Taiwan is an island country that is famous for its food, tourist spots and busy nice markets. Just like Japan and Korea, many of my friends find Taiwan as an attraction that must be experienced. And just like the other two countries, Taiwan is surely making its mark in the beauty and skincare industry too.

Recently, at Sample Store’s Giftopia event, when I got an opportunity to meet BeautyKeeper’s team straight from Taiwan, they left me impressed with their thorough knowledge, quality products and friendly n customer-oriented attitude.

BeautyKeeper from Taiwan has a mission statement that is quite inspiring! It reads as Create Your Own Beauty Attitude. So true, we all are unique and special in our own ways and we should all appreciate our own beauty and be proud about it.

BeautyKeeper brings us innovative and award-winning products from home-grown Taiwanese brands.

We all were given Beauty Box by BeautyKeeper to try out and I managed to try out a few of the items so far. Great! is my rating so far.

Here’s my beauty box. I simply loved its white n pink gorgeous bag. Depending on the skin type, age and so on, they packed right products for me.

Closer look…

Let me give you some more insights about BeautyKeeper and their products.

Serlando Rosy Pink Moisture Dew

This has become an important part of my wallet. I use it as a 2-in-1 Lip Care.

  • It moisturizes lips
  • It gives them beautiful pink shade. This pink shade is generated based on your body temperature and pH balance.
  • No side effect or ill-effects on the skin observed so far.
  • Safe, Quick and Effective!

Contin Plant Extract Shampoo

What’s in it? Have you seen any shampoo that has garlic in it? Meet Contin Plant Extract Shampoo!


Contin works well for the scalp and cleanse it effectively. Its fragrance is a tad strong but I liked it. It removes oil effectively too.


Miss Hana No Smudge Waterproof Eyeliner

Now this cutie is a winner! The packaging looks smart, compact and easy-to-use. The pack contains 4 great shades suitable for any eyes especially asian eyes.


The pencil creates dark, clean strokes for beautiful eyes. Look at my pic below – 4 shades in the blacks and browns. By the way they are smudge and water proof. I tried to deliberately smudge it and took this pic. The colors remain unaffected and intact. Good product for busy working women for sure – who don’t get any time for touch-up and all.



I am soon going try out other BeautyKeeper products. Will keep you all updated with the results and review. Till then enjoy shopping your Taiwanese beauty Haul from BeautyKeeper’s Website and Keep your Beauty up!!

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