What if we get a “drink” that entire family can drink?! No, am not talking about water / milk / any junk drink / any hard drink…Am talking about this 

I had seen this bottle in a friend’s house and frankly speaking I thought it’s some luxurious wine! Lol…On a serious note, indeed the packaging and the bottle looks that rich and classy like a premium wine bottle. When I got it home, hubby thought the same and was wondering why I would bring this home…My helper also commented that her ex-employer regularly used to drink it.

Then I explained all that this is Maqui Plus+ – Botanical Beverage Mix with Red Grape and Mixed Berries.

Here is how it looked when we opened it – 2 bottles in one pack – very neatly packed, with lots of care. Remember that the bottle is made of glass so be safe and handle it with care especially when kids are around.

Closer look at the contents –


If you are wondering what is Maqui just like I was; it is actually a deep purple berry grown natively in Chile which is also known as the “Chilean Wine berry”. It is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and most importantly  phytonutrients & antioxidants. Check out this video to know about the story behind Maqui Berry!

It also contains other superfruits and overall is good for promoting and maintaining good sight, immunity, healthier lifestyle, liver health, detox and so on. I agree because fruits especially berries are always considered great for health for many many years.

Time to pour and drink…Just 25ml shot is all you need. For kids, if you would like to try, go for a smaller quanity. It tastes perfect! You can almost feel the taste of each fruit that go into making Maqui Plus+.


I have been trying Maqui Plus+ for some days already, giving it to my hubby too! What are my onservations?

  1. Calming – I feel relaxed after drinking this.
  2. Improved sleep – Sleep is definitely deeper.
  3. Yummlious – Taste is niceeee.
  4. No side-effects at all – No allergy, no rashes, no stomach upset experienced 
  5. Very small quantity needed so the bottle is long-lasting – value for money is what I value!
  6. Any time better than junk drinks that fill you with empty calories
  7. Great drink for busy lifestyle when we don’t really get time to eat fruits and all regularly. Do note that the method to extract juices is cold-press to retain vitamins and zero oxidation. For us, it is very easy to consume, no need to prepare – Just have to drink straight!
  8. It’s Concentrated. So no need to drink glasses and glasses of it at a time. Just 25 ml is enough!
  9. It’s a premium drink and you will immediately notice that just by looking at its packaging. The use of think tinted glass is to prevent any material interaction and light-oxidation.
  10. It’s from Unilever. The brand that we trust!!! We have grown up using Unilever products. Also, Maqui Plus+ is backed by research. It’s certified by PDR – Physicians’ Desk Reference 70th Edition. The product has undergone some tests like:

    1) Clinical Test – in Human
    From Pingtung University, Taiwan shows its proven ultimate health benefits. Beyonde Maqui Plus+ is the only brand proven in human volunteers, drinking Maqui Plus+ 4 shots daily over 3 months period, to detoxify free radicals in blood and protect the liver.
    2) ORAC Test
    Maqui Plus+ is mainly tested by Brunswick Lab. The most recognised laboratory for testing the value of Anti-oxidant.
    3) CAA TestAmong all the cells in our body, liver has cells that are the hardest to penetrate to create an effect. This is a testing done on very few products in the marketing to prove it has the ability to reach these particular cells.
    4) Formulation
    Designed as combination of 12 berries and fruits to ensure the best absorption, nutrition and efficacy.


Where to get Maqui Plus?

Sales and Distibution is solely managed by Unilever Network. Click here to know more and buy online.

Enjoy drinking your daily shot of Maqui Plus+


This post is completely based on my personal experience of the product. User’s discretion is advised before trying out.

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