Flowers are Winners of Hearts…Always!!!

Hubby’s Birthday was approaching and Kids n Me wanted a gift that is unique than the usual wallet, watch, clothes routine…Generally, We believe in celebrating birthdays in simple manner and keep them as a family affair so surprise party with friends was also not the choice.

This time thanks to Floral Garage, we managed to give the Man of the House something different and something that he had not expected at all!!!

Flowers, Flower Sets, Terrariums and Bouquets, Flower hampers make the awesomest gifts. Really the best!

What’s Floral Garage?

Floral Garage is a popular florist in Singapore and these guys aim to be the best! They strive hard and feel amazingly happy to be able to play a small role in your attempt to make someone’s day a good one. Sometimes, we decide to gift flowers suddenly and at such a short notice, it’s difficult to find a good florist. Floral Garage is your go-to place in such scenarios. Do contact them for Same day flower delivery and urgent bouquets!

Flower Arrangements and Hand Bouquets made of amazing flowers and even vegetables are available and you will be confused to choose from so many varieties. Believe me they all look veryyy niceeee….

Another jaw-dropping beauty is Flower Box! The flowers are the freshest and full of fragrance. You have an option of putting any perfume or any other gift in the middle of the box. Done! This would be one of the heart-winning gifts you would give to your loved ones.

Terrariums are also available. My daughter simply loved the one that we got for her. When you really run out of ideas and you cannot think of an unique present for your loved ones, please go to Floral Garage website and be spoilt for choices. Bet you would win the hearts with these cute flowery gifts.

Flowers are the Man’s best friend!

Floral Garage’s Hand Bouquet:

Look at this bouquet below and do I have to say anything?! It looks absolutely stunning. Look at the royal flowers it contains and look at their colors. Winsome!

The package is neat and comfortable to carry.

I had read somewhere that flowers offer multitude of benefits to us:

  • Flowers have great healing powers. Just by looking at them, your stress is relieved to an extent.
  • Flowers spread positivity with their vibrant colors and fragrance.
  • Flowers naturally bring smiles. That’s why expression of love always involves flowers in one way or the other.

When we saw this Floral Garage Hand Bouquet, we unanimously agreed with all the above points. We all smiled! My hubby who is a super-busy professional got emotional when we presented him the bouquet. But we had one more gift for him…

Floral Box:

We decided to give our lovely Appa this gift too. Peeking through a beautiful garden of fresh flowers sat a little surprise – one perfume that he loves. The floral box comes with an acrylic, see-through lid.

The choicest of flowers and the Moschino perfume made quite a pair. ♥

Genuine smile…just like the pure flowers…

Who says that only women like flowers?! Nah, nah, Flowers make everyone happy – no boundaries like gender, age, situation matter for flowers. ♥

Floral Box and Bouquet both stayed fresh for 4-6 days. I kept them as it is and still the same freshness for quite some days.

Floral Garage indeed made the birthday of my kids’ dad very special with these flowery fragrant gifts ♥

Oh, cannot forget my cute Terrarium. It’s called as “Succulent / Cacti Terrarium”.

It can sit in any corner of your home and transform it into a stellar corner! Those ladybirds look almost real..

and…What’s Christmas Tree?

Christmas is here and the best way to bask in the festivities is to have your own Christmas Tree and decorate it! Kids love it and it just makes your home look gorgeous. is a venture of Floral Garage that is your one-stop portal for all things Christmasy – whether it is Christmas Trees or Ornaments or Home Decors or Lights. Your home is sure to glitter with the items that you can conveniently order online.

Very busy, cannot personally go and pick up your items? Don’t worry! ChristmasTreeSG will deliver it for free. You can their AAMER Christmas Bundle. It’s a complete value-for-money and great buy for busy people.

So how about gifting some Flower Power to your loved ones on special occasions? Floral Garage can make it possible! ♥ 

More info:

Floral Garage | Christmas Tree SG

Shop for Flowers here | Shop for Chrsitmas Trees here


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