We all are busy people!!! We have to work for our livelihood, we have to take care of kids, we have to slog for our dreams…THAT’S exactly the reason, we deserve to party too ♥ As they say – Work Hard, Party Harder.

When it comes to party, what comes to your mind? In my mind, I would think about having sumptuous dinner in a fine dining restaurant OR go for a dream staycay or vacay OR indulge in some adrenaline funventure…But but, what about $$$s?? Obviously, the classier the place, the more the bill. Ouch!

I am so glad that now we can really enjoy and do what we really want to do – staying in luxurious hotels overseas or in the city, eating to our heart’s content at a posh cafe WITHOUT a big hole to our pockets – most importantly!

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How is this possible?? Very much possible with the Entertainer 2017 App. For drink-fans, there is something more to say Cheers also…

Read on if you want to keep your party on!

Entertainer 2017 is here:

Just in case you guys don’t know what is The Entertainer App is all about, please note that ENTERTAINER Singapore 2017 is an app and it is packed with over 1,700 Buy One Get One Free offers for hotels, restaurants, cafés, attractions, leisure activities, spas, fitness, retail and more, providing customers with exclusive savings at Singapore’s most celebrated venues.

The ENTERTAINER delivers up to SGD 250,000 in savings for customers in 2017, at spots such as Meat Smith, Jamie’s Italian, Open Door Policy, Bedrock Bar & Grill, Wave House, Spa Luna Sentosa, Forest Adventure and much more. Wow!!!

The statistics for The Entertainer 2016 is also mighty impressive. In 2016, ENTERTAINER members in Singapore will have used over 310,000 digital offers, with the average member saving over SGD 650.  The most recent update on the App is the introduction of ‘Smiles’, a virtual currency system which allows members to earn and spend rewards throughout the year. Rewards include offer top-ups, for when you’ve used all three at your favourite spots, extra Pings and more.

Founded in 2001 by Donna Benton, the ENTERTAINER provides Buy One Get One Free incentive offers from well-known dining, leisure, entertainment, beauty and hotel brands across the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. Packaged together and published as market-specific books and now as an award-winning App, the ENTERTAINER has enjoyed phenomenal growth by virtue of a strong partner network, a burgeoning corporate loyalty business and a broad base of delighted customers. Today, the ENTERTAINER offers 35 products across 40 destinations in 14 countries. So they are veterans in this field I would say.

Time to say Cheers:

This year, ENTERTAINER introduces a brand new digital product, Cheers Singapore 2017 (RRP 125 SGD), featuring hundreds of Buy One Get One Free offers exclusively redeemable on drinks at your favourite restaurants, bars and nightspots. Offers range from single beverages to bottles of wine / spirits / beers, double cocktails, pitchers and more. World-class venues include LongPlay, Gravity Bar (Carlton hotel), Mad Men Attic Bar and Sentosa’s Finest – Bob’s Bar, Museo and much more. This looks like heaven for drink-lovers am sure.


What’s More:

With the purchase of any 2017 digital product, ENTERTAINER members will also enjoy exclusive access to ‘Hotels Worldwide’, which includes Buy One Night, Get One Free offers at over 500 hotels across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Choose from hotels, resorts, hotel apartments, bed & breakfasts and lodges in over 30 popular destinations including Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Dubai and more. Hotels Worldwide includes international hotel brands such as InterContinental, Marriott, Fairmont, Sheraton, Banyan Tree, Radisson, Shangri-La and Hyatt. Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation or a travel adventure, Hotels Worldwide is your ticket to great savings.

How to use Entertainer 2017 App?

Here’s a video for you. Do take a look.

The ENTERTAINER App is available to download free on iOS or Android app stores.

Why am I saying that Entertainer 2017 is your ticket to big savings and superbig fun?

Since I attended the launch, tried the app, of course, I would recommend you to go for it too. There was this party hosted by the Enterainer to celebrate the launch of Entertainer 2017 and Cheers @ Gravity Bar,  Hotel Carlton. It was awesome fun. Drinks, Canapes, Quizes and overall an evening to remember! I took out some photos from my cam and the Entertainer’s FB page for you. For full album, click here.

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Big Promo, Double Fun:

Avail of the special launch price for the Entertainer App and get Cheers too. How?

The Apps’ regular retail price is $125 each, but right now, both Apps are available until November 30th at a special discounted price of $95. That’s $155 in savings! To buy simply Click Here.

This exceptional deal is available for a limited time only, directly from the ENTERTAINER.

For further information, please visit website www.theentertainerme.com  


#CheersLetsDrink #ENTERTAINER2017

So let the party begin with Entertainer 2017, Cheers!


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