Each child is so unique and special! As a mom, I keep getting amused at the personality traits that my 2 kids display. While my daughter loves art and outdoor play, my little boy seems to be obsessed with cars!!! His whole world is car-centric. When he walks he makes sounds like cars and when he plays all the toys must be cars.

I wanted to expose him to the world of arts – drawing, painting, doing something creative like his sister. Thanks to Crestar Learning Centre for inviting us to check out their ARTmazing classes, I got to know that it’s very much possible to make this car-lover spend some creative time on art activities as well.

One Saturday morning, boy and me visited their Hougang branch and enjoyed some beautiful art moments. Read on what we did there, how the reluctant boy started taking interest and at the end of the session how he really cherished his creation.

As a mom, I got to know about his behavioral aspects – some of which were unknown to me. Also, it was very fun to see different kids coming up with their own versions of arts and crafts.

Crestar Learning Centre is very popular among kids and parents and it offers several enrichment programs in dance, music, languages and so on.

What’s ARTmazing?

ARTmazing is the new art program developed with the aim of providing a better and more meaningful art learning journey for your child. It offers an exciting new pedagogic environment where students can achieve the highest possible artistic and intellectual standards as individuals. Crestar has adopted the inter-disciplinary approach by infusing other subject areas into the art lessons. During the lessons, students are exposed to a wide variety of mediums. It is also child-centered as the average class size of 6 – 8 allows the teacher to have sufficient time and attention for every child.

There are age-appropriate levels like Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and so on to discover and develop kids’ interest in Arts. Each level has specific objectives and let the kids explore drawing, coloring, painting, craft etc.

My boy tried out this:

Age 4 – 4 years 11 months old


Psychomotor skills

(Hold and control the art tools/ Colour within a specific space)

  • Drawing (Basic lines and shapes tracing and simple drawing)

  • Colouring (Basic colours, Oil pastel, coloured pencil, etc.)

  • Painting (Watercolour paint, poster paint, etc.)

  • Craft (Simple crafts with folding, tearing and pasting. Explore various kinds of texture with different materials)

The moment we entered the centre, boy started saying that he doesn’t want to draw and paint because “his hands start paining”. After some coaxing and cajoling, he decided to give it a try. Lol.

First things first, Crestar’s Hougang branch is pretty big, clean and I saw many kids and parents there. All kids looked happy to attend their respective classes. Lot of information by way of posters, flyers is available too for reference.

Let’s enter Crestar’s Art Studio:

This is how the Art Studio looks like. Room that really looks like studio. Various coloring materials, papers, palettes, buckets, brushes and all. This means serious focus on Arts.

Meet the Art Teacher – She was pleasant, friendly and firm. She was asking apt questions to kids and motivating them to do better. What I liked is the fact that there was NO SPOON-FEEDING. Kids were trying to their own stuff and teacher was facilitating them.

Look at this Reluctant Boy!…Looking not very interested when the teacher asked him to trace the drawing. Then he looked at other kids who were doing their art. Left with no choice, my boy started tracing and coloring.

The world of Arts is such that it’ll slowly but surely attract everyone. So here’s the boy gradually started having fun, appreciating the colors. Asking questions to the teacher and responding to her queries happily…

Tracing and coloring done! What’s next? At this point, I asked the teacher if whatever he had “colored” was too lousy. Teacher said that at this age, this is how they’ll do and in fact, this boy was much better for the first-timer. Okay! 🙂

Drawing and coloring done, now time to explore another art form – Painting!

Not bad actually…He liked using water colors, mixing them. Teacher was asking questions like which color you get when you mix red and white and The boy was replying enthusiastically. Color Cycle taught in an interactive way I would say!

Have a look at the video below to see how the kids can paint nicely and use brushes and all…

ARTmazing program let kids explore several mediums of colors like – Water, Crayons, Acrylic and so on. Boy on the verge of completing his Froggie! According to him, it was a girl and hence he put “red lipstick” on her mouth.

Almost done! Boy traced the outlines with black crayon and the Froggie creation is ready to go home!

Happy Boy with Happy Froggie

What’s our takeaway of Crestar’s ARTmazing session?

  1. Kids by default love to play and that includes play with colors.
  2. All kids are creative. We as parents just should let them try out varied activities and let them find their niche. My Car-Lover displayed his creative side in this session which I thought didn’t exist much.
  3. Teachers are like God for kids. If they like the teacher, they can do wonders.
  4. When it comes to arts just like studies, kids do learn from each other. In this session, I saw my boy giving suggestions to other kids and vice-versa. How nicely they mingle with each other!
  5. Crestar Learning Centre seems to be passionate and sincere in its approach towards kids’ enrichment. Staff, teacher all look eager to help.

Thanks Crestar for helping to burst my own assumption that My boy doesn’t love art!!! ♥  Do try out Crestar for your kids too.

Check out ARTmazing class schedules here.

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