Trampoline Park is the in-thing from some months. The experience offers jumping, bouncing, adrenaline fun to kids and parents both! It can be a serious exercise too for health conscious folks.

Media Invite from Zoom Park Asia – Singapore’s Largest Indoor Playground gave us an opportunity to indulge in the trampoline fun on a bright Saturday afternoon. Read on to find out more about the park and don’t forget to join our exciting giveaway!

Did you know Trampolines offer so many health benefits?

What is Zoom Trampoline Park?

Zoom Park Singapore is Singapore’s largest indoor trampoline park that brings American trampoline sports to Asia. Zoom park has another location in JB, Malaysia.

Zoom Trampoline Park Singapore includes 2 dodgeball courts, a 4-lane foam pit, 3 basketball slam dunk lanes, 3 long tumble tracks and a spacious main court. For those looking for more adventure and challenge, it offers a 17-metre lateral rock wall and high performance mats as well.

Not just Trampolines, It also offers:

  • fitness classes
  • birthday party rooms
  • trampoline classes by certified coaches
  • Registered under Singapore Gymnastics, They even have Zoom High Performance Club which has clinched gold in the 13th Singapore Open Gymnastics Championships 2016
  • Family friendly environment with Zoom café
  • For young adults, there is Zoom Party Night every Friday and Saturday with the laser lights and disco balls and the music, all in an alcohol and smoke-free environment!

10 Things Kids did @ Zoom Trampoline Park

  • They ran and just ran…carefree
  • They jumped, bounced, crossed hurdles and climbed…without any hesitation and with determination
  • They bonded well with each other…Some bro-sis time
  • They fell down…They learnt to take care of themselves while playing
  • They got sweaty and dirty…They burnt calories
  • They cooled off with air coolers inside Zoom Park, They drank water and again they jumped
  • They mingled with other kids and parents
  • They explored a new place and gained one new experience
  • They got sense of achievement when they did well on the trampolines
  • They got a cute goodie bag – juice, water, personalized towel…

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