to use Restoration Essence products. For women…especially busy moms, it is good to try out Restoration Essence’s technologically advanced skin care solutions that combine superior delivery techniques and highly effective ingredients. Experience skin-changing science with the best skin care line in restoration dermatology!

Unlike traditional off-the-shelf skin care solutions, Restoration Essence products are a natural extension of founder specialist, Sarah, who has contributed over 15 years of expertise in homemade skin care practice and research. Formulated under strict skincare handling, they are rigorously tested for maximum safety and efficacy. By the way, Restoration Essence team makes almost all the products in their kitchen.
Restoration Essence have products ranging from fine lines and wrinkle repair solutions to formulations that offer powerful age defying properties. With a potent mix of advanced western techniques and eastern botanical, these products are custom formulated to deliver powerful and long-lasting results. Suitable for a variety of skin types and condition, you can pick the solutions that best suit your needs.

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Note: all the products mentioned here are personally tried by us and the views, opinions and experiences are entirely ours.

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