Why it’s perfectly fine to be imperfect!

I have been wondering about this since my childhood – how come some people achieve perfect score, perfect job, perfect home, perfect family where everything seems straight out of TV commercial – Dad is handsome, rich and ultra-loving…He comes back from office and is still very energetic to play with kids and kiss his Wife…Mom is ever-so-beautiful – household chores she does with such an elan and not a single fine line on her face and clothes…2 kids – have to be 1 boy and 1 girl – clever, talented, obedient and always toppers in the school. This family has EVERYTHING. Their parents are old but fitter than many of us, their homes are designer homes, their food is ALWAYS healthy and appears to be qualifying for Michelin star.

It might look like a bit of exaggeration but in reality I do see some families exactly like how I described! When I see them, frankly speaking I get Super BIG complex! Such a less mortal poor me…These people are always at right place at the right time, they are never late for office, they are always well prepared, women have makeup which is like supermodel-stuff, their kids never back-answer.

Then I sit back, take a deep breath and analyze – my own thought process.

Why do I think they are perfect families?

1. I go by their interaction with me – when I meet them, all look great…But that is a brief period. Other times, I have no idea what’s going on.

2. I go by their financial status – in crude words, $$$s is what I see! Do I measure happiness with the LV the lady is carrying OR the BMW her hubby is driving? Or the International school their kids are attending…

3. I look at their social media – mushy pics, lovey dovey videos. Hubby declaring his love for wife on Facebook on her Bday OR Wife thanking hubby with all her heart on Twitter on their anniversary!!

Good, I know me!!! So I like many of us superficially declare them to be Super-achievers.


Recently, I heard a few things about 2-3 such ideal families – one lady who I thought to be having the best of everything divorced her hubby because he had an affair. Another case, where the kid simply got out of hands and gave up studies even when he was supposedly very clever boy. and a few other sad stories…

Oh, there is nothing called “perfect family” then!

It dawned upon me. My hubby might not say “I love you” 100 times to me but his silent ways speak a lot. My girl might not be a topper but she works hard and learns from her mistakes. I myself look like a zombie when I work in office and home but am multi-tasking and balancing loads. My cooking might not be great but I love to feed healthier home-cooked food to my family.

As they say, perfection cannot be improved. Actually it is my imperfections that drive me, motivate me to do better. Little happinesses are many times long lasting than bigger achievements. So let’s enjoy our mistakes, our lessons, our tiny triumphs, our family – they are ours after-all. ♥


Just a free-flow of imperfect thoughts! Completely personal opinion. Not pin-pointing or hurting anyone 🙂

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38 comments on “Why it’s perfectly fine to be imperfect!”

  1. Ut Minh Reply

    I totally agree. We should know to accept ourselves and find a way to make ourselves perfect. Myself and my family are not perfect, but also better than many people so I feel happy. Wishing everyone success!

  2. Tiffany Yong Reply

    Your post is great, because it’s a reminder for all those who are striving to be the ‘perfect’ person, couple or family. I had a friend who once told me about her definition of a ‘perfect’ marriage, and I was horrid. It was totally opposite of what I wanted, and that’s when I realised perfect is subjective!

  3. Anne Dela Cruz Reply

    Every people pretend that they are truly perfect. But we must accept that no body’s perfect, No parents perfect. Just be our selves and be honest on what we are doing.

  4. thenafranssen Reply

    I”m happy to be perfectly imperfect. I’m chaotic, but I can’t imagine me any other way.

  5. Cherie Julie Reply

    I also agree it isn’t healthy to project the idea of perfection towards children or other friends because perfection is different for everyone and isn’t ever attainable. It is good to have goals and work towards what makes you happy!

  6. Preet Reply

    Such beautifully written post. I agree with you, what we see might not be what is reality but what is being shown to us. And imperfections are what makes us to do better next time.

  7. Stephanie JNote Reply

    I love this because I can honestly say that I myself am perfectly imperfect. But I do think that sometimes making sure that things are better than just good enough make the difference. So many times I look back and think if I had waited and not just did things as imperfectly as they are. But . . .

  8. Words of a Texas Nerd Reply

    I’m happy to be my imperfect self and so glad you are able to speak up on it! I’ve struggled to be the perfect daughter, wife, mother, woman. And every time, I’ve failed. Time to embrace my imperfections and seek better.

  9. Tizzy Says Reply

    I would not even know how to begin to as organized as some of these mothers are out there. My oldest is grown, married, has a baby on the way and not living at home. My youngest is in school all day, and I am home by myself and do not have half the time to get things done as some of these “perfect families” get done in one day.

