Learn English the best way – The British Council way!

English – the language that rules most of the world, without which we almost cannot communicate with each other. I have some fond memories of attending Public Speaking course of English at the British Council in India after finishing my O levels. I really admired the way the Instructors spoke – purity and the richness of English awed me.

All these memories I relived when RainbowDiaries was invited for the preview of the British Council Singapore’s classes for the young adults.

I went with my 4.5 years son and we experienced an amazing class of phonics. As a mom, I discovered many good (and some bad) behavioural traits of my boy. Also, got to know about a few tips, tricks and resources that I can use to improve the knowledge of English for my kids.


Someone relaxing on the chair after the class is over…Happy and Excited!

and why not? When the teachers are fun!!!


What I loved about the English classes for Pre-schoolers?

  1. Teachers are absolutely, completely, thoroughly “into it”. They are passionate about English, they are great in their technique!

  2. They use multi-sensory approach. For example: Not just story-telling but they actually bring relevant things in the classroom. If the story is about baking a cake, there will be flour, pan to make it clearer for the kids.

  3. There would be music and movement in the class to enhance the learning.

  4. In the class that my son attended, I found the methodology is well-structured. Teachers introduced the phonics sounds via story first, later e-learning happened. To consolidate the learning, flash card method and picture coloring was also done. The teachers use this cool kids-friendly touch-projector to cement the phonics concepts.


  5. Kids learn more than English in the British Council class. Manners, Sharing and Caring…

Special Mention:

When I asked a few questions to the Heads of the British Council Singapore, I got straightforward, honest answers! No sales talk which was so welcome. Gist of my questions and their answers:

Q: Do you think usage of Singlish should not be done by kids?

A: Singlish is the way to strike a better communication with public in general. The British Council focuses on the use of proper English in academic, business and other formal scenarios. We don’t by any way discourage/disregard Singlish.

Q. Is your curriculum mapped with MOE syllabus?

A. Yes, We teach the same concepts. But we don’t focus on just gaining the marks in school. We teach the language in such a way that composition, comprehension skills of the students improve organically.

Books, books, everywhere…For all levels…

The British Council is coming up with its Open House from 26th November and you should take your kids without fail for the same. It’s always best to explore the way the experts teach English! Check the schedule below: bc12

More info:


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When it comes to learning English, who else but British Council?! Had fun exploring their campus during media preview session today…Shri attended class and as a parent, I learnt some exciting new things about my kid and English too 😍 . British Council has open house from 26th November to 3rd December where we can explore different offerings for young learners. It is always the best to learn from experts!! Check their website and register today – https://www.britishcouncil.sg/openhouse . #britishcouncil #openhouse #mediapreview #mediainvite #learning #englishlearning @britishcouncill @sgbritish #rainbowdiaries #sgblogger #sglifestyleblogger #sporemombloggers #sgparentbloggers #familyfun #welovedit #yoursingapore #exploresingapore #visitsingapore #sglife #holidays #sglifestyleblogger #instakids #instafam #sgig #igsg #influencer #sginfluencer @sgbritish

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24 comments on “Learn English the best way – The British Council way!”

  1. Tiffany Yong Reply

    I might really want to send my kids to the British Council to learn their English in future as it will help them understand and speak proper English. Pretty important for both their studies and their future~

  2. Nicholas Ng Reply

    I think going to the British Council is one of the best ways to improve your English. It definitely will benefit a lot of people by learning the correct usage of grammar and expanding one’s vocabulary.

  3. Elizabeth O Reply

    Kids really do learn best when they are in an encouraging and enthusiastic classroom setting with engaged teachers. This sounds wonderful.

  4. Bhushavali Reply

    This is a good effort. Studying in a convent, I was blessed with great teachers throught school, including anglo indians in primary. So thankfully my English is decent enough.

  5. Joanne Cheah Reply

    English, an important language in life. Really need to establish a good foundation from early age.

  6. Emily Reply

    The British Council is really the trusted place to go to learn British English, even in Malaysia. Unfortunately, it’s only in KL and I live in another city, so no chance to learn the Queen’s English when I was growing up.

  7. Fred Reply

    Interesting that British Council has classes for English in Singapore when I thought everyone already spoke English there. I guess there is really room for more improvement about the proper way to speak English the British way, the “real” way.

  8. Qian Reply

    still remember my journey of learning English – i was motivated by the ‘play’ element during the journey. would definitely encourage people to do it this way as well.

  9. Betty Liew Reply

    Wow, British Council also class for kids. Is good for the children to explore at young age as children capture fast when they are young compare to adults.

  10. Gil Camporazo Reply

    I do appreciate that kind of training especially the experts are handling the session. Practically speaking, they have been trained well. They have conducted researches on how to handle kids and especially on the spoken language like English for better if not perfect communication.

  11. Chuojashni Subramaniam Reply

    Interesting! It a must activity with kids so we can educate them and keep them motivated about studies

  12. TheOrdinaryGirl (@mash_01x) Reply

    This is great! I really, really believe that the only way to learn language is to be with people who speak it and if BC is adding real life situations and objects for children to have a better understanding – nothing like it. And of course, the lessons have to be FUN! I have seen children really improving and grasping better when they are having fun!

  13. Jerwel De Perio Reply

    Sometimes, when teaching kids, it’s not about the traditional approach that you have to make the kids look at the blackboard. Majority of the time, it is also important that there are deep connections and interactions between the teacher and the student so that the learning curve for a new language gets better.

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