Singapore is a superbusy city – always on the go, crowds, skyscrapers, bustling neighborhoods. But there are some areas in Singapore that are still quaint, calm and exude loads of old world charm. Wouldn’t it be great fun to visit such places and enjoy some quiet-time away from all the stress? It would be literally an “icing on the cake” if you manage to find an eqaully charming, cozy cafe in such quaint areas.

So glad that I visited Revolution Coffee AKA RevoluShen one sunny Saturday morning! Originally wanted to go with hubby but he was not too well so took my daughter. I was not so sure how she would like Revolution Coffee, would it be only for adults and so on. I was pleasantly surprised when my picky-eater ate heartily and also generously complimented all the dishes. We all know that Kids’ comments are always the truest and straight from the heart!

Lets find out more about Revolution Coffee, Why you should visit it, What dishes you should try and Why this cafe is also known as “RevoluShen”…

Where is Revolution Coffee?

It’s located at this big building called Infinite Studio at 21 Media Circle, #01-03A Singapore. Nearest MRT is One North. The area looks pretty different than the usual Singapore. Lot of greenery, lot of media houses is what you see around. Overall, very soothing atmosphere!

A connecting shuttle between Infinite Studios and one-north MRT station is available between 8am and 8pm, from Mondays to Fridays, except Public Holidays.

Why Revolution Coffee is now-a-days called as RevoluShen?

Celebrity Mod Sin Chef Shen Tan finally has a place to call home. The home-grown talent has been quietly growing her reputation both locally and internationally, cooking exclusively at small pop-up events, whilst searching for the right partner to have a permanent kitchen with. She found this at One-North café, Revolution Coffee, where she will be taking over the running of the kitchen and all things related to food.

The relationship with three-year-old Revolution Coffee dates back to the very beginning, when Shen was a consultant for the development of the kitchen and menu of the café. “Shen has been instrumental in the progress of the café from the start. When I heard she was looking for an opportunity to serve food from one spot, I didn’t hesitate to suggest that it was time for her to come home to Revolution” said Ajie Permana, owner of Revolution Coffee.

Shen is incorporating local and South East Asian flavours into her dishes, with brand new creations such as buah keluak pasta and grilled laksa salad. For Shen’s fans who know her from those days when she was famous in Maxwell Food Centre and Wok & Barrel for her Nasi Lemak – Yes, she has brought it to Revolution Coffee…Yay!

Revolution Coffee is the only café in Singapore to offer coffee from the Caffeine Dispensary, a Jakarta-based roastery part-owned by Ajie.

Now Let’s indulge in the Yummy food

Loads of varieties I would say! Meat-lovers, rejoice…Loads of stuff for you ♥ So what happens to Vegetarians like me and Vegans? – Worry not, many options also… ♥ Just let the staff know your dietary requirements…

Nasi Lemak

Chef Tan’s signature twice steamed Nasi Lemak (featuring 10 ingredients) served with ikan billis, omelette, housemade sambal belachan and coffee sambal on cool cucumber slices.

This Nasi Lemak takes various tasty turns in Revolution Coffee. Example, Nasi Lemak Crispy Fried Chicken, Nasi Lemak Crispy Pork, Nasi Lemak with 5 Spice Pork Confit, Nasi Lemak Beef Rendang, Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang

My fellow bloggers were really relishing this dish.

For us, Chef Shen doled out this vegan version which tasted so tasty!!!

Grilled Laksa Salad

Vegan, Gluten Free
Grilled baby cos lettuce, toasted grated coconut, fried shallots, cherry tomato confit, laksa leaf pesto, toasted cashew nuts dressed with a coconut lime laksa dressing.

One word, wow!!! What’s the secret recipe behind this? I think the love and passion to serve customers in the best possible manner is the key. ♥

Revolution Coffee has around 3-4 types of Pasta and they serve some filling sandwiches too!!!

I almost ate 1.5 Laksa Salad. Burp.

But still have room for desserts…What are they?

Butterscotch served with Coconut Ice Cream Chef Shen’s take on the Sticky Date Pudding

Made with Asian Black Glutinous Rice (Pulot Hitam), drenched in a Gula Melaka (Aromatic) Palm Sugar butterscotch and served with house made Coconut Ice Cream

Sorry I took only 1-2 pics because couldn’t control to eat it first. LOL

I am sure the ingredients are enough to make us drool…This dessert is one of the BEST I have ever tasted. Daughter said the same…

If the above is the Queen of Desserts at Revolution Coffee then below is the Princess

Shendol Delights: Coconut Pannacotta with Gula Melaka Syrup topped with homemade Red Bean Ice Cream

Chef Shen’s version of local dessert Chendol is a creamy smooth coconut panna cotta served with Gula Melaka Syrup, Chendol and house made Red Bean Ice Cream.

This just melts in the mouth. Here now and gone next second.

While we were eating, there were drinks. We tasted Iced Chocolate. Importantly, it was not too sweet and the chocolate was dark chocolate. Energising!

This is soothing, cooling Lavender Lemonade

Of course, Revolution Coffee’s Coffee

We have saved the Best for the last…Piping hot Banana Pancakes with Gula Melaka Butterscotch

  • Fluffy – Check
  • Homemade taste – Check
  • Fresh – Check
  • Not too sweet – Check
  • Better than others – Check

Before we said bye bye, see you again to Revolution Coffee, One photo with Chef Shen was a must!!! ♥

Revolution Coffee is the ideal brunch place everyone must visit. When are you visiting?

Click here to know more about Revolution Coffee


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