  10. Ithfifi Williams / IthinityBeauty Reply

    I think its easy to look at others and see the bright side of things, we don’t always know what goes on behind closed doors, we only see what people allow us to see. Everyone has their ups and downs and dramas, I don’t believe anything can be ‘perfect’, sure it can be the absolute best but there are always so many sides to things 🙂

  11. Cia Black Reply

    Its a lesson that children seem to better understand than parents. As a child we are so much more accepting of ourselves and those around us, but as we grow we tend to lose that and have trouble finding it again.

  12. Ankit Sharma Reply

    Every one has their own problem but if we give time to each other from our busy life we can make a perfect family. Its perfectly fine to be imperfect!!

  13. anamika Reply

    To be honest, Nobody is perfect, No family is perfect, People pretend to be perfect 🙂 I’m very happy that I’m not perfect at all. Peace of mind is most important to me.

  14. Papri Ganguly Reply

    So beautifully written post. Yes we all have imperfections but that makes us so perfect in life.

  15. jayshreebhagat Reply

    This one is my post.. As i hate being perfect and take the life as it comes… Wake up at 12 on holidays… Cook at 1am…just anything that I like to do… And best part is even my hubby joins me…. Hahhaha

  16. Nisha Malik Reply

    I have some friends and relatives who perfectly fit the perfect family picture.. I really wonder how some people just get so lucky…

  17. beautyissh Reply

    People need to understand that there is A beauty in imperfection too..? expecting someone to be perfect in any term as a partner, mother, employee etc is injustice to the person!

  18. Swati Verma Reply

    Perfection… and then people’s expectation from others to be perfect especially women- perfect wife, perfect daughter in law, they are not even ashamed to judge a mom. only thing important is to love yourself. Lovely blog

  19. Nayantara Reply

    So true. I have become more aware of this after having a baby and whether we are doing our very best to give baby a perfect home, environment etc. It stresses us out sometimes and thats when we realise its ok not to be perfect and just keep doing the good work to bring up a happy healthy child.

  20. NEHA JAIN Reply

    The grass always looks greener on the other side. So, it is better to enjoy your imperfections and live in the moment.

  21. Elizabeth O Reply

    We are all perfectly imperfect and the most happy families have their share of clouds too. We do the best with what we have and keep in truckin’

  22. Tiffany Yong Reply

    No one’s perfect and to be able to embrace one another’s flaw is the best way to have a “perfect” relationship. To do so, it’s communication and appreciation. I totally agree with the examples you’ve said. So many “perfect couple” friends of mine broke up suddenly and I hear the same reasons too~

  23. Bhushavali Reply

    Beautiful post…. I remember telling my mom when I was in school that I didn’t want to marry a super achiever or a super handsome guy coz I’d have a difficult time in keeping other women at bay from him that I’d lose living a peaceful, happy life!!!

  24. Mum Tuscany Reply

    Never compare yourself to others. It will just bring you misery. God already made us all perfect in His own image and likeness. Like you said, we are all perfect in our own imperfections. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  25. Claire Algarme Reply

    I don’t see myself and my family as perfect but I have always been satisfied with what I have because I felt they were all blessings to me. When I attained that point in my life when I have accepted God’s unconditional love (though I cannot fully comprehend the whole of it), I found peace in my heart. Sometimes I see other people better than I am but I still feel happier. Meanwhile, I also encounter people wherein I feel superior than them but I try not to throw my weight around. But you have good points here because we go through them at some point in our lives. I want to believe that I have gone past this and that phase in my life no longer leave a bitter taste to my mouth.

  26. Fred Reply

    Being too perfect is boring and predictable. It is imperfection that gives a face character. It is imperfection that gives life spark.

  27. Franc Ramon Reply

    There is no such thing as perfect and that’s probably the best thing about life. Being imperfect means you have something to aspire for.

  28. MitchRyan's Blog Reply

    So true. As a kid I would always console myself that there is no such thing as perfect every time things did not go my way. Now, for unknown reasons I just find myself liking things which are imperfect. And actually think that imperfect things are beautiful.

  29. TheOrdinaryGirl (@mash_01x) Reply

    True to the core. Many times I look at similar people and wonder if I would want to switch my life with them. The answer is always no. Would I want a man who is minting money but has no time for me. No? Can LV compensate for the busy weekends I have at work? No. I always measure happiness. I would rather sleep peacefully than sleep in a comfortable bed … There is no such thing as perfection..

  30. Gil Camporazo Reply

    It would be possible to have a “perfect family” when they successfully attain the Lord’s way of attaining a perfect way of living. I have written something related to the attainment of perfect family. They are about “4 things to do to have a perfect happiness”. You may search the Net if you would like to read it.

